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  1. time to see whats happening now

  2. Some ideas about GTA

    Ideas for GTA If you get shot, you should start to limp. Blood should start to drip. It should be possible to die from blood loss. If you kick/punch a vehicle, blood should come because of that. You should be able to phone people whenever you want, and to throw away/buy a new one. Also, it would be cool to make in-game videos and save them. You could take pictures in san andreas, so videos would be great too. Sometimes, you should get into trouble if you have no phone at moment, and people are trying to ring you, or at least explain to them. No swearing on the radio - You don't have that in real life There should be a high school and at certain time you'll see kids come from it, or making their way there. Only problem is it would take up a lot of space, so perhaps you should only see a small enough number of teens rather than a thousand. If would be good with the option to drive around with game characters outside the missions.. or perhaps if you kill a character you are with in a game, then the mission doesnt fail, but it will affect your future in the game and what later happens etc.
  3. Might visit regular again and mix with the community

    1. Miles Pedro Prower

      Miles Pedro Prower

      I really hope you do so :)

    2. Spider-Vice


      ohai. Feel free to come back ofc. :P

  4. How to fail an exam...

    Some funny ideas there and some pretty clever with wit, not all of them I would ever consider though.
  5. grand theft auto 3 trivia

    There's a guy in a boat, in the game you have to kill that person because a previous attempt failed. Ray says he wants him sleeping with the fishes, not eating them. Name the radio character with a part on the radio in 3 different GTA games, and also you never see this guy in person
  6. VCPR

    Yea I think that the thing was intentional because such acronoms are used for irony and to be funny, and rockstar show a sense of humor with the radio in Grand theft auto.
  7. whatever happend to Tommy Vercetti?

    So in GTAIV all those past characters are dead? whoa.. I have given some thoughts about what happened to Tommy and I can't be sure, but things probaly didn't stay the same, and the fact that the other characters have moved out.
  8. Merry Christmas!

    I'm gonna see your video
  9. something that i die instantly

    and the topic title doesn't flow like proper english it's hard to understand what you mean. "something that i die instantly, you all don't use glitch"
  10. Preferred President Poll

    I am glad obama became president. He's first black president so no prejudice, seems like a cool dude too
  11. Womens Rights

    It's good that people are more aware of this. It's true that even if given all equal rights, some may not be capable. But women should be able to get same jobs/authority positions if they can.
  12. Memorable Quotes

    Tommy phrases were quite catchy, in particular when he says "get lorst ya prick" and caused me to actually say that to people that wouldn't leave me alone, i was younger at that time.
  13. Whats your fave gun in Vice City, and why?

    Minigun, although not appropriately named. It can destroy cars so quick. I also say colt plython because it's amazing, it switches targets quickly and is best for the instant hit in one shot.
  14. Grand Theft Auto: SA Trivia!

    RC car How old is Zero?.. clue: he says so in one of his missions
  15. Glitches

    That glitch makes the cops look to have low intellegance
  16. grand theft auto 3 trivia

    Portland harbour
  17. Ghost Missing

    Yea because you kill him but there's no ghost in the boat hence ghost missing. Never noticed that thing though.
  18. grand theft auto 3 trivia

    mccauley i think is his name
  19. Things you love doing after completing(or not)the game

    I liked being with the homies, taking land or flying and shooting from a place though it didn't destroy any buildings. And drivin through land is good.. sometimes just took a short while listening to the game radio.

    Maybe he would have been a talker, but it was cool in a way to have a guy that didn't speak, he was without mercy and or real understanding though. It's nice that i've found out there would have been something different. Should give him a cameo or something in the next game.
  21. Maximum time flying with the Dodo.

    Not very long. I have read about how to do that, but it hasn't worked for me. Longest was around 11 seconds.
  22. grand theft auto 3 trivia

  23. The cure

    Anyone here who likes the cure? i was never actually into their sound, but i'm listening to their new album right now and its great. Maturity and talent and cleverness you can expect from a long time band like these.
  24. 10 things to do with a...

    So in this new forum game, what you do is you think of something creative to do with an object. Once ten things have been thought up, we move on to something else. The first object will be a shoebox 1. You could use a shoebox to protect yourself or for defence then the next poster will say a second thing to do with a shoebox and so it goes on
  25. Changing The Cutscene

    Sounds awesome being able to change the characters, adding cars and so on.