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  1. a nuke is heading at city.you have 2.00 minutes before it hits.you have to take a hydra up to shoot the nuke down.you only have 2 missels so if you miss...ohwell.half the city will be distroyd stoping you from going certain places.if you succed the president comes up and gives you 1.000.000 dollars.
  2. the ability to blow buildings up.
  3. when i parachute out of a plane and my guy gets stuck standing up.
  4. the foot thing and the portapottie thing,isent gonna happen.the hippies,if there in the game i guess you can shoot them.
  5. this is a great place.they need some new members. http://www.gta-6.com/site/
  6. there should be shootout between donald and darkel.pick who you want to be.then shoot the other guy.the winner gives you the missions.
  7. a bigfoot costume,to run around and scare the shit out of people.
  8. do you have to do zeros missions?
  9. i wanted a in game dog.to attack other people.
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