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    Need Help Big Time

    Hey, I kinda need someone to tell me how or where i can get the original gta3.img file for SA Bcoz silly old me didn't make a backup of it Plus! i don't have the game anymore! So if someone could send me it or something. Through msn maybe? [email protected] Someone be a nice person
  2. HEY! i need all the original .DFF for the wheels on SA! If someone would be nice and add me on msn and send me them it would be greatfull! [email protected]
  3. acedjohn

    Vehicles in future GTAs

    I don't really care cars are on the game just as long as they aint the same as the other games. I thnk they should work a little harder on the modding garages because on SA they were a good thing to do just the things you could do were pritty crap. Maybe you could tune the engine from turbos to superchargers to dump vavles to induction kits. And then when having things like these, they should change the engine noise (oviously). Another thing i think would be good is if you couldn't afford these things in the game then maybe when you got you self a new exhaust, each exhaust should change ya engine sound in it's own way. Maybe some cheap to complete-boot-build sound systems too which, if loud enough, people would look at ya car or moan about the noise or some sh*t. Also with that, it would boost the bass with the music your playing. I'd say some cars should be automatic and some manual too! Maybe petrol but that could be silly if not, anoying!
  4. I say keep the Rap, DnB n Dance stations n maybe one for the oldies tunes. Deffernatly get rid of the hard rock crap bcoz i never listen to that sh*t. Oviously they will keep it lol but that's just my opinion. Maybe some hordcore for the dance n some english DnB like Pendulum. I think having DJ GreenLantern to do a hip hop station would be Amazing too!!
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    akuma: LINK REMOVED. Sign Up Now! My Site Needs You!
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    xenon, you are a dick. you aint got respect and you'd get a slap if i knew ya'. anyway, what i dont want to see is... 1.it's cool to add realisticness to the game but too much would spoil it. 2.it would be crap to keep the same weather that the last three gta games have had! 3.it would be the werst to bring back CJ or tommy because they both suck and they have their own game and that's where they should stay. 4.i think adding mods to the next gta would not work bcoz there would be no point in making anymore gta's if you already got what you want. 5.it stupid where the same Peds just apear!! different Peds should have there own house and car at least as ps3 is gonna be next gen init!
  7. hey when i go on the official LCS website all i can hear is bang all the time of me being on the site Plus i don't get no sound at all on the site and some of the site is messed up!!
  8. acedjohn

    Graphics card over-clocking

    I've been looking all over the net looking for an app that will over-clock my graphics card because it really needs that lil kick as its not the best lol. all i want to do is play GTA3 on my pc, stutter free. i've tryed something called RiveTuner but all that does is change my visual settings. Can someone please tell me something lol. My grathics card is IntelĀ® 82810.
  9. acedjohn

    A Signature's Shop

    Hey i don't have the slightest idea on how to make a fcuk off signature so could someone make me one = AcedJohn DJ/MC
  10. acedjohn

    make youre own rap songs

    Hey i'll show you a verse UK style. It's a diss to 50 cent i made while in the shower lol. He wakes up, n stairs at the ceelin, He's alive, he says it's at beautiful feelin, But he's a joke, for all these deals he's been steelin, He should be banged up, for all that crack he was dealin, Coz i think that he'd know,that i've got that lyrical flow, i'd show that mother fcuker if i was runnin my own show, Coz i'm young, i'm white, not rich n yes, I'm in the UK but still ghetto fabulous, He says he took nine, but i think it was six, Bcoz ever since then he's been suckin on million dollah dicks, Aka dc dre n em-in-em, They should of seen him coming and made it ten, N G-unit aint shit, But it seems to be fair, Come over to da UK, there wont be a face to spare, So where ya gona live? whos got a bed to spere? Dont even answer that question! Bcoz they'd be stayin over there!.. I onestly do like 50 cent and g unit and what ever, but it was thet first thing that came to my head lol.
  11. acedjohn

    Things could change in 3 years!

    So what you recon will be in the tunnel place or what ever? Ye i know the tunnels are seporated lol i ment what will happend to the bridges in this game? will they stay the same and will allow you to go to any island straight away or what? i'd like to know what they'd do but the only way to find that out is wait and then get it but i aint got a psp yet! Oh ye thats the island names init lol. i remembers now.
  12. On GTA3 on the second island, there is a building site and is ovoiusly gona be a building init lol but what building do you think?? Plus on the third island, there is a unfinished tunnel so what you think will be there?? Oh and do you think the islands will be seporated agian?? will they blow up or amazingly brake again?? lol (sorry i forgot the names of the second and the third island coz' the game is like four years old now lol)
  13. acedjohn


    Well, to me, GTA3 is the best GTA game out! I think it's the groty, poluted feelin it gives is it. But now it's being rereleased, i've got plenty of ideas!! These are my ideas= *maybe get the petrol stations on the go for real *keep the fog! because i read that R* are deleting it or something *the idea of snow is quality *plenty of new cars for the new era *hey add more cars to the show room in portland *it shouldn't be soo easy to nick cars. A bit of realism would be good lol *bikes such as bmx's and mountain bikes would be quality *clothes shops spread across the map would be great *if some buildings are to be gone, get rid of the coqs stadium! Or let us in lol *keep Game FM and MSX FM! They were the best stations on GTA3 lol. Aspecialy with Royce Da 5'9. *how about the car moding garages.. would be kool *real sex with the prossies lol, or maybe the car steams up so you cant see the action lol *a mobile would be great and if you could actually use it and store numbers n' that *add some animals lol *realistic night and day! Because i dont see many cars or people after 11 here lol *realistic police! Since when do they know that you done a murder in seconds lol! *on the third island they are building a tunnel.. i wounder whats there in three years time.. *hey some cars should be manual and automatic! but fcuk knose how you'd change gear lol! *when you complete thet game you should have friends or something because once the game is complete, the hole game is oh so lonley!! *hows about the sports cars that are included in GTA:LCS should have some sort of exhuast to give it it's own deep hum or maybe a nice lil' dump valve like a scoobydo *first person veiw in a car so you can see the dash board and the stearing wheel! i'd love that! *swimmin'......na sod that *the peds should react to the weather. like have an umbrella or some papers or get under shelter *plenty of guns (oviously lol) *should go easy with the rock music as its shat any way *on the third island there is a lil' area that i'd say was the hood of GTA3 lol. I think it should be more gangster looking like lil mobs n crapy, ghetto rides plus alot of crime in this area. a police hot spot or something *hows about kids or maybe teenagers as they seem to be the lil' shats as i'd know as i am one lol *cars shouls actually have an axel and hace 3D wheels other than the crapy lil' cake boxes on the other GTA's *how's about having the terortory feature like on GTA:SA. That means recruiting! *how's about real shadows! So then you can hide from the cops like R*'s game, ManHunt. This site said that GTA:SA is to have real shadows but it didn't lol *real destruction with the weapons like with the buildings and on the roads and builders would turn up and rebuilt it back (omg lol) <-- That idea is like PS3 style lol *food and drink would be great *drugs dealers like on GTA:SA *you should have to collect your money!! Not just amazingly fill you pockets!! Or maybe a bank account or atleast a bank where you can withdraw the money you've earnt, plus deposit lol Now i know this is kind of late but it's fun doing them lol. you never know, the ideas could be used for GTA4..
  14. acedjohn

    Soundtrack - vague info

    Double Cleff! What's the point!? i dont think there is anyone who had gta3 that even thought of listening to that station! I think they should most deffernatly get Game Radio and MSX FM because they where the best two stations on the game! But then again, if you can put your own mp3's on the game, things like this wouldn't matter lol.
  15. can someone tell me that when i install a car mod, on the game they come out completely white! In the screen shots on websites they are in full colour and in full detail but myn just don't seem to like colour! what am i doing wrong?? someone oviously knows! plz tell me --AcedJohn--
  16. acedjohn

    A few rumors

    well i've read that theres a good chance of the next GTA being GTA:2 in 3D and i have read that there is a good chance of the next GTA being the hole of the UK because of GTA:London but this would only be on PS3. I've also got e-mailed by some one that totaly unkown to me saying that it's 75% confirmed that you will have to fill your vehicle with feul after a period of time. It also said that it's 100% confirmed that you have to eat three times a day. It also says information that may not be confirmed or could just be rumors, well that's how i see it. It says that there could be a far bigger range of shops, well that could be a bit ovious really. It says that every ped is to be unique and actually have it's own house, well souds like a rumor to me lol. Seeing that the GTA would take soo long to make it's more likely to come out on PS3 so the graphics and draw distance is oviously going to be umbelivable! I got a few more things but i'll let you no soon because i've got to go out lol but please if you know anything like the above then feel free to reply. o0O/-AcedJohn-\O0o
  17. acedjohn

    Does any body know.....

    Does anyone know of any fps mods for vice city on pc because i've had some before but i've totaly forgot which isn't good! lol. Someone please tell me because my needs a boost!!
  18. acedjohn

    Need Help!

    Oi, why have you always got to be soo cocky!? Aspecially now because he is only 12!! Pull your toung out your arse and sort it out ye.
  19. acedjohn

    A few rumors

    i'm sorry yeah but i'm only going by what this stupud fcuking email said so i'd thought i'd let every1 know other than just me finding out so let's not go biting my fcuking head off yeah
  20. acedjohn

    n.o.e in las venturtas.....help! :bas

    Ye but what mug uses the cheats!?!?!
  21. acedjohn

    *spoilers* help with wuzimu casino

    Hey when i done the mission i took photos of the blue prints then went back to the casino but went round the BACK. then a garage opened and some man came out in a ar and took them and that was it!-!Simple!-
  22. acedjohn

    Other girlfriends

    hey i have comepleted the game not long ago so i know wot u should be doin! denise loves it in the club! so be sure to go there alot and when she says 'let's do a drive by' then park next to some ballas and let her kill them then she invites you back to hers for some coffee . There are another 5 girl friends that you can get deppending on the way you complete some missions. As for the other 5 depends on the way they act e.g, if they act posh then take them out for dinner. Plus if you have the flowers you can give them to her by equipting them then pressing L1. P.S Denise loves fast food so keep that in mind!
  23. acedjohn

    teaser sites

    I don't konw why the fcuk you say that these sites are 'teaser sites' because they both say fcuk all about gta:sa! What a waste of time that was doing that!
  24. acedjohn

    What if........

    So if you can have relationships can abit of crumpi be going on to boost your energy??? Well it would be cool! lol ! Well it could happen :!: