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  1. But it doens't mean that I am in a rush. All I am saying is waiting will suck ass, I'm going to get it another day. btw I bought Skate 2 for the 360 at bestbuy. I didn't even hesitate to Buy GTA 4 or Call of Duty.
  2. I guess no one is ready my posts. I'm not in a rush, why is everyone after Charger saying that I am in a rush? No, I am not. I just wanted to get some TIPS and some INFROMATION if they had that stuff happen to them. No I am not in a rush for the 4th time. I'm at the store now trying to get CoD: World at War now from Best Buy. Gawd. And yes Red Devil some people did help me. Some are just trying to act like mods. Or just like Sherman.
  3. Yeah, I hope it will be as easy as it was when I bought Grand Theft Auto IV for the first time. (ps3) But do you think it was because I Pre-Ordered it? Well I'm going to take my fathers car to Best Buy and let them see if I can check out these games. I'll be back to post later.
  4. I'm sure thats why you have been breast feeded by your fathers big tits ya Bloody Vaginal Belch. You have done nothing but caused pure confusion. And a big ass flame war.
  5. Is it me or can the PS3 become addictive? (I am asking this because of your exams)

  6. Hey man, watch out for your personal messages soon.

  7. Thank you, just look at his reply to me, and tell me how immature is that? He tries to defend himself, because he wants to keep his lame tittle of the guy no one wants to go against, which is just funny as hell. The only place he can feel good about himself, is here and maybe other forums of the internet, that's sad. L-RiC have decent conversation with the next guy who has different views than you do, don't go all over his ass, like you tried against me. Charger, you need to read more. You've gave me a worthless tip. You told me to go to a " Retail Store ". But what I posted in my first couple of posts in this topic that I have tried already. YOU have not givin' me any tips what so ever. That is why I am calling you a Bitch with a capital B because you are acting like a Bitch that is taking cock up in the ass for not reading people's fucking posts clearly. Which is why you are in a awkward position right now. EDIT: Yes I have Charger, I've only found 0, that is because I havent even bother taking a look. I only looked into Best Buy to get Skate 2.
  8. Thank You for clearing this all up, now that you are not being a little bitch about your stupid fucking opinion I'm just glad that you cleared that up. Thank You, have a nice day.
  9. Look I don't know how you fucking feel about the game, but just by looking at your first post I can see you in a rush to get the game. Look at your entire post. Why the hell do you keep bringing this up? How many times do I need to rewrite this? Seriously. Read my POST. I know its new, but WE ARE IN A GTA FORUM, people here want to play the newest GTA game, they wouldn't want to wait, they would like to play it the first day its out. But because something stops them, they can't. Idk what the hell Husky is talking about, now he's bringing up the Law about not giving games to minors. Yeah I'm an immature baby now, because I add "L-RiC is fake" in my Custom tittle. And I couldn't defend myself? I couldn't defend myself..? You began talking about your fucking boring life, and how you hated Sports. I don't want to read that crap. Just look at your replies, they start going somewhere else. Now I said my friends where drunk? LOL! Where the hell did I even mention they where drunk? Why do I need to tell you they where real? LOL? WHY would I make them up, that's fucking sad. Read, read and read why I mention the Lakers the first time moron, just fucking read. You wish you where me, and nice abortion joke. If you had a cock, you wouldn't have blocked me and you would've continued my conservation. Why would you block me, if your getting laughs? Does that even sound like I'm in a freak'n rush? If you read closely and hard and just read it multiple times like everyone else did you can see that I'm just pissed off that my mother and the store clerk denied my games. What the fluff does that have to do with me rushing to buy a game? Can you just put some damn glasses on and open your fucking eyes for once!?
  10. Right now I am watching the movie Hitch, then I am going to watch Up from Disney, gotta love those talking dogs (strong leaked bootlegg). I just have those leaked copies of the movies. Like the one's that don't look liked they where copied.
  11. All I did was ramble about the Lakers? I said I needed to go because I need to WATCH MY GAME. I didn't want to leave un-expected, but then you decided to turn my comment like I was trying to make myself look great by letting you know I watch Sports, that's just stupid, I just gave you my honest opinion, and ALL I said was true during those PM's. Thanks for blocking me, and claiming yourself better, that's hilarious. And I already told you why your comment was stupid, I don't need to repeat myself twice. I'm sure Husky is somewhat in a rush to get the game. Well than that shows you can't read a full post. I'm not in a " Rush ". I'm just pissed off about the new law for people under 17 can't buy good games. I also needed some tips on how to get it. But you aren't helping, you are making stupid posts and drawing so much F'ing attention that makes me want to lol.
  12. It was a figure of speech of me being pissed off, Rappo.
  13. @ Ivan - Yeah, I'm never trusting EA's Need For Speed anymore. @ L-Ric --- --- --- --- --- --- --- -- --- --- -- --- --- -- @ TM - I do see your point all I have to do is mature enough so I CAN get the games I wanted ( and a used luxury car , and i don't give a shit if you don't believe me or not. ) I should do my chores w/ out my mum telling me to, simple as that. Well at least I don't have to hear her bitch all the time.
  14. No. I wasn't Boris, was suppost to be my name. But I got this girlish Courtney name. So that's why my mother calls me Boris at some points. Courtney is my real name. I hate it, I don't know how I can prove it but its true.
  15. What an ass, in my opinion I think smokers should SMOKE.
  16. Disorder | Rating Paranoid: Moderate Schizoid: Moderate Schizotypal: Low Antisocial: Moderate Borderline: Low Histrionic: High Narcissistic: High Avoidant: Low Dependent: Low Obsessive-Compulsive: Low URL of the test: http://www.4degreez.com/misc/personality_disorder_test.mv URL for more info: http://www.4degreez.com/disorder/index.html
  17. Lolfuck Has anyone ever done Biggy Smalls? It is rumored that he comes out of hell and shoots you in the face. I've tried, and nothing happen. Even with the Bloody Mary, nothing happend. These jokes are old, but have you even Jacked Off so much that your penis got smaller and smaller? But guess what I use a cantelope. 1.) You put your penis in 2.) You put your penis out 3.) You stick it all the way in and you shake it all about 4.) You do the masterbating and you cumm in it all about 5.)Thats what jacking off's all about11!
  18. Here it is Spider Vice, we all make mistakes.
  19. Probably. But if he goes to a store like that and buys the game, and Mom catches him with it, I can see a chain of events. 1. She comes down hard on Husky for buying a game she forbid him to buy. And she forces him to tell her how she got it. 2. She goes into that store and comes down hard on the employees/manager either changing policy, or getting Husky banned from coming back. 3. She reports the store to the attorney general or whomever handles such matters, getting the store in trouble.
  20. Excuse me? That's not my real name That was suppost to be my name. Just go into the " Top 60 Ghetto Black Name's " Topic. And it will be revealed, its not a secret. Boris is just my nickname. Most of the time I don't act like I'm a five year old. I act mature all of the time, but not during my school. But thats the only school that gives me problems with hanging around with Asian kids. I'm a good kid, its just sometimes I just hold all of my anger in like Cleveland from Family Guy.
  21. ... Fucking YouTube has done it again.
  22. Maybe I should try places like f.y.e or Target. Or probably best buy. I'll just probably give him a $5 bribe. Edit: Tennessee, I hope its not like in the movies. But North Carolina is a piece of shit IMO. :/
  23. Oh my goodness, I've finally figured it out. You suffer from a severe case of mental retardation! If only I figured it out sooner, I would've saved the effort and kept my last post concise. My, how can I say this so even a comatose monkey can understand this? Your opinion is not true on the basis that it is an opinion, not a fact. It is a fact that I've won the Medal of Honor award for my infamous and oft-celebrated fights in the Warzone. It is an opinion that you are a comatose monkey who can't muster the brainpower to read anything beyond a simple sentence or respond coherently. Then again, some opinions can be based on facts, such as your aforementioned inability to read or construct a decent paragraph. Other opinions can be based the lies people tell themselves to cover up for their insecurities, such as your inability to understand geography. Because if you did have a passing knowledge of America's geography, you would realize I can reach Husky's house in only a few hours and infer that due to our close proximity, we may live similar lifestyles and be subjected to the same arbitrary rules society places on us. Your for real? You live near North Carolina? I'd be surprised, that will be cool.
  24. @ L-Ric. lmao. My mother does have a big similarity to Kyle's mom. She criticizes every game. She's the only reason why I'm hooked on Grand Theft Auto. When I was like 10 she bought me San Andreas. She told me that it was a racing game. Now she criticizes the Disney Game called " Bolt ". She says its not for children under 10 because you can't beat levels without adult help. Bullshit. I beat that game in three days (I always complete games in three days). Just wait until I buy that Bikini Zombie killing game. She'll be really pissed :hurrhur: @ Sean - Oh really? Do you want me to take a picture of the game box and post it next to my computer with my profile showing and the recipt next to it? Does it even look like I have the time to troll random bullshit online?
  25. Spider Vice did you know that the website was mentioned like in the end of April? You are kind of late.
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