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  1. its not his 8500GT, i have a 9800GT and gettin the same problem too but then again, i think its my cpu on this 1
  2. you can create models in moo mapper? :S thats news to me, how?? and ill give it a go
  3. hey guys , im mapping up something, and i wanted to get y'alls opinions on how good it is, plz ignore my custom textures, i didnt want it looking all 'vice cityish' and the roads doo work/look properly in game, i dont know why they do that -.-
  4. dark blue background (as typical) and in red in the rockwell font put 'City Crimes:' and next to the in yellow/viner hand ITC font put 'Tinly Beach' just that will be fine, thanks man
  5. hey TOX, can i have a userbar done plzzzzzzzzz lol
  6. i take it the just putting the SA mod into VC worked??
  7. yay blink are back!!!, thanks for the news m8
  8. what? convert format? :S .dff is universal for all GTAs isnt it, i imported a kuruma & claude into GTA VC, proof or is it, III will work with VC, VC will work wiv SA, but SA wont work with VC or something like that??
  9. (ok ill try and turn it) then roman came...
  10. im not sure cuz on the back of my case is at says 'enhanced for: dual-core - 64 bit' i think its a 32 bit program buts takes advantage of 64 bit OS's
  11. but there is still the new soundtrack, animations and stuff, im worried about the d/l time, its the space it will take, i only have a crappy 20GB HDD, so it cant take too much
  12. im really hyped man, only 16 more days until i can grab my 360 pad and cruise over XBLM and then wait for it to d/l for god knows how long lol
  13. its worth a try, the auto configure on far cry did my system well, you should gov it a go, and if it dont work out, turn stuff up & down to suit your system
  14. i have a xeon quad, i dont think it would make that much of a difference, my friend has a phenom duo and gets better performance than me, i dont really matter imo
  15. ive noticed an improvement when settings on high, nothing more
  16. ill probz gat all of the achievements there cuz none are multiplayer, and i did only notice the 69 joke
  17. 11:15 AM great britain time lol

  18. I looked around and didnt find a topic like it so...
  19. for 256MB storage i dont think there will be much voiceovers & the cutscens will probably look like GH: On Tour, but if R* can fit GTA IV onto a 9 GB disc they can do anything, right?
  20. mines the best its ever been, although im not really liking it
  21. in img tool, search for what ur looking for, delete the original first then put the new 1 in
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