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  1. I for 1 wud love 2 see a female player, i always play as judy nails on GH and ashley on smackdown vs raw 2009, i have a habit of females
  2. claude-5

    Saints Row 2

    thats right, but i dnt, the graphics suck, the story sucks, the driving physics are horrible *as he says going back to play it* lol
  3. except his comp is a piece of shit
  4. claude-5

    Saints Row 2

    i sed probably, ill play it b4 i pick 1 up
  5. install all of the windows automatic updates, thats all I can think of, sorry
  6. no, hes not, not gta III series chars are in IV, FACT
  7. my mate cammeron is FINALLY getting a 360, and we want 2 make machinimas on GTA IV, has anyone got any good ideas, it must be possible for two people 2 achieve
  8. claude-5

    Saints Row 2

    i hate rip-offs guitar hero - rock band (love) (hate) grand theft auto - saints row (love) (hate) tony hawks - EA skate (love) (hate) smackdown vs raw - TNA iMPACT (love, and addicted ta 2009 beyond believe ) (hate) need for speed - juiced (love) (hate) i played saints row 1, the graphics looked like shit & the motio engine was fucked up, saints row 2 is probably the same, heard nothing had changed
  9. played it, its annoyin that u answer the same questions everytime u start over, got bored quickly
  10. hey TOXIC whats up, i want a job dun, play wiv this pic write ashley on it and just add effects and backgrounds 2 it play bout wiv it, thnx
  11. rape no way, maybe 'grand theft auto' anyone? but wth u do that all of time on that game anywayz
  12. im not experiencing any problems, settings, My resolution is 1024x768, View distance 2 Detail distance 2 Vehicle detail 2 Shadow 1 card: nvidia geforce 9800GT 1GB and my mate wiv a 256 mb onboard intel card, not moan bout something like this although, laaaaaags like hell, its like 1 fpm(frame per minute lol), what exactly are these issues, pop-up objects?
  13. has anyone played smackdown vs raw 2009?, if ur a fan of wrestling, you HAVE to pic this up, the vid editor is amazing, GM was taken otu ehich sucks, and you can finally go through season(this time career mode) with a diva!, only have 2 championships left to get with ashley
  14. haha R* you got burned, cant wait till mods now
  15. i found this easter egg that shit me up soo much, dont know why, walk into in the 1st safehouse(romans flat) as soon as u walk in turn left and there will be graffiti on the all, bottom right it says claude, top left it says victor, near claude it says remember tommy or something like that, has anyone else noticed this?
  16. how long do u reacon it will be until mods start coming up, 1 week, 2 weeks, 1 month, how long do ya reacon tll be until people crack the files and start making editing tools and people start 2 release mods, anyway mods are going 2 spoil online multiplayer on IV, but who cares, not me obv, online is crap
  17. video editor makes all of the difference 2 me, i had around a 15 min install, all i do is video edit until mods start 2 show up for it
  18. IV runs a beast on my system gives me 60 fps RARELY but it happens
  19. ur soo stereotypical, my mate gojan is serbian, hes none of these things, dont blame all serbian people for what happened somewhat 80 years ago that they had nothing to do with, and why the hell ent i heard of this nikola telsa guy, hes soo awesome, if it werent for him, i wouldnt be enjoying my xbox 360 right now, good on ya m8
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