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  1. first you get inside the gym,then go outside into the black world,then you have to fly to a warehouse,then to the doherty garage then you fly to liberty city above vinewood,whala
  2. hi,i was wondering how do you put music into a stunt video(i made one).i got enoughto last me 3 minutes. please help
  3. nice,now i should tell one of my friend to go do that
  4. Ceaser:tell cendo that i love her CJ:dont say that,ill pull along and you jump onto..... this is a tricky one
  5. your mama is so skinny,she can use her ribs as a cheese grater (lol)
  6. it only works for PC,so your outa luck
  7. the dirt road that goes into the disapearing water?,that goes down and then it dips into the water and resurfaces
  8. i hate that, i would like it if you can see the drivers view(see all of the buttons and crap...)
  9. hi ive been a member for about 3 months and i think this is the best website to find-out about GTA news and the best mods(JVT)
  10. ^ we have laptops < soo bored V whatever you say
  11. ^i will <in school(god damnit) V likes GTA SA/LSC Stunting
  12. that,that would be awsome
  13. ive tried that and then all of the cars dissapear and there never there any more
  14. yeah,my friends are complaning cuz Madd Dog jumps right when you get the truck.soo if you use cheats it might crash some missions
  15. ok i give up what is it...or where is it
  16. GTA Sa when CJ crash's into another car "what kind of lisience to you have, a fishing lisience?!?"\ "My car,my frolicking car!" "nice going numnutts"
  17. woow big @ยงยง drop,could get a couple front flips on the NGR 500 with that jump
  18. i like the clipped wing dodo because its more of a challenge,but the full winged dodo is way way easier to fly.....so i choose full winged dodo And theres a mod for a full winged dodo for GTA3, theres a couple of them at GTA downloads
  19. the Dick shaped rock in Los Ventura?lol
  20. go to gta network and if you can read italian,go to mystories and then inone of the categories it tells about the "Farmer Assassin" with the chain saw that tries to kill you!
  21. the needle shaped sky scraper in San Fiero?,that thing is huge!
  22. Yeah,theres a vrgo territory by the obating school at the top LEFT of the map?,if you did get that.did you get the one thats only the size of CJ's house in vinewood?
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