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  1. Yep, I don't have a problam with anyone of any religion, as long as they don't try to convert me.
  2. Because he was kicked out after beating up his teacher for wearing Balla's colours, although Ryder argues that it was because he was too intelligent. (BTW - Kudos, MX_DaNnY. That's probably the best question asked on here in a long time) What are Big Smokes last words?
  3. I personally am an Agnostic. (An agnostic is popularly defined as a person who holds to a middle ground between atheism and theism who also believes that the existence of God is a definite possibility but it is not within the realm of one’s knowledge.) @Azazel - Isn't Azazel the name of a satanic goat?
  4. Nope - Wrong Answer . My question is still open: What is in the Underground Tunnel by Fort Carson?
  5. *groan* Not another one... Haven't you ever used the search button before, or at least checked - I mean there are like 4 other topics asking this quesiton on the same page as you posted this... Anyways, the problam isn't Vista, it's your game. If it's crashing whenever you install mods, it's because you have V2 of the game, and V2 doesn't allow mods (because it is evil ). You need to install this patch to make mods work on your game
  6. I think it's a Range Rover Series III. The body would be easy enough to make, but I have no idea how to add the lights on the windscreen and sideskirts. ...Furthermore to the point that I don't know how to convert models I've made for use with GTA IV because I don't acctully have it for PC. I might be able to make it for San Andreas though if someone tells me how to add the lights. (AND AS FOR THE "this it appears to b no where on th internet" thats because people only started modding GTA IV about 1 month ago)
  7. ...And there you have it. Another of lifes important questions answered by ToonSkull Speaking of the Construction Set, I'm making a mod for Oblivion right now.
  8. HO 2 HO What is in the Secret Underground Tunnel by Fort Carson?
  9. Yeah, I'm sure Morrowind is MUCH bigger than San Andreas, considering it also has all of those interiors. It's hard to acctuly measure them though because it you walk alot faster on SanAndreas, and there is a lot of water to swim through. Also, there is no measiring tools on Morrowind so you couldn't really tell, unlike in San Andreas where you have the "Distance Travveled By Foot ect...". I think that TESIV Oblivion is probably more close to the size of San Andreas.
  10. I think it must be for the PS2 version, because if you look into som aspects of the game more closely, you might notice things which don't apply for PC versions - ie. In the missions Nines and AK's, one of the info boxes says to crouch and lock on to the target, then to switch to free-aim. This is a featre left over from the console versions, because you can't lock on in the PC version.
  11. *groan* Haven't you ever heard of the Search button. If you had youd've found the 700 other ideticle threads to this... --- You need V1 of the game so use the patch: http://grandtheftauto.filefront.com/file/G...der_Patch;74661 Besides this, you may have installed SAMI to the wrong place, or maybe it's currupt or somthing. Your not missing out though - SAMI has a history of destroying the game and forcing you to re-install it.
  12. Congratz on the 7 month bump rs_shadow0000! Oh and BTW, I figured that out ages ago, hence the "Never Mind I have Got it working!"
  13. Well, I have Vista too, and the files were where they where supposed to be, so you must have intalled it to a different place. I reccomend uninstalling your game, and reinstalling it to C:\Games (IF YOU HAVN'T GOT A GAMES FOLDER, JUST CREATE ONE) \Rockstar Games\GTA San Andreas. That way you bypass all of Vistas security. You save files on the other hand, should just be in your GTA SA User Files FOlder which automaticly saves to your documents. They have names like "GTASAsf1.b"
  14. Huh. It seems to have some great features and is very unique. The only problam here is roleplay servers are extremly boring However, I may check it out later. If I could make a suggestion though -scrap the eating system, or at least give it more time before you lose health. I know that most people don't get hungry after 1 hour, ESPECIALLY considering ingame, 1 hour = 1 minute @Spaz The Great - I think by not seeing underscores he means that if I where to put my name as "john_smith" you would see it as "John Smith"
  15. Stop taunting us lol Still can't wait
  16. One Day, a slutty 13 year old girl got knocked up in a swimming pool and that baby was our lord and savior
  17. I wan't planes and Heliopters - Pretty much an improved range of San Andreas. It's just I don't want UFOs, Rockets and Jet Clothes
  18. No. And why did you make 2 threads for this?
  19. They shouldn't have jet clothes. Rockstar only just managed to pull off the Jet Pack, but it would compltely lesson the series to INVENT a new way of flying. Seems to "Jestsons" for me. All hail Snowflake, The quoting king
  20. No UFOs - not drivable anyways because that would just cheapen the gameplay. I agree about the Skateboard as a vehicle and wep though
  21. ...Los Santos IS the GTA equivillant of Los Angeles
  22. Sorry, but that was the only sentence that I understood in that post.
  23. Is this on Xbox or what? I might be able to help...
  24. So we win and we get given an illegal download link...
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