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  1. Waiting for a couple of more months will suck balls. Also my mother just found out today that X-Men Wolverine is a violent video game. Like what the hell. Don't you think she should sign up for the ESRB or something?
  2. GTA Place, dsa fra h I need some help. Just last night at 8:00 I was trying to buy Grand Theft Auto: IV , Call of Duty: World at War , Assasin's Creed , Skate 2 , and Resident Evil 5. All for the Xbox 360. But guess what? My mum won't even let me buy those games. I'm Six-Fucking-Teen! She won't even let me buy an R rated movie, despite she lets me watch those retarded Oprah movies ( R rated ). Okay so last year for my birthday I got a 100 Dollar gift Card to GameStop, and about say 300 dollars? I don't remember, so anyway I'm just trying to buy all of this stuff so my mother says something very fucking hyprocritical " omfg, You can't buy any of these games, Boris don't you already have this stupid game for your PS3? You can't buy this its all shooting and killing and violence. " I'm like wtf? Its my money let me buy what I wan't. And I'm like so the fuck wut. But whats really fucked up is that my 9 year old sister, picks up this faggy X-Men Wolverine game that is M+. And, you'll probably know what happend... I was so fucking pissed off. She made me want to drive the fucking SUV through the damn store. Now I have to sit in the house for two more weeks playing this gay ass shit. What are your thoughts? Answer the polls to please
  3. Yeah, but take Saints Row 2 for an example. You see it has about three DLC's and a new one coming in two months.
  4. This could of gone in the Animated GIF thread.
  5. YouTube is very dumb. Why can't they just suspend us, not permanently. Just weekly , monthly , yearly or something. But seriously banning someone off of your website that has been kissing your ass and made your website ratings go up is entirely wrong. And it pisses people off. That is the reason why Gamers , and Musicians can't do anything. Oh and the only thing that doesn't make any sense to me is if your profile information says Musician. You can get banned for having Music Video's of your favorite artist. And plus you can get banned for taking a beat. Like take the Busta Rhymes Arab Money Instrumental for example. If you put that into your video you can get banned for that. Now that's bullshit.
  6. If you want to install the Parkour mod, just download it and save it in your San Andreas user files.
  7. Are you serious? Yeah what seems to be the problem Ivan? No prob, just thought it was odd carrying around so much money. Oh yeah that, I run around town doing odd jobs. I'm a Entrepreneur. I make art and sell them. Much better and a cheaper way to get that stuff 'eh?
  8. Are you serious? Yeah what seems to be the problem Ivan?
  9. Too lazy to take pictures. But I'll post some in my future posts. I have 6 items. 1.) Car Keys ( Dads Car ) 2.) AT&T LG Vu cellular phone 3.) My Leather wallet which has - GameStop $60 Gift-card, $1,400 (around) , Fathers credit card , Drivers License. 4.) USB Flash Card 5.) Corkscrew 6.) Pain Killers.
  10. You can actually do a mission or a date for your cars to stay in the parking spot, oh and if you are doing the mission " Roman's Sorrow " the vehicles that are in your parking spot will disappear, probably because the apartment is on fire.
  11. Urban, does your Bike backfire? Oh and are you switching your engine with something new? Or are you going to modify it? Yes I would love to see how this progresses!
  12. Husky

    Motion Sensitive GTA?

    This does sound Wii worthy.
  13. X-Treemly late reply. I only completed up until it said 25. I don't know those gang wars where easy to me. I don't play the Lost and Damned no more. I just do it for the gang wars... until i get my own 360.
  14. So when you complete 25/25 Gangwars does it do all of the same courses again with the other ones? For ex. The very first one. When you beat all of the gang wars do you have to do that one again?
  15. Hmm the more I see this topic on other forums, it makes me think that this is not true. Microsoft Payed Rockstar 50,000,000. Let me phrase that " FIFTY MILLION DOLLARS!?" So yeah, I think this is not true. The Achievements had came out before the trophies. That means the Impossible Trinity Trophy is just a "huh?". So Sony got here late and got the ass in the face.
  16. My advice to you is, just re-install the game. Then your fine.
  17. Husky

    Worst PC

    Nope, because mine can't run Vice City for 5 minutes without resetting (Old PSU), or run San Andreas at all. (Crappy PC) Are you going to be on MTA, Raybob?
  18. I must of misread on what you posted last year. My mistake L-Ric.
  19. Instead of people posting new topics about people's birthdays and cluttering up the forums. I decided to make a Birthday thread. So everyone can congratulate there friends. So: Happy Birthday macorules94 who's turning 15. Hope you have a happy birthday!
  20. I kind of disagree on what you are saying. Mexicans (Illegal Immigrants/Slimeballs) take all of the unwanted jobs (Hotel Maid , Ditch Digger , McDonalds , Landscaping , Cleaning our shit etc.). I don't think L-RIC would agree more too because he's Latino. But this topic seems a bit racist, but really who cares if Cholo's are taking there guns and blowing each other. What Obama should worry about is those Russian Drug Dealers on the East Coast. - Also I had a mexican girlfriend before, and they are upper class. Not most of them in North Carolina live in shacks with chickens in there back yards. Plus I don't mean to be mean but you are prejudice. Some of them move to America for a better life, but how dare you call them Aliens? Mexico is the most fucked up(But Beautiful) country I have ever seen. They have money problems. Most children run escape to America without there parents. America is a free country, segregation is over. Just like one of the previous Presidents said " Everyone is welcome ". Even Asians , Europeans , Africans , Caribbean etc. In my opinion Mexican's deserve to live in America. But trouble makers need to be put into the justice system.
  21. I'm a single Lady, I'm a single lady! Whoah oh, oh, oh , oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh. btw Did anyone know that Joe Jonas was the male dancer in that music video? No seriously.
  22. Dude, I can't believe that you didn't see the download at the top of the topic.
  23. Husky

    wtf? You joined in the beginning of last year and already have 4,000 posts. By now you should already have 2,000

  24. I didn't notice the broken Head Lights, I was paying attention on the engine. Its a nice bike! And the double lights seem cool. But from the color and the wheels it kind of reminds me of the Hexer.
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