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  1. Watch It!

    How Do you fly the plan!?

    OMG. ok what you do is get it strait on the runway then push the left analog slightly up then accelerate and when starts moving it will eventually start sparking, when this happens let got of the left analog stick then it will shoot up into the sky.
  2. Watch It!

    your fave girlfreind

    My Fav is milley I just use barbera and katie to get those uniforms
  3. Watch It!

    Favourite Music Genre

    i like rap music
  4. Watch It!

    Tommy V or CJ

    I say Cj cause he has better abilities than Tommy and would kick ass. Don't forget that Cj took down big smoke and his whole organisation
  5. Watch It!

    Who is the funnyest guy?

    I have to go with CJ he is pretty funny CJ: nah i pay as little attention to things as possible
  6. Watch It!

    Best World War II FPS Game

    i voted call of duty that game is sick
  7. Watch It!

    Favorite gang

    I voted zaibatsu cause they have the best cars and are in every city in the game!
  8. Watch It!

    R* Screwed up this time?

    and i thought everyone knows when gta3 takes place but i guess not
  9. Watch It!

    who plays guild wars?

    post here if you play guild wars i play it alot, im currentley in the —Angry Businessmens— guild but im working on creating my own guild
  10. Watch It!

    What are you currently playing?

    Halo2(xbox live) Guild wars(the best game ever!) Age of empires 3 GTA: san andreas GTA: liberty city stories half life 2(xbox)
  11. Watch It!

    Gameboy Classic Grenades

    ^lol thats a pretty good idea that mod is pretty cool
  12. Watch It!

    Who is your most hated person in GTA Vice city: ?

    Lance vance because he is a backstabing a**hole and he gets offended when you tease him about his name being lance vance
  13. Watch It!

    favorite missions

    mine are just buisness and end of the line
  14. Watch It!

    >>GTA4 Wishlist<<

    There should be a bank account you get so you can withdraw/deposit money into it. I don't think there will be kids cause then those no life pricks will try and get it banned
  15. Watch It!

    Introduce Yourself..

    hello everyone im new here nice forum and btw merry christmas everyone