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  1. It's fake. The into wouldn't just start up. The Rockstar logos would appear first. Not just straight to the intro. Mhmm
  2. and I loved playing poker and blackjack in the casinos.
  3. i didnt know where to put this and how to change my name, could someone shoow me or if theres a mod reading could they change my name to PJ-34? thanks in advance.
  4. Randomly on GTAIV.net I looked at all the screens and this was in one of them. And about this being not fun, it's just more realism in the game like playing video games in a video game and playing pool. i liked playing pool in SA.
  5. Found this screen, it appears that you can play darts as sort of a side mission thing.
  6. Parachuting from way high up into the ocean.
  7. I think they actually already have done this where you can only carry one pistol and one rifle.
  8. I guess I should stop smoking weed then.
  9. Probably just in the trailors or cut-scenes.
  10. It's all coming together. Planet X is coming people it's out there we all know it.
  11. Pick up your stuff...I don't really follow that one.
  12. Ya but there is alot of space to fill.
  13. Well i know they based him off of Ryder but I didn't think I'd find the picture that they based Ryder off of.
  14. And the radio host who sounds exctly like the dude off of RLS and talks about gang wars.
  15. PJ-34

    80, 40 MB PS3's?

    Tell me the point, are there some games you can't play on the 40? is it not ment for on-line play?
  16. Still alive? his head exloded!!!
  17. i hope so because it took me 2 days to complete all of LCS.
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