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  1. Dave1

    LOST video game!

    Before you know it we will have OC the game, but seriously a lost game? wtf?
  2. Chances are we are going to reach our goal just by talking in this topic . But the forums really need to get more active... *Gets an idea* :spam: J/K
  3. Its raining...I love the rain.
  4. If anyone rates me 1 they are getting bitch smacked. People try not to abuse this.
  5. I am almost at 1000 post, it would be cool the get there right when gtaplace got its 100,00 , bah one can only dream.
  6. Chris,we can try to get to 100,000 but at this rate, it aint happening. But I will try.
  7. This topic is self explanitory, tell us what pisses you off and why. YOU MAY NOT POST ANY RACIAL COMMENTS OF ANY SORT HERE What pisses me off? Politicians, all they do is lie steal and cheat the country. babys- all they do is bitch whine and moan. Tax collectors - all they do is use your money for drugs.
  8. Its cloudy and slightly chilly . I love it when its cloudy.
  9. This looks sooo sexy now, good work Chris . Time to play with the new toys!
  10. Sounds good Chris,I could care less about the default skin,as long as the forums function correctly thats all that matters.
  11. You know what we need right now? an outbreak of post whoring noobs. (j/k)
  12. it looks real nice, 9/10, if you get a forums make sure it matches your template.
  13. If a topic has been inactive for 5 days it is considered inactive,please remember to check the dates and don't bump topics.
  14. Tis a sad thing knowing that know one knows nor cares about the true meaning of Christmas. But heres my list. A sweet cross neckless that I saw at the mall A new Bible case Some shells for my shotgun gears of war. And most of all, i want spaz to jump out of a giant cake woohoo!.
  15. You make quizes by being patient and not ranting about it. Once the ipb store is finished you should have all those options.
  16. http://www.segway.com/downloads/2005/i180_...uarter_back.jpg SOoo sexy But here is my true dream car... 1970s dodge charger.
  17. Kokane, you never cease to amaze me.
  18. I would rather pay then end up in jail . Warez for the loose.
  19. Hey guys try to avoid bumping inactive topics.
  20. My old accounts. VincentValentino KingOfKrunk I usually don't like to talk about the past But uh yeah long story. Now lets get back on topic and shower Chris and thegtaplace with love and money. o.o
  21. Four great years,I'm proud to have been here for 2,I plan on staying for many more years. Gtaplace FTW!
  22. Ill accept it in a few,i'm killing some nazis
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