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  1. hi dude look at my reps lol it has you in it

  2. I know Brunei but haven't gone there before. Only been to Indonesia, somewhere near huh.
  3. Where do you live? Visit Singapore
  4. I visit the airport sometimes it's just like 30 mins train ride from my area. It takes at most 1hr from the furthest end anyway. It's been awhile since i've taken a plane for a holiday trip, so i haven't got any chance to tour the departure and arrival hall yet but i will do so soon
  5. I'm here It's 2am over here, Singapore lol. I just installed vista got really bored with no softwares so i surfed around the net and well, i thought i pop by here to search for my nick and i'm not forgotten And that photo is taken at the Merlion Park, right in front of The Fullerton Hotel in the background of the picture. It's located fairly in the CBD yeah Singapore is small, the more active attractions for foreigners are around here anyway. Is that photo taken by you Jace? You been to Singapore? oh btw the Merlion Park is like my fav hang out place during the night, with my chick yea baby. Oh it's facing the sea The quiet night is just beautiful, along with a night club (the building in the middle with a lot of glass shades) A lot caucasians are there. p/s : woah im in the elite *evil* Oh i miss Tom i see he's one of us
  6. sure m8. i'm all fine, you guys? aha dragon sealths is still alive For fun - IIRC i joined Chris in his free ad-supported forums like 3 - 4 years back and i was a moderator for VC lol! I think it was his first one. Oh by the way i guess i SHOULD be active for awhile erm when GTA4 releases for PC but you bet i would drop by any when and then like usual as what i'm doing now.
  7. Ava - seen that ko hit many times lol Sig - oh yeah Pers - haven't met before oh yeah baby now it's mine
  8. dont see too many of the people i've knew posting here uh. But hope you see this. give me a hug
  9. oh i thought i see him the other time when i was back for another short while.
  10. ahh, i doubt he would forget me if he's still here, is he gonna come back or at least just post once. hey righty (don't recall anyone with this), must be a nick changed? Your join date's about the same as mine
  11. I'm posting here cos i damn, can't be forgotten, every year for 2 years back i posted on the forums on my birthday No exception this year although i've been unactive, still a member. Glad to see the forums growing. And chris told me on msn to look out on the main site this month (err march in like an hour plus) for an update on the gta series or whatsoever, so i'm doing so (many new smileys eh) lol and i know i'll be expecting birthday wishes, or no So thanks in advance! I would probably be replying anyway. Good day guys! P/S: i'm still on the top posters list!!
  12. Battlefield 2 Flight Simulator 2004 None of you actually bought COD2? It seems like on my Xfire, all COD2 players are local. I always thought COD:UO's outdated
  13. lol i cannot get pass level 1.. it says 'please don't cheat' lmao.
  14. I remember i joined the forums when i was like 11 going 12.. Was a weekend night when Chris was talking to me on msn (i dont know how the hell i got his contact) about his forums, i asked for a mod position and i was moderating vice city sub forum ! And from then, i stayed on.. was out for big 'vacation' from here like 2 times
  15. Hey dickhead !! i doubt you can forget me
  16. You see me? Where? I make about one post a month. See y'all in a month's time! <{POST_SNAPBACK}> heh i saw a topic with you posting oh and hi skyline
  17. lmao @ spaz's picture. what's that thing you carrying I don't have myspace, i'm using friendster
  18. Would love to. I'm visiting the forum here every day, but i'm not really posting as often . There's nothing much for me to talk about here, so normally i'm just clicking around the topics and read, then close
  19. What about the shoutbox thingy ? I'm sure someone knows how to script or has it. There's no much difference for that one
  20. Posting a new post to 'up' my thread to the top Anyway, i'm asking another question. Does anybody know how to get a 'shoutbox' kind thing on a website with phpbb forums, only allowing members, who have to sign in, to 'shout' ? I have a website with phpbb. I want to get a shoutbox placed at the website.
  21. I wish the guy wasn't such an asshole though, He could have handed over the code to someone he trusted to continue the awesome mod. Why just get rid of it? Pff. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Yeah there's another asshole who runs a porn torrent site () which i always visit lol. He says he got no time to devote to the site and thus closing it down. I got so pissed man, it's where i'd always enjoy lol. Anyway, none of you have the invisionboard free package ? Not invisionfree please If that's the case, i will have to stay with phpbb
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