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    I love you guys to
  2. Dave1


    Todays my 16th birthday!!! Shower me with love! I got the vid ipod, black. I am teh leetzors.
  3. Well, I honestly always thought they where songs rockstar made. I will look them up on itunes later.
  4. True,but if that was 100% enforced I would not be talking to you, I was let back, and look at me now I am willing to give him a second chance. Tyler, welcome back, just show the other members respect and it will be shown unto you
  5. Meh, I did not like it that much, I mean it sbetter than previous versions, but it still can't beat the fox... P.s ZIno wtf is with that user bar O.O .
  6. Well Crhis, I am glad to see it back, mabye this time you can add the gta sanandreas wepons.. I will try to find the icons if you need them.
  7. Dave1


    Well its time i get off my ass, I can take some car pics from my sanandreas, just get me a list of the ones you need ok?
  8. Well I have been wanting a dark skin to be honest, Mabye somthing like orangegreyy, but just a tad darker.
  9. It is sad that he died, he will always be remembered in sanandreas. *Takes hat off*
  10. Great member,gets along with everyone, and has a great sig also. 10/10 .
  11. Question, Would this be worth my time? I have many mods ,so would it be worth my time to redo everything?
  12. Dave1


    "Your killing mr smalls" (some movie But I forgot the name) "put the candle back" a old horror movie. "rape time" genocide.
  13. May I ask , What is up with this? Please do not spam.
  14. I will probably download it tonight, but can it hold bikes?
  15. In my opinion they have really overdone the mafia theme, I would not mind the ganster theme (mostly because I am a wigger ) but , I do agree with zino about starting out a good citizen then getting involved in crime, and possibly a make your own player..
  16. Sorry man, no can do, It is illegal to give out files, its illegal to even convert the game back to version 1 I really do not want to get baanned so erm, no...
  17. Yes,then I shal be closing it. Fate, Try not to post in topics that have been inactive for 30 days or more, I won't warn you this time just try not to make this a habbit
  18. Well, I may give a shot at making a cheat, if I come back cussing you will know I messed up .
  19. Nah, I converted my version2 Into version one , my friend lent me his files, now it is 100% mod friendly.
  20. Hey mjforever try not to double post ok? I will just merge your two post together. My advice, get a gaming pad/controler, it always works the best, the keyboards hard to use. Oh by the way, lance vance dance, Do not spam , only post when you have somthing useful to say.
  21. Dave1

    Car Mod help

    Did you make sure you installed your handling ,default ,and col files correctly? and check your dff's and txds , my game has frozen many times because of that.
  22. Hey If your attitude does not improve you will be suspended. 888ball, try not to spam.
  23. Do you have any mods that could be corrupt or put in wrong? Does your comp meet the minimum requirement for the game?
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