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  1. hat Yeh, SA Stories (if thay make it) will probably be released for PSP, PS3, 360 and if demand is good enough, possibly even PC. What I meant in my last post was that the City Stories are never usually BIG releases, and are made just to tide you over while you wait for the release of somthing big like GTA V
  2. NOOO! NOT ROCKETS!!! That would completly ruin the GTA series for me. GTA Should never even consider going into space. Let's forget you said that okay GTA 5 won't be SA Stories because all of the City Stories releases have been made for the PSP, bt they might revisit San Andreas eventually.
  3. Yeah I think 4th of July is the day that the USA acheived independance from the the British Empire
  4. No, it would taste bad. If I wanted a drink that tasted like tea... I would probably just drink tea
  5. Me to. Infact, No-one else can find them either so he probably photoshopped them in, or didn't realise he had a mod for them on.
  6. It depends. They didn't have them in IV because Rockstar wanted realism and you wouldn't use a plane to fly from one side of New York to the other. So it totally depends on 3 things; 1 - How big the map is, and how many City's it has in it. 2 - Whether they are aiming for much realism 3 - How many airports there are XD!
  7. Yeah - It'd probably because the game is named after the San Andreas Fault Line which is a huge crack in CA that causes earthquakes.
  8. Guess I'll be the bring down then. Seen as though theres been about 5 posted in JUly, thought I'd bring your attention to this. ( A rule which I myself have broken once ) The Spirals are in this topic I started (I warn you though, the acctuall topic has NOTHING to do with UFOs - The thread got jacked). DO NOT BUMP THAT TOPIC OR YOU MAY BE BANNED!
  9. All airports are locked to you, and Torreno will keep phoning you (after you've brought verdant meadows) untill you pass flight school. How many Minigun pickups are there on the game?
  10. But what about womholes - I'm sure Samil (or whoever it was) just photoshopped them, and I agree thos balls of light look nothing like UFOs. I think most of the myths about them are just exuses to upload youtube vidoes. @RAPTORX22 * I don't know everything about it, but I still know to much to wright it all down, so just go to myepsilon.org - That's pretty much all of the usefull info grouped together.
  11. I lolled when I read that bit. Seriously though, I'm more concerened that there was somewhere in the bathroom to plug the charger in!
  12. We ought to just have this posted up and ban anyone who starts a myth topic, I've typed lists simalar to this about 4 times in other myth topics, and it's really annoying isn't it Anyway, the markers are annoying - I spent ages getting to the one in Fort Carson, only to find myself in Cluckin' Bell. I had a major glitch once when I exited Reeces barber shop I was about 10,000 feet above ganton, lulz. I totally agree with the thing you put about Myths being real or Not. I've seen posts before that say things like "OMG! OMG! I just found leaatherface in the middle of the road in pataptaleon (or whatevr its called) but my comp crashed and i lost the photos I took". Personaly the myths I hate the most are the ones about the Aliens engraved in rock which means aliens have been to SA - They dont remotly look like aliens. One thing I want to know though - A while back I was talking to Samil about UFOs and he gave me some screenshots of wormholes in the sky. I've never seen on the game - Has anyone else?
  13. ...That's 4 great people we've lost this week!
  14. 12? The tip confused me more. TBH I should have checked - It was more quess work pieced with rememberence. What is Smokes Licence plate
  15. Its probably because one of the cars spawns on that street, so uninstall all of the cars. Then Install the mustang, and see if it crashes (DO NOT UNINSTALL IT IF IT DOESN'T CRASH). Then install the lambo and see if it crashes (ect.) Do this untill it crashes again, and when it does, then the car you just installed is the problam, so just uninstall it and the rest should work. Hope this helps
  16. lol we all know there are none of those things in the game- I was just giving the link to the mod if he wants it (I DO NOT HAVE IT INSTALLED OK!), But to prove that I am not crazy: And before someone else has a rant - It says GTA3.img becuse that is what the SA file is called. Just check for yourself: C://Program files/Rockstar Games/GTA San Andreas/Models/gta3.img
  17. Happy Birthday =D

  18. Happy BDay Samil!! If you want leatherface and other popular myths then download this
  19. Yeah, that's been annoying the shit ot of me today. I mean, one of the worlds greatest entertainers just died and people are joking about him.
  20. Go on the IMG tool and search shark. No, he can't.
  21. It's somewhere in the sea between the San Feiro Docks and Bayside, but it's hard to find.
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