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  1. when you are on the last mission in GTA SA, do u break through the building then brind the SWAT truck to one of your garages? cuz i wanna keep the SWAT Truck when i finnish the game....
  2. last time i played VC was 1 hour ago,i finally know how to grind from the golf park bridge to the voodoo central all across the bridge(i think SA is better for Grinds)
  3. thats probably you reason it doesnt work
  4. thats happened to me with my GTA 3 abd VC and i had to buy new games but i was lucky cuz i saw the Double Pack for GTA/VC....it would have been easer if you bought one from the store if you live in canada($19.99 at walmart)
  5. yo JVT, can you finish the Dodge Charger on your website cuz I want to see how it would turn out and if it turns out like the pics above,I'l take 2 please
  6. i live in British Columbia,Canada and LCS is out already and i got a copy of one,so YESS
  7. sabre from VC and SA.....best muscle car ever...i think.
  8. that looks alot similar to each other except the car detail,and the firetruck and where did you get the BETA gta3 picture from?
  9. make a island like Hawiee using the GTA SA engine ,that would be pretty cool
  10. ive been a member for about a couple of months and i still cant put a picture inder my signature or for a display picture that is ontop of your group ranking,please can you tell me?
  11. people have different opinions,but i still like this new redesign
  12. that has happened to me so many times,it gets really annoying
  13. might be the cause 1.you have installed too many mods 2.one of your mods might have a major virus/trojen horse/worm 3.you mest up your draw-distance it might be one of those,did you use a mod installer? if not then i cant help you srry
  14. holy doggy craping shit,that looks amazing this looks better that the officail R* website
  15. this will be a awsome website how its gonna turn out,Looks Profesional to me i wanna see how the website looks right now even if it ain't finished
  16. what are you talking about,they all look KICK @§§,they look amazing how they blend together.
  17. find the car you want to mod/replace, put it into your garage then save,exit.Then you Put the modded car into the game and replace it with the car in your garage. Or you find a map showing all the car location and go hunt your car down. easy
  18. i dont kno but i also need help how to play multiplayer
  19. nice one tommy vercetti guy "Well Scythe, if you dont want people to get pissed, try not to piss them off"
  20. there is a Ghost Sadler near the abandon airstrip its near the docks and the sea sparrow
  21. i would like mafia and a city "like" LCS but not exactly the same
  22. the MAFIA:M4, UZI, 9MM, Desert Eagles, Shotguns, and nice @§§ cars the GANSTERS:TEC9, 9MM, and SHITTY cars Now you tell me who is the better gang i prefer MAFIA
  23. your web site is promising,and you videos looks kick ass !!!make more!!!
  24. I want -snowy mountains -snowmobiles -more cars to be modded -gangsta theme -mafia theme -ferries -animals -massive river between mountains -bigger cities -realistic laws And a lot of "EASTER EGGS"
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