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  1. You are about six months late. It works on all systems, and everyone talked about this already.
  2. Watch it Sherm. You dont want ur pizza to taste like cock do you?
  3. ORLY? Some schools do. So is Durham School of arts I think. Also I would pather fuck a pizza cus the chicks in my town wont blow a wigga. Its called year round school. And can I post that suggested video?
  4. I fucked a school pizza just today.
  5. Can I post a video from humornsex.com(prOn) about some guy saying that pussy is just like pizza? And then fux one?
  6. What complete retards. Serves them wright for a 25 year jail time. God cant solve everyones problems.
  7. Who would want to measure thier asshole anyway? Steam likes anal?
  8. No Spaz I dont put grease on my pizza.
  9. We shall do a drag race to Papa Johns. Oh and its wired everytime I open this topic a Pizza Hut Ad pops out of nowhere saying " BIG EAT, TINY PRICE " giggity
  10. Sausages anyone? No, Basically I just go to Costco and buy Celeste's Pizza. I usually fuck them when I'm horny as shit. And what makes me go harder is by just watching Real Sex & Cathouse on HBO. I only put my pizza in for about 1 minute in a half instead of 2 minutes. The crust that's super soft is best IMO. NEVER, and I mean never fuck a pizza with alot of Olive Oil. It can make your penis have a sting feeling (Could be STPD: Sexually Transmited Pizza Disease). If your pizza has a little bit of sause, and bit more cheeze will make you Jizz in about two mintues. BTW I make my own pizza, I have tried it with anchovies, mushrooms, sausage, and Ham. Pizza fucking IZ BETTUR THEN PUSSY.
  11. Also who said anything about peperoni pizza? And my penis feels fine. Oh and I found out that fat juicy and cheezy pizza is more pleasuring.
  12. What are you talking about?

  13. You guys fucking suck . I love the signature though. Although I have the smell for PIZZA!!!
  14. People who say you can't compare Pizza it to the pussy has never tried it.
  15. 'Sup Urban! I'm getting a Elite next month (depends on my progress report)! So I've been in GameStop and bought myself a 12 month paid subscription.

  16. The PC version is. It's just that both consols have 1million bugs into them. I just think that the patchs for them are worthless.
  17. It sucks ass online. Because you know I was once shooting an MP4 at a noob that was in level one. So I shoot about 8 bullets into his chest. And shoot at another and wtf!? He's still alive and I begin to shoot back at him. Now all of a sudden I'm dead. One shot and he kills me.
  18. It's because he didn't set everything to Very High for graphics. It looks awesome on everything Very High. But loads too long ( 30 mins - 2hours)
  19. What? Its a summer house dum dum. :P

  20. This bike is going to look extremely epic. What's the main color going to be?
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