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  1. Chris

    GTA:SA Officially Confirmed!

    its gonna be released well over a month after my bday but i'll just ask for money so i can get a decent capture card so i can be the first to make an SA stunt vid and yeah i hope they read all the wishlists and stuff, i expect they did. If anybody here goes to the forums on IGN they'll know that Adam, a guy who works for rockstar goes there so he will have read any wishes posted on the IGN boards
  2. Chris


    that number is the amount of people using the skin
  3. Just letting you know that i have added another skin which is quite similar to this but a little lighter, you can choose whatever you want
  4. Sorry bout this guys but I seriously think its best to change to IBStore this time please dont get mad at me just yet ok lemme explain Tom (not our Tom) has given up with IBShop so no future version are likely to be released unless someone takes over This means it will most likely not work with IPB 2.0 when its released So i thought this... IBStore is being made better and some really cool addons are being made It will have the same kind of shop as what we've got now A bank user shops mod is available and has no bugs (the one we have now is quite buggy) a clan hack the same as we have now is 75% completed it has a better quiz system and finally, hopefully this will persuade you to like it A games arcade addon is being made, it will have a range of flash games you can play and you get points for setting the high score and such Note: When/If we change shops you will still keep all your money, nothing to be worried about there. If you bought a name glow I will refund you the money as thats the only thing you will lose it thought i better tell you this before i add all the items and stuff otherwise then you would all go mad at me i know So what do you think
  5. Chris

    IBShop - IBStore - problems

    i dunno we'll have to see, i hope not but if it does just remember to collect interest before depositing money i'll add the item now oh and you 4 who posted have been refunded
  6. Chris

    IBShop - IBStore - problems

    why $500 oh and theres an item you can buy which is AutoCollect interest and im gonna make it so its free and then you can buy that and keep it in your inventory anybody who had a nameglow post here and i'll refund you i am just about to refund these people $250 so they can buy a new one: biggamer 888ball nick_kang
  7. Chris

    Where Am I

    the butchers near the funeral place
  8. Chris

    Country Flags mod

    if you've clicked anything using javascript animated gifs will stop animating so thats clicking: smilies my assistant fast reply
  9. Chris


    thats the amount of people using the skin
  10. Chris

    GTA American Muscle

    lol, merge into my site so i can have all your downloads
  11. Chris

    IBShop - IBStore - problems

    yes but i think now it has automatic interest, i'll check actually
  12. Chris

    Cool Screenshots

    yeah any place would do, it doesnt matter too much yet though only 1mb worth of uploaded stuff so far when it starts getting over 100mb then i will start to worry
  13. Chris

    Stunt Video Tutorial

    yeah im going to add more detail, its just on this computer i am on right now it doesnt have XP or WMM so i couldnt remember exactly how to do it
  14. Chris

    Whatever happened to...

    Well unfortunately Tom (not our Tom) gave up with IBshop 2. but he is looking for someone to complete it, i do hope someone does and also i hope someone converts the hacks to work with ibshop 2
  15. Chris

    Karma Hack...

    this Karma hack isnt the same as karma you get at GameFAGS or whatever it is basically a replacement for the warning system, we give out karma to the decent members, maybe they did something significant to help the board, or wrote a tutorial or just made really good posts or something We give out negative karma if you do the complete opposite so new members know who the forum idiots are
  16. Chris

    Country Flags mod

    he has put Afghanistan but i dont think thats where he lives but maybe he does if you hold your mouse over the flag it will show the 2 letter CIA code for the country af = afghanistan
  17. Chris

    Chrisz VC Stuntage

    thejackel21: my video is in .wmv but it does play in WinAmp as well as Windows Media Player
  18. Chris

    User Shops & Gangs mods

    I've added two addons for the shop mod, they are User Shops and Clan hack the user shops is self explanitory, it lets you buy your own shop which you can sell items in the clan hack is where you can buy a gang and invite members to join, its a much easier way of controlling the gangs as you only invite who you want to invite, you have complete control over it Now i've never used these mods before so I dont know an awful lot about them so if you have any problems i will do my best to help but i cant promise i can help
  19. Chris


    is that shop actually yours or is it someone elses how did you get all those items how come you've suddenly got all this stuff with a website and everything
  20. Chris

    Country Flags mod

    yeah thats why i installed it cuz i like to know where people are from, do you want me to change it to england for you?
  21. Chris


    that would be extremely hard to do, your gonna have to know Java to be able to code such a program, i dont know anybody who has a substantial knowledge of Java The Jagex staff have worked incredibly hard on RS over the years and I imagine doing something similar in GTA style would be just as hard Nonetheless it would be awesome if someone did make a game like that, it would certainly be very popular
  22. Chris

    I need help

    Another good one which I use is TurboFTP Its a trial but i found a registration key on google if you want it
  23. Chris

    User Shops & Gangs mods

    yeah mods can join gangs your user group wont change i have to do that, once you get alot of members in a gang and it is good i will make u a user group and your own forum and stuff
  24. Chris

    Shop installed

    We now have IBShop installed, with a bank too but we dont have any items yet so please be patient while we get that sorted. Bank interest will be payed every midnight GMT so if you arent in GMT timezone (e.g if your -6 hours then it will be added at 6pm) we are also getting the clan hack installed so you can manage your gangs. We may also add User Shops so you can open your very own sho but we arent sure bout that one. You can start earning money now New Topic/Poll: $50 New Post: $25 Referral signup: $500 Unique hit from someone clicking your referral link: $10 Enjoy
  25. Chris

    Karma Hack...

    its one of the mods i am considering to install dunno if i will though