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  1. Yeah you first see one of the gang members in the mission Babysitting, were you help a guy called Kim to saftey on the boat. I made a list of gangs in Liberty City, but no one was interested in it. So that gang is actually called the Korean Mob. They drive Blue uniqe Sultan's. And they carry around A Glock 47 and a Combat Shotgun.
  2. I found this quite racist but funny as hell. Banned For: Character Bugs Bunny pretending to be a slave and plea's to Yosmite Same not to beat him. Censorship: On Cartoon Network and the old WB channel showings, the entire part of Bugs as a slave in an attempt to get past Sam is cut. On the FOX airing of The Merrie Melodies Show, the Bugs as a slave part was cut and the part where Sam gets blasted by a cannon is replaced with a frozen shot of Bugs in drag as a Southern belle leaning against a door.
  3. Can a 50 year old shake his hips, spin around, run , do twists , and all of the shit Micheal Jackson did? You think.
  4. Micheal Jackson Died From drugs, the same tragedy with Anna Nicole Smith. But he was using one of those expensive drugs. Not Heroine and Coke. That stuff's too cheap. Adrenaline , and a whole other shit is what caused his death. He was dying two days before he died IMO. Like seriously I can't believe no one figured it out from a 50 year old man dancing like he's 20 on a loud ass stage sweating his ass off for hours. I once asked a 50 year old bartender if he can dance like M.J. What was his answer? No.
  5. Happy Birthday dude, but from Spider Vice's post. You seem very mature for your age.
  6. Since when did they make a Call of Duty: Most Wanted. What other games do you have TM?
  7. Go To The Retail Store and Buy It Yourself WE WON'T GIVE INFORMATION FOR ILLEGAL DOWNLOADS.
  8. Yes Grand Theft Auto IV is a cool game. But a " Big Tutorial " some people call it. I once found a guy got pulled over on the Bridge from South Bohan to Algonquin for a traffic check. He once said " You drive like a reckless asshole. Back on topic. The people that you mention are indeed gang members. There are quite a number of African American gangs, including the M.O.B , North Holland Hustlers , and a few more. Each gang has a diffrent skin. In this case a character. Like the M.O.B has people with Brown pants with a white T-Shirt and White jacket, and gold chain.
  9. NO U CHEETED!! You took your Hunter and ramed it into the back of my tail and knocked the blades off. I finnaly fixed my microphone. Well sort of. I bought a Logitect mic like three months ago until it finnaly broke. So I had to find a old mic. I found one I used a long time ago. Like Five years, it was usually for a computer. So now I hooked it up to a USB Mic port and Presto.
  10. Does the mission go " I'll take her... " or "... I'll take her " Well when you begin the mission Gerald wants you to go to the TW@ internet cafe. And go to that Autorotica website. Keep scrolling down until you find a pink Feltzer. You automatically get the number in your phone. So log off the computer, and wait until 9:00 am (in game) for Packie to call you, or just call " Mob Daugther ".
  11. It's somewhere here on the forums. Just go to the downloads forum in the San Andreas subforum.
  12. Someone who made that has no life. But its really humorouse.
  13. Give me a linke Llama. I have no idea what the hell is going on about internet rules.
  14. I already made a " Animated GIF Thread " This topic is the exact same.
  15. This one is the biggest fail I've ever done. Awwwww fuck!
  16. Err hurrh hurr. Video or Read 'em ?
  17. Thats good, I had mine hacked before. But hey lets hope that I can play my PS3 online when I get back.

  18. No shit, he inspired me to make video's for you guys. But uh I just want to know if you still want me to do that project for you. Or just word playtrhoughs.
  19. " After Five years on the east coast it was time to go home. " ?
  20. So Bateman, I left my Grand Theft Auto IV inside my Play Station 3 in Jamaica for like a month. Will that damage my PS3? You think It'll break?
  21. Why burn his penis? Just kick him in the balls.
  22. So the video walktrhoughs for GTAP are useless now huh?
  23. You know that I can just drive to the store myself? CAn you just fuck off charger you Arent helping.
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