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  1. @ZOMBOPED: Ok I will put the mysteries list here: 1.UFO - true only the red and yellow ones the rest are jets - The Red and Yellow ones ARE the jets. No UFOs. 2.Ghost car - true Yes, but it only attacks by mod 3.Jaws-? Jaws is only on SA:MP - he attacks people in boats 4.Mass grave-true 5.Loch ness monster-? Major Mod! 6.Ghost town figure-? Glitch 7.Mothman-true No it's not 8.Ghost vortex-glitch 9.Suicidal photographers-true 10.Shady Creek creature-? False 11.Weird horn-never heard of it 12.Serial killer (trenchcoat guy)-yes he is also involved with aliens 13.Blue hell-glitch 14.The Cult farm-rockstar claims true 15.Epsilon cultists-true 16.Glowing grave-true 17.Scott Wilson's grave-? Easter Egg. Scott Wilson is listed as one of the games countyside creators, and the grave is in the Palimino Creek Drive Thru Confessional 18.Ghost grafitti-true 19.Mount Chiliad ghost car-true 20.Mt. Chiliad horror voices?-strange but true 21.SPAZ guy-? wtf WTF Indeed! 22.The cane-true its involved in epsilion How the fuck is this a mystery? It's one of the games weapons 23.UFO map-true 24.Bigfoot?- true in version 1.0 on ps2 Version 1.0 on PS2? Are there more than 1 versions? 25.Leatherface?-suposedly yes but could be false False 26.Pigsy?- is the same as leather face Pigsy is a guy from Manhunt as far as I am aware. I think there is a doll of him in Zero's RC Shop 27.Cris Formage-? Leader of the Epsilon Cult. He is heard on WCTR, but never seen 28.The Truth-? I think you missunderstood the meening of "The Truth". He is a major game charecter - You do loads of missions for him 29.CJ's Moms ghost-mabye False 30.The ring girl-true but ped glitch A mod - I think you meen the one in the BioWell?? 31.Vice City maps-true but no myth, easter egg Only learned that one a few days ago lol 32.Open grave-true 33.TV on grave-true 34.Cobra MARITAL arts-yes but game error 35.Bio waste well-true 36.Fort Carson tunnel-true 37.Phone booth?- i think so but its hard to prove False 38.Not welcome mat-easter egg
  2. Zombotech is a parody of Resident Evil's "Umberella Co-orparation". It's found at the start of a certain Jizzy B mission, and it's the building with the huge double helix statue. I don't know what it is they do - It's either Virus Research, or they produce some kind of medical item. There is a mod making zombies come from there but once again, thats just a mod. In answer to the other myths: - Bigfoot: I'm afraid it's a mod guys. There are already trails of him on Mt. Chilliad, but there is no acctual bifoot unless you mod him in their. - Leather face: He's a mod two guys. There is no real leatherface with out mods (sorry to expose you for a modder Darth Dementious, but that's what you are). There are however many references to him which I will list: The Cult Farm House - A mix between Edd Giens house and the house in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (TTCM) Bashed up glendales - They look similar to the car leatherface attacks on TTCM There is a movie poster somwhere which mimicks TTCM The chainsaw noises that come from The countryside - CJ mom ghost: Please don't waste time looking for this one!! Its made with San Andreas Studios Tool - U.F.O: Umm, thats a mod to! Those light trails in the sky aren't UFO's - Try looking in the sky at night in R/L and your bound to see at least 1 - They are lights from the wings of planes. - Zombie: Yep, you guessed it - MOD! There are basicly NO myths in San Andreas anymore. All have been prved to be mod's, glitches or easter eggs.
  3. How'd you get banned in less than 24 hours - with 5 posts...

  4. The acctual answr: Ten Green Bottles Misty's The Craw Bar ---------------- How many gards patroll Mad Doggs Mansion in the mission"Mad Doggs Rhymes"?
  5. Because they are a shitty corporation? They care about nothing but money? Fuck what people think about the games? You forget that they've created some of the greatest games in existence...such as the NFS franchise, as well as Spore, SIMS...etc. The NFS series and Spore are some of the best games ever? Lol Well, I'll agree to that but they're not exactly original.
  6. Nah they ruined the Sims Franchise.
  7. ...Someone has been drinking a bit to much
  8. Loads gun, puts it in head... BANG
  9. Are there any mods to remove all the blockades so you can go to the other islands, without getting a wanted level (or having to cheat), but not have to download a 100% save game?
  10. Cheers guys I just installed the latest version and it's fixed now
  11. My contacts list and everything has dissapeard - How do I get it back:
  12. Probably the wrong section, so here we go: Anyone have a V2 Save File that has just completed the mission badlands? I've started playing again while my Xbox has RRD, but I can't be bothered with all the gang missions. The link to the save file on The GTA Forums is broken. Thanks
  13. Are there any CLEO mods that will workk in SA:MP? I haven't found any, and you get kicked for even using the Police Light mod!
  14. LMAO! Insert Baby for refund
  15. Gangs usually do a vote on who they want to let in, so you have to give them time. You should also read the rules of the gang, as most gangs will not let you in as your post count is below 100. If the leader is still refusing to let you in there is nothing you can do about it.
  16. Gotta love those retro 1 Horse (or however many a cow is) Power Engines!
  17. I have a ton of great mods, the problam is, they are always really shiny. How do I get rid of the shine and make the shine more like the defult ones in the game?
  18. Can anyone give me the link to the DFF file of Dimazzzs Boeing 737 800? There are hundreds of skins, but no links to the DFF. ====EDIT==== Nevermind - I have it . Anyone who wats it, it can be found here: http://www.gtalark.com/modules.php?name=do...ils&lid=294 You need to hit the button saying "Загрузить файл" to download it.
  19. My brother was getting really worried about it, and asked what it was so I told him people with swine flu turn into pigs... and he belives me
  20. It's been raised to a Level 5 something - if it goes to level 6 it becomes a Pandemic. I don't really think it's anything to worry about, Scientoists have found that the Virus that causes it has mutated scince they tested the ones on dead bodies, and the newly mutated version pose less of a threat. Also, I heard this part on the news earlier, 5 new cases in the UK have been found - all of those where caught in Mexico, none of them where caught here, so the Virus doen't seem to be spreading between humans as well outside of Mexicos Climates (accept in pigs of course).
  21. Congrats for being the 400th person to start a thread like this! The short answer is: None. Nothing anyone has said is in the game without mods.
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