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  1. Happy bitrhday spaz..get some bawls and have a sexy party!
  2. Um, What is this bomb mod you speak of?, can you give me some more info?
  3. Mistake on my part, no 3dsmax for you. But I will try to find a decent free program for you to use.
  4. If you play SanandreasMultiplayer speak up, it would be nice to meet up in a server, my name on sa-mp is [TGTAP]Crimson (< got to represent yo) if you do have it and would like to join me in a game I usually hang out in the Chillpoint server, hope to see you soon .
  5. Actually I can do somthing about it Juggalo you are disrupting this fine internet community, if you want to cause trouble then we can show you the door. ^ goes for all trouble makers.
  6. I have 3dsmax8 I might be able to get you a hacked copy.
  7. Dave1


    Over the past few days I have been noticing many racial conflicts on the forums, I will say this TheGtaPlace does not tolerate racisim of any sort!!! If I see anymore racial comments or get anymore reports about racial insults all partys will be have their posting rights taken away for one day, I do not want to see anyone showing hatered toward one another, the forums are ment to be a friendly place to come and chat with friends and talk about gta, not a place to have racial hatred insults,etc. All that I am asking is that everyone repsect one another and treat each other they way you would like to be treated..thank you. ~Crimson
  8. I said NO MORE FIGHTING. I am closing this topic before this shit goes out of control, END OF STORY!.
  9. If juggalo or anyone else for that matter starts somthing, they will be warned.
  10. *Whips out the MOD stick I am only going to give you guys one warning so listen well. The GtaPlace does not tolerate racism of any sort, last summer we had an incedent with one certain individual who will go unnamed, who would spam the forums with many racial comments ,images etc,We will not tolerate it,I may be going overboard but I want to prevent these types of situations. Don't abuse your freedom of speech!,if I see or get anymore reports about this warnings will be recived. Once again I will say that I may have went overboard but..if it gets you guys to calm down, all the more better. So just chill out and keep it to a nice friendly discussion. ~Crimson
  11. The staff would like to welcome all the new members. Have fun obey the rules and have a good stay.
  12. It has already been stated that gta4 ill have a all new storyline, so I don't think that this baby will be the next character. But giving the benifit of the doubt, it would be intersting if it was.
  13. Zomg leik its skylines birth day I hope you have a good one man. try to get yourself laid . ((In the event that your birthday data is false you owe me 4 cookies))
  14. All the name effects that I have seen never worked well with fire fox, but that would be sweet as hell. The last time I saw name effects was when gtanation was still around,mabye the firefox glitch was fixed by now...
  15. O.o its your birthday...again!!! already???!!!! O.O well happy birth day chris.....
  16. Chris This is looking really good. For anyone who has questions about the gang section please pm me.
  17. Well at least we are getting some progress,When the final comes out I am goingto bug the hell out of Chris ... >=D
  18. I can't wait for this to come out,and when it does get released I bet you $100 that edison carter will be active with more cheat devices for us.
  19. It would be cool, but if you remember ,tommy may still be in jail at this time, so i'm not sure.
  20. You will need the san andreas mod installer and img tool. then replace the data with what is given in the read me. I had a hard time learning how to do this also. If you need more in depth help, I will walk you trough. And just keep this to your topic, people will enventually answer ,or just give me a pm and I will help you.
  21. I can't wait for this to come out, and I hope it's still n the 80's, but a modern day vice could be cool to I suppose.
  22. Chances are it won't, I am surprised it even came out for the ps2. even if it where to be converted, I don't think it would make much profit.
  23. Hey racer, I hope you have a good time here, and if you need anything pm me.
  24. In my opinion, I would like to start off with a little cash, If you start out with no money with will take all the fun out of it. If they where to make it where you start at the top and some how loose it all, I think that it may be fun but still lacking the full gta feel.
  25. Welcome to the forums berkey,if you need anything I will be glad to help you.
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