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  1. isthere any good PS exclusives worth buying, im thinking ratchet & clank but, im not soo sure
  2. i didnt see them i could have been moddng by now
  3. FUCKIN YES!!!!!!! thnx man, your first post on TGTAP made me a very happy man, welcome to TGTAP :)
  4. thats quite cool, the mid left pic looks awesome, 'smokin mofo'
  5. 'time for a well-earned drink' on the mission where u have to drive the limo over speed so it dnt blow up, its memorble to me cuz of the way it was sed
  6. just call nd dnt turn up, 'you told me 2 call you not turn 2 turn up 2 a date, ive got better things to do, like killing people' lol
  7. lol, why wud a man complain bout dat , if ur gf send u a pic of herself in a thong, u dnt complain, in real-life u wudnt anywayz
  8. i killed 'her', she is an annoying spoilt brat, 'this is carmen' more like 'this is an annoying spoilt brat who claude-5 shot in the head with a pump shotgun' lol
  9. judy nails on GH, GH = guitar hero i use ashley on wrestling
  10. ive had it, lol, i dont think its a glitch
  11. oh yh, ok, march 20th, whats the point, this is Probably going 2 b crap anywayz, but ill test it b4 i say it is crap
  12. yes it should be legal, its not harming anyone, its people own decisions banning gay marriage is like banning marrige altogether, gay or straight love is love, end of EDIT: oh and btw. im straight
  13. kl, u mean jan i guess? may pick this up, but ima play it 1st cuz IV werent THAT great tbh, so ill play it
  14. this is going 2 be awesome, cant wait, if only ill stop playing smackdown 2009, anyway, *sells PS3 version of IV to fund the MS points for the DLC*
  15. np dude, i gave up, got 2 boring & frustrating
  16. holy sh*t nice work, you making TCs ftw, i wud love 2 see that
  17. ive noticed a very slight framerate increase, every little helps
  18. i sucked, lol, but this is quite good for a first go at it
  19. oh TOX, can u throw in a userbar also for me plz m8?
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