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    Hrmm somone e-mail him i wanna see these "Fake" SA Screenshots ive tried to contact him but no sign of reply.
  2. Ramser

    Your piccys..

    Whew lucky im not on anybody's "My gently caress-off-and-die list" or "Skitzo Phsyco Spamming List" Phew
  3. Ramser

    Games Arcade!

    Well i like the games heh
  4. Ramser

    New Sig

    Hrmm... i think he might of saved it as a Windows Background file, because it doesnt have the standard image options or properties.
  5. Ramser

    Games Arcade!

    How come i cant see the arcade games?
  6. Ramser

    Another Boxart

    If i play the game and it sucks... (i highly dought it will) but if it does... its going out the window.
  7. Ramser

    Backalley Sigs

    Nice i can *almost* do that with the smudge Plug-in... but sadly it :'( always looks bad
  8. Ramser

    Word Association

  9. Ramser


    Tommy, considering Fido is just a nickname, a sad one too.
  10. Ramser


    K cool im still trying as hard as i can right now, ive seized every piece of property. But i have been taking it slowly.
  11. Ramser

    Your piccys..

    Hrmm ill get a pic. But it wont be up for a while.
  12. Ramser


    I think its multiple times?
  13. Ramser

    Games Arcade!

    Hrmm when i acess the arcade it says Showing 0 out of 0 for the last 23 hours.
  14. Ramser

    The Rating System

    Heh the good old rating system!!! I think it would add alot more Characteristics to San Andres!
  15. Ramser


    Hrmm, you could decipher it... but that would take too long unless you used a program.
  16. Ramser

    Cool Screenshots

    Same here but... XBOX Still rocks!
  17. Ramser

    My first Matrix effect sig !

    Looks sweet and it stands out in the forum
  18. Ramser

    Backalley Sigs

    Nice background in "The Fall of Max Payne" signature sam.
  19. Ramser


    Cool, I guess their carrying the standard UZI?
  20. Ramser

    xbox or ps2

    Well I prefer Xbox i think the graphics are much better but you cant take screenshots :'( And also hwo coem on the PS2 you only see grey fog whenever your driving, the fog is atleast 20 feet ahead of you. And one last thing, the heads are boxy looking.
  21. Ramser

    Phils Final Stunt Vid

    Hrmm for some reason i would like to view it but it isnt allowing me on Windows Media Player. Damn and the retireing ones are always the best!
  22. Ramser

    Chrisz VC Stuntage

    Killer Stunt Vid!!! I like those huge 360's and the 1080 over the bridge was awsome. Good Job, and did you try it with a Faggio??
  23. Ramser


    You mean thats what the bodyguards do.