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  1. Just a question, why the hell are they even making AI? I mean, what the fuck is it going to acheive besides speeding up global warming by 10 times and creating a being that is superier and will probably kill us. Also, the Japanese company making artificial inteligence is called SKYNET!?! (What does that remind you of!)
  2. I think if you look around you can find a mod that makes to handeling like the Shamal from San Andreas if that helps.
  3. Yes the shark is real but it doesn't kill you and isn't interesting. Also, nearly all of Darth Dementious's vids are mods, just to let you know. Sorry to sound like a spoil sport though, but for gods sake, there is athread for this about 3 post below this one: http://www.thegtaplace.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=22883
  4. ...That explains those questions you where asking me. CAN'T WAIT FOT THE RELEASE OF THIS!
  5. ...Listening to this, I can only imagine the making a new GTA: England, and putting the Yorkshire Moors into it - It's miles upon miles off nothingness, accept misty hills, accept the countys main railway line runs right through the center of it (including Locomotives). You can imagine being ot in the midle of the night and hearing one of those old horns coming from nowhere
  6. And sh thought he was having an affair because he hugged someone else. What would she have done if he kissed her instead.
  7. Strange. I'm pretty sure that you can't stay married if your wife sets your dick on fire...
  8. If I do that, they think I'm some whacka with nothing else to do Thats right. We pretty much think that about everyone now
  9. lol at your profile pic. Sony Erricson Photo DJ?

  10. Tennpenny didn't do that - He ordered it, so it would be a pretty boring mission.
  11. Great! I loved the first mission you released, and I thought that you and your bro had given up a long time a go. Glad to see the project is still alive
  12. I'm just saying. A full christmas mod for December - with snow in the countryside and parts of the city (Obviusly not LV lol), and big christmas trees in places like pereshing sqaure, snowball weapons (ect...), would be great! But just not in July. (PS - It's June )
  13. Haha! I broke the quote train Anyway, it's around 4-5 years ooooolllldddd
  14. well, you can do nothing at the cult farm. But there was a mission called "Body Harvest" where you will steal a combine harvester from the survivalists of the cult farm. No wonder people can find the farm easily. At night, when the windows glow blue, it just looks like the farm has blue lights. If it flickered on and off then it looked like a real cult farm. Then again, who thought of that in the first place? lol - You guys realize that the cult farm is ooooolllldddd news right?
  15. Epic Fail. Christmas mods seem to be better suited to December. Around that time of year.
  16. You can't fool people. You can fool Idiots though. (No offence to your friend lol)
  17. Sorry that this is in the wrong place, but SA Modding has been removed. IS there a way to turn off damage decals, so that the car stil gets damaged and smoke comes out, but the widscreen doesnt crack , and the doors don't fal off ect...
  18. You can play with modded cars on multiplayer - I do it all the time on SA:MP. You can't play if you have modded the handling and speed lines of the car though. TBH, I wouldn't boter getting SA just for the multiplayer now. You might as well jst get GTA IV. PS: You can get the NYPD / LSPD style cars for mods.
  19. I like San Fierro the best, but the desert is cool to.
  20. ●▬▬▬▬▬๑۩۩๑▬▬▬▬▬▬● COPY AND PASTE If you think the people who run YouTube are fucking retarded. ●▬▬▬▬▬๑۩۩๑▬▬▬▬▬▬● The worst thing when you get banned is you don't even know. If your a frequent uploader, you could spend hours on a video, only to find that you have been banned when you try to upload it. They don't give you anything to let you know - No email to tell you if you carry on you'll be banned and no email to say you have been banned.
  21. The suicidle peds are Easter Eggs, and it's acctully harder to find easter eggs if you go looking for them, becuase you are looking to hard for somthing small, and might miss somthing huge infront off you. The bodybags are acctully quite easy to find after you have watched GTA San Andreas: The Introduction, because you see them being put there. You also have to remember thats it's highly unlikly that 1 Mythhunter will ever find 2 secrets before anyone else has found one of them first - There are hundreds of hunters, so the myths start coming in fast.
  22. lulz, slow down guys! I've hd to condense about 5 posts into 1 because of how fast your going! Don't know whats been mentioned scince my last posts, but I will asure you, those lights are supposed to be jets. But can you imagine how much lag would would be caused if the was an AT-400 or a Shamal by everyone of the lights. I seriously doubt that they are UFOs, and the only peice of evidence I ever found while searching out there was by chance - On WCTR, listen to the Show "Area 53", and a guy from near Fort Carson says he see's wierd lights over the des(s?)ert.(How many S's?) --- With the glowing lights in the Cult farm house, it's a big Easter Egg (I guess). It's The "Cult" Farm house - The Cult being Epsilon. The colour of episilon is light blue, and many places accosiated with it glow blue - Infact just a few months back, I found that most of BLUEberry has glowing blue points. (Thats right - I found it before myepsilon.org Just check back in the forums.) --- For the last post, I don't see whats wierd with the Tartan hat at all. Also, you might have been talking about the LV Lemmings Glitch - It spawns peds on a particular building and they randomly walk off and die (free cash!). I'll check later and give you a map to the location. Also, Don't know if you ever got the map to The Cult Farm so here it is: Hope this answers your questions. I probably won't be posting back here, considering R* have confirmed the they belive eerything in GTA SA has been found, and all the new ones people are finding, they are just looking to hard - like with those things carved into that desert mountain. R* have confirmed that they are not Aliens, and anyone who thinks that is looking to hard.
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