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  1. Ahh i've had over 200 . But just after an BIG CLEAN UP i did , it turned to like 79. lol , i deleted ALOOT of nonsense and pointless songs .
  2. If you have no problems playing other games , i recommend you just , like what Morpheus said , reinstall the game ! But you may want to backup your saved game files .
  3. lol dont put that title even if you're only attracting people , it can also scare visitors away . Oh yeah and Chris are you gonna put me back into the VCPD ? I thought of that because i cant change the topic's title haha , as i used to be can .
  4. omfg my comp is arriving in 3 more hours !!!
  5. Ok i dont play skateboard but i can land a 720 kickflip from a 3 storey building lol .
  6. I see this topic everytime the forum was newly made but this time there's nobody creating it so i just made it . Just post your PC spects here . Ah i will post mine when my new one comes. The main ones are gonna be like 2.6 Ghz 1GB Ram 80gb harddisk 128mb graphic card.
  7. i think he meant there's no problem with sound card . Did you delete the sound files ?
  8. I dont know . But for me i'll take the ps2 one . Overall , i think it's easier to control in Ps2 then in Xbox .
  9. Action/Strategy/RPG/Online/Fighting (wrestling only) (though it's not arcade game i'll just list them down)
  10. Okay , you cant press shoot (depends i dont know youi're one PC or PS2 ) . Remember if you press it you will return to normal , on the bike .
  11. Yeah Phill , you cut off the stunt before you landed . And even if you didnt cut off so short , dont make let yourself fall or people wouldnt like that vid . If you fall , then dont take the clip , or try again without falling nick , the glitch i think is the one where you get stucked in motorcycle . It's basically you're walking but the game says you are on the bike . You dont fall off no matter how hard the bike bangs . BUT you will die if you fall into the water (obviously) . To do that glitch : Get a motorcycle . Park it to the left of a clothes icon (example the street clothes icon on the rooftop of hyman condo) . Make sure the bike does touch the icon but also do not let Tommy touch it when he comes out of the bike . Then come out . Get in again . If you touch the icon , and you managed to get into the bike , you did the glitch . Sry for that lousy english . I'm too tired now .
  12. Ok i have just watch it . Not bad for a beginner . Hope to see more of your stunt vids coming on and on ...
  13. I'll make my own stunt vid when my 3 Ghz 1GB ram computer arrived
  14. I hoped so . And well , there's nothing much to talk about in this forums , compared to the old one . Since many active ones arent posting .
  15. Just happen to take a look around.. ah my 2nd post . Umm Chris has mainly pointed out the facts that i wanted to leave . So maybe maybe... all of the ones are solved ... i might post as active as i did .
  16. And same for me... this is my 1st post yeah really . I think i'm leaving too . I will only stay IF the SAME EXACTLY forums that we used to posts in comes back . So i will probably join again if i see the old forums again . Not Invisionfree even !!! I only want that same old forums . :'( Cya guys
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