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  1. gotta be right brigade from LCHC nothing touches that song on the game
  2. im going @ 1920x1400 now, what about that??
  3. ok, you might call me a dumb noob, but how does that actually work? lol
  4. i think i have the same problem, click SA and nothing at all happens and when you go into task manager theres like 1000 SA's running, but the system im trying isnt as powerful as the 1 ur trying on, P4 1.90 GHz 512 RAM 64MB onboard-intel crap, ill try it on my new computer l8er, i think its my disc, or ill no-cd crack it and if it works, ill get a new disc
  5. 1024x768, wow my pc is more capable then i thought it was
  6. im sure if you PM JabHackSoul, he will help you out, he is VERY good with scripts, http://www.thegtaplace.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=20244 there is a tutorial by him for scripting, this could help you
  7. i want everyones opinion on what settings i should be running IV at, i get 54-60 on everything lowest settings, system, Intel Xeon Quad, 2.60 GHz 6 GB RAM some 7200 RPM HDD Nvidia Geforce 9800GT 1GB im sick of running IV at lowest what shud i run it at 2 get a good fps??
  8. hey, the man wants to mod, ill only say what u asked cuz i cnt code at all, this tool may help you, not quite sure as ive never used them, http://www.gtagarage.com/mods/show.php?id=2307 i would just think you delete the IPL files and remove them from the .dat code, i dont mod SA i only mod III & VC so dont quote me on that 1, best o' luck 2 ya buddy just remember 2 back-up ur files, i made that mistake & its a bad 1
  9. that suck imo, SA has soo much more customization, russian shop ftw tho lol
  10. ent we all, i usually cut myself myself from msn 2 play games without being harassed lol
  11. very complicated atm, she dnt call me her b/f cuz shes embarrased that shes alot taller then me , but she never complains when i call her my g/f, we doo some of 'it' sometimes, but tbh it makes me feel like shit, it complicated in the sense that we have sexual contact but act very much like friends towards each other, and she dnt like calling me her b/f cuz im small, so i ent sure tbh
  12. i made a texture mod to 1 of the airport signs, and look, you can clearly see its supposed to be the visit LC sign, but wen i get closer to it, its the sign i made, wtf :S, can i have some help with this, plz and thnx
  13. Niko Bellic, all the way m8, best back story, game story, sarcasm & temper
  14. peterborough, england, its the only decent pic
  15. jumped my fps up 2-3 frames, and pop-up objects has minimized a LITTLE, but as I play on lowest settings, i cant reall say much about the graphics
  16. thnx TOX, top notch, i didnt really think the blue fitted in too well on that 1, thnx man, nice job
  17. thank god, i was thinking 'this person is soo fucking stupid' lol but u ent as uve proved & PSN shud do it by name & IP address
  18. 1, i hope that ent ur REAL address, if it is your an idiot 2, this made me lol, i would just read them, laugh, delete, it will brighten up my day after dreaded college 3, cant u black them, on XBL you can, no problem, i thought PSN was a rip-off and figured it was the same...
  19. when i will actually DARE walk into the cinema i will see this, looks boring though, is a love/vampire story ent it? sounds boring, but im not going to judge it
  20. i tryed this mod for lulz with a friend, it gave us the lulz but then i uninstalled it, if you actually want that from a game 'nothing to say really' even with crysis' graphics i wouldnt have something like this
  21. most probably, it runs on an geforce 9600GT 512 MB quite well, and with ur 1.2 GB card, it shuid do great, but im not too sure on that as its an intel MEDIA card, probz will giv u 20-35 fps with the rest of your system
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