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  1. whoa,bullet proof tires on the firetruck,sweet!
  2. ouch that sucks,and i never new that V2 of SA mattered so much
  3. dude calm down,its just a Halo mod..... and its pretty close to you picture (very good)
  4. dude that is awesome(sorry is i was mean) very good job
  5. that would be awesome,like picking the color of your players skin, personality, ect....
  6. srry about that EDIT:but one of my teachers did actually rape a 14 year old girl last year
  7. srry i mean Tommy Vercetti Guy, i mean its very good but i would like it if it was for VC.so its very good(now you need is the snper rifle)
  8. dude no offence,but you both need to chill the "gently caress" out ok geezzz he did he could do and you are getting all made WTF?
  9. dude,how do you do such a kick ass job,ive never seen anybody do such a good job
  10. i am 13 years old i am an uncle my parents are not divorced i have exams in 3 days im in french class right now, but i am the only one in the class room my sister is divorced, but she is now engaged i am the youngest in my family i am the second family member ever born here in canada i think this is the best website ever i lost my GTA vice city 2 of my teacher are "___" soo my life is ok.......i guess
  11. that is an awesome mod, that would be cool if someone could make one for Vice City,that would be awesome
  12. oh ,even if it was on a single disk it would be huge(the map),but i think that would be a good idea
  13. dude it would be big as San Andreas or even bigger! so yes it would be huge
  14. that would be nice but think how big it would be,it would probably be on 2 cd's and the price......
  15. that would be awesome if the next GTA would be in theUK,home of R*,yeah i like that alot
  16. thats an easy mission but sometimes for PC it has glitches and it impossible for you to do it,but looks like JD helped you so......good luck for the rest of the game
  17. it would be cool if they made GTA 1/2 with the graphics of san dreas.that would be cool
  18. woow chriz,i though you were way older(20-30),hmm
  19. i think so to that its the hardest mission,and i never knew about the undestroyable bike in the mission
  20. my favorite gltich is the LV pyramid glitch,(1542 rotation,3 flips,431 height) i thinks thats the best glitch
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