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  1. Spaz's back for a few weeks already, almost a month ? You were the one that disappeared out of the blue.
  2. Ok i watched it. Not bad stunt, but gently caress why do you have the green stuffs like plants on the top of the mountain. I got nothing there.
  3. he made it like last week or so and we hope GtaFour does come out..
  4. Hmm so we now got SA and those who've played VC, do you still like VC more? I prefer VC a little bit more on many factors for instance, SA is still too orange even though it's in the day time. Maybe it's just me, i prefer VC's map hmm or something similiar than to SA's. What do you guys think P/S: i dont know if this is the right place to post, couldn't find anywhere else
  5. Heh i understand the chinese word on your sig, it means dragon
  6. I dont remember you, do you
  7. the border around is good. so 4 is out. 1 or 2
  8. lol i like los santos and country side i hated countryside but after i completed the missions, i liked it more.
  9. We already had a site setup from like last year. No, we 'were' thinking of leaving the designs at the very last job. All we 'needed(?)' was some really good php programmers who could do php scripts like membership and more.
  10. http://www.romanm.ch/ check out their spiderman .. matrix movides all made off ascii
  11. Heh it's based on the game, Flight Simulator 2004, you must have it though. And cos nobody actually replied to this topic for so long, i couldn't find a webmaster. Im the CEO of the airlines and i was to actually submit the work by 15th. But just on that day, i quit cos i didn't want to get yelled at. Oh well
  12. how big do you want it ?! it's already enough for a blind man to see it
  13. yeah same lmao.. i think my english is still better than him
  14. he's thinking too high of himself as a SA support customer care lmao. lets test him. How many people were involved in the making of the game? At least that's related to SA, so answer me cos i won't waste time emailing a jerk.
  15. lol if they have one they would probably post it here as there're more people to help. And why would you'd say this crap unless you're working for rockstar or someone involved in the making of SA? I bet not. Your first post here.. and lmao
  16. lmao it's kind of basic. Triangle is the button for going in and out of vehicles, including planes
  17. smartboy4


    im not that rich to buy 2
  18. smartboy4


    All i need is the first Call Of Duty to play multiplayer? cos there're follow-ups.
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