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  1. I agree. GTA IV felt like an epic crime drama and that's what kept me playing. Hopefully it won't be as over the top as San Andreas. Still looking forward to it though, and it's cool that theres a non stereotypical gay character (No I'm not gay).
  2. Hasn't been on here in a while. Excited for BoGT.

  3. Every BMW ever. I don't know I've just always loved the look of them. And Saabs. I'm not really into flashy sports cars.
  4. I got through like 3 pages, a couple of things looked pretty good and didn't belong on there. But why the hell does everything that has cheese has 3 pounds of it.
  5. I'm at 5, shit takes a long time.
  6. White Russians are the best. The dude abides.
  7. I didn't vote for Bush in 2000 or 2004, but i don't hate him. He had to make some tough decisions and some didn't work out as planned. And i don't think anyone should judge him because no one was in that situation. I think everyone can agree that Hoover was the biggest presidential failure ever.
  8. Cause what's in the Bible is law, forget humanity towards others.
  9. When Vercetti and the thugs are at the harbor and the helicopter comes in, is that Lance Vance piloting it? He looks similar and is wearing a white suit. And Vic looks a lot like the guy that gets off and makes the deal. Ken also tells you that they're brothers. Don't know if this has been talked about but whatever.
  10. Four Leaf Clovers? Backstory with the McReary family? I mean, Packie's always bitching and moaning about his family and how all of his brothers are fuck ups. Maybe we'll play as him or one of his brothers.
  11. I don't think this happened in my game so yah, probably a glitch.
  12. I didn't get into the story nearly as much as the others, but it's one of the only GTAs that messing around/exploring never gets old, ever. And mods are great.
  13. You said it's a choice for some. Explain the "others".
  14. If i hear another person say being gay is a choice I'm gonna fucking rage. It doesn't make any sense. If someone chose to gay, there feelings towards women wouldn't change. You can't change hormones and "choose" to be attracted to the same sex. And on the adoption topic? no one would "turn" gay because they were exposed to it, gay parents wouldn't raise kids with it set in there mind to make them gay. And about it being in the bible? "Man shall not sleep with another man". What if that was written because there weren't many people back then. People needed to procreate to insure mans survival. THINK PEOPLE! That wasn't directed towards anyone in the topic btw...
  15. No, type 2 is from having a high sugar-intake. I probably take in more sugar than a lot of fat people, but I'm not fat. And surprisingly enough, I have decent blood sugar. Haha. I was just making the connection that most fat people eat a lot of sugar.
  16. I recently had to restore my computer, i just reinstalled itunes and plugged my touch in. I went to sync it with my library to put all my songs on. It seemed to have only put my purchased songs on my library and deleted all the other songs that i "obtained" by other means. My apps are gone too. Anyone know what's up?
  17. Well III had more arcade type driving and IV is more simulation. It took me a while to get used to IV but now its my favorite part of the game. I hate the way bikes handle though, fixed it LaD but didn't transfer it back which pissed me off.
  18. It completely depends on the severity and type of mental illness.
  19. My Mother is a type 1 diabetic (She was born with it, type 2 is from being a fat ass). This is one of the main reasons we voted for Gore in 2000, he wanted to further research with Stem Cells and Bush didn't. Eight years of research down the drain. Who knows where we would be right now if it happened.
  20. Franklin D. Roosevelt because he did more in his first week to handle the depression then Hoover ever did. Also got us through WWII. JFK is another. He did so much for Civil equality, shame he died. I have to say Ronald Reagan. His administration had a lot to do with ending the Cold War and he was just a really cool guy, even though his entire term was run on optimism.
  21. I used to live in Pleasanton, California which is about 15 minutes from San Francisco. It's a shame that the city has become pretty much alienated because of the gay stereotype, which sucks because it's one of the most beautiful cities out there.
  22. Well of course VCS had worse graphics on ps2, it was a psp port. I liked them both but for some reason i hated starting in Little Havana instead of the other island.
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