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  1. No i dont but nice to meet you too.
  2. Which one is you I got 3 msn accounts and all packed with green msn icons It's spoiling my eyes looking 1 by 1 for you.
  3. Hmm i don't know i got a different one. It's for phpbb.. since invisionboard doesn't give you any more free versions The author is zarath. His shop mod is exactly the same like the one we got, but doesn't have the steal thing Anywhere can i get to download items like such ?
  4. Remember we had a mod on the previous forum, lottery, bank and shop. I got the same exact shop mod installed on a forum. But where can i find those items like 'steal' where you buy that thing and you get to steal other people's money with a certain % chance of success. I have only the default effects shop which you get to change your nick (etc glow, shadow) P/S sorry it seems like you're always on busy status in msn So i'm posting here hoping you would see this. Or well if chris hasn't replied here, can anybody direct him over
  5. Aviation Enthusiast How do you know
  6. lol cam, i know your nick but don't remember talking to you directly. Hey skyline lol now a forum security ? seems like a lot of things changed when i was away
  7. lol pimpeh, who are you. Can't find it.
  8. I think ToM made that for me. and lmao @ your avatar now
  9. It's smart But i dont think i've seen you before
  10. Heh i'm not sure if this is a return for me This is a GTA forum, it seems like i aren't got any time to play GTA, i've completed the PS2 GTA SA shortly after it was released, at least not over 2 months . I got the PC version but it's so bored having to play all over again. As for that, no point for me to stay here and discuss anything more about GTA But (oh this smiley, we used it always last time haha), i guess i will post more 'often' abit since this is actually one of the biggest communites i've joined, 3 - 4years ago ! And i missed those days when i would come here every time i logged onto the computer to post. And hey, 888ball, chris82, miller, spas, chris (now pyr0xide ?) Long time no see And smallpanky, i won't forget you I remember your website. Lastly, i miss GTA 1 and GTA 2 too Hehe i started playing GTA 1 when i was only 8yr old and i remembered always flying over the half-bridge (the one with a hole in the middle) with ambulance Thinking of those days is really making me the urge to play GTA 1 PS version.
  11. lol, they are all taking public transports, trains and buses Not taxis
  12. Anybody still remember me :'( :'( i see crazychicken.. spas.. hmm who else
  13. Awww... PS3 is using bluetooth controllers ? More power will be consumed Anybody knows the launch date anyway ?
  14. Hey guys Oh Hi Xenon, new staff eh Where's my quick reply
  15. Guess he has left, hope he comes back though. I have not seen him posting yet, at least with me around :'( O/T : Well i don't know why im posting here, probably because i'm interested in the PC version and i got linked here from the main TGP site Happy posting guys
  16. rofl i searched group x on my p2p program, ares. it came up with a list of porn plus yeah a few bits of their songs. Indeed the songs' title already say so downloading them right now
  17. lol probably you listened too much of joke songs. Any to recommend
  18. Oh hey spas now you're a mod, can you lower mine ? Chris said he would lower them once he upgraded the forums. But he never did.
  19. i didn't know it could make so many people laugh maybe that's cos i've listened too much of it, getting bored already
  20. Aw crap Over here, we have only 3 fastfood restaurants, Mcdonalds, BK and KFC. But guess what we have home delivery for Mcdonalds and KFC I prefer KFC if you're talking about chicken-wise. We have this system here in Mcdonalds where you can buy and earn 'points' and with those points you can redeem meals or side orders
  21. lmao indian version of 'in the end'..... no idea who's that hilarious indian gay who sang this ... lmao http://www.asknlearn.com/personal/S8932428I/indian.mp3 roflmao thought of sharing it with you guys ... listen and lmao
  22. You're talking about me ? cos theres no smartboy5 i guess... anyway.... theres nothing much to post on this forum since i've stopped playing my SA almost half a year.. you guys happy posting.. i'll drop by if i'm free
  23. lmao, i did a search on my username... just within, like a week without posting, somebody drew me nice drawing anyway but i certainly don't look like that
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