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  1. nVidia cards can't do that. AMD cards can though (whith some special AMD adapter). However, there was some pain in the ass way to get it audio on NV cards too... Can't remember how though ): You do get some cable with the card, yes, but the card won't send the audio through the HDMI adapter (because it's DVI in the first place). Edit: Soo.. I actually still don't understand what those cables are for anyway Point being, no HDMI with audio for NV, as it doesn't natively support it.
  2. Yes, on low-end ones, 7 is quite a bit faster, but on any high-end computer, it's about as fast as Vista is (which is just slightly slower than XP. Even faster than XP for games.). Any recent computer is better off runing Vista than XP if you'd ask me..
  3. *cough* Win 7 is about as fast as Vista in benchmarks... Like my parents would be able to do that... As if you'd be able to do that. Don't think so. They're pretty fast IMO, and much faster than Apple. Any arguments supporting that?
  4. bold=lol. The campaign is easy, after you tried it on hardened(i got that chosen difficulty at the training)everything's easy. Yeah, well, last time I was at "One shot - One kill", but I started new installation of Vista on a new HDD and never installed CoD4 again. I was bored and installed it a week back or something like that. Quite liked it. I have to admit that veteran was a little annoying though. Just a bit less fun. Makes the gameplay a little slow..
  5. Bethesda today confirmed that there will NO fifth installment in the series. At least for quite a while.
  6. Gerard made to point about UAC, so I won't say anything about that.. But the part about servers.. Well, yeah.. I'm not a pro, but as far as I know Server software of MS is pretty decent, but simply not as flexible as Linux is. Big deal.. So Linux is at least good in something. And by that reasoning. 90% of all users use Windows, so everything else is bad. Yeah, like we like working till we drop dead for nothing.. Come on, wake up. Go to Cuba otherwise.. What I really hate is all the fines MS is getting.. 3 billion, at the minimum. Hello, is there a single soul in the world that thinks such fines a reasonable? In the end we're just paying for all of that crap, MS won't change their business model because the EU doesn't like a few things.. Oh, and I like how the website of Steam says that Linux is a bit more friendly than Windows, while Linux is known for only being used by geeks, because, well, isn't that obvious?
  7. Go for the 4736 then. Edit: Hadn't seen WRX's post. Anyway, just do that, I think it's the best of those.
  8. I finally got to installing CoD 4 again and actually finishing the campaign this time. Can't wait for MW2 now ^^ Began on hardened, last few levels cleared on veteran.
  9. For what? For loads of very, very stupid things. - Cycling on motorway. I know it's stupid, but I was lost and was cycling for the past 3 hours. It seemed to be the only way to find some place I knew before dawn. - Lost my ticket in Public Transport.. Sucks hardcore. I always have a ticket, but lost it that time. Exactly at the time they were checking... They never check.. ): - Driving on a road for cyclists.. I used to cycle there every single goddamned day in the past 4 years.. Forgot to turn and just thought "Ah, fuck it. It's sunday morning, nobody is going to be here.." Well, except for police that is.. - Cycling without lights on.. Well, just was a cycleride of like half a minute and my friend had cut his hand open. Was to busy trying to get him fixed up and forgot turning on my light.. - Driving without light. Yeah, fuck, I didn't even have the chance to turn them on. I just started and was immediately stopped.. That's 350 USD down the drain (250 EUR). On the other hand, I'm now earning 150 EUR a week with my parttime job, which, considering my age, isn't all that bad. You know, just working evening, after school and stuff. Speaking of library books, I still have one here.. have had it for the pst two years. Guess I can keep it.. they seem to have forgotten. Book is about the Hubble Telescope by the way, and though that sounds about as boring as having a glass of water at 5 AM, it's actually pretty interesting. PS: yeah, who knows.. Considering the amount of times I'm drunk lately, public indecency might just not be so far fetched.. I'm sure the time will arrive for that, too.
  10. Still, benchmarks prove it's about as fast as Vista.. It starts up programs a little faster, but the programs aren't being run any faster. Games may just gain 2 fps, no big deal. Really, I don't know why people love 7 so much, but hate Vista..
  11. None can. GTA IV loves a lot of CPU power, laptops can't give a enough. Looking at dual cores, you'll want something at about 3,6 GHz just to have it play smoothly (Intel C2D) For quads 2,6GHz is enough I think, but I'm not sure. All I know is that GTA IV just loves quad cores. Laptops simply won't cut it.
  12. If anyone ever wants to play some TF2, just hit me up on MSN.
  13. Five fines in one month.. Great. Fuck the system.
  14. OSX is over-rated, yes, but that doesn't mean it sucks. Windows under-rated? AHA. Not by a long shot. All sorts of little Microfags want to shout that Vista is the greatest thing to happen since electricity, and how it's the only OS that supports "super computers with 50 gbs of RAM!".... That last part... Actual quote... From Chestnut's computer professor at school. He was aptly nicknamed "Professor Gates". Running OSX on a PC and trying to use it like a PC wouldn't prove it's over-rated, it would prove you're trying to use it in a way different than how it is used. It's still highly respected by people who do serious digital art. Imaging, music, video, etc. Also, you find it confusing because you grew up using a PC. A person who grows up with a Mac finds Windows to be absolutely perplexing. Neither of these validates saying either one sucks. All sorts of other fags that want to shout how horrible Vista is. I haven't read anything negative about OSX and many do live with the idea in their head that OSX is some expensive, elitist, ultra-user-friendly OS, which is obivously isn't. Again, I have used OSX on a PC. About 80% of all the time I've spent using OSX has in fact been on an iMac. Before I actually used it I had the idea that OSX just isn't my OS of choice, but would be pretty user-friendly, which it simply wasn't. Now that might be because I'm just not used to these machines, but at any rate it just isn't the system 'you'll get to learn within 10 minutes', as Apple loves to claim on their website (or at least used to, can't bother to check if they still have that up there). I have to agree though.. Side note: Isn't Linux mainly used for super computers? I'm pretty sure they support 128GB RAM.
  15. Meh, I just used it as I always use a computer, but obviously, I couldn't. I could get the hang of Ubuntu pretty fast, but OSX just doesn't work for me. Just used it for about 4 hours though. Tiger, not Leopard, on an iMac. Have had a little bit of Hackintosh experience. It works, sort of.. Pain in the ass to set it up. Dumped it the same day. But even things like MS Office for Mac seem to be made with 'less is more' in mind, making it just unworkable for me. I'm used to Office 2007 now, and suddenly having to switch to Office for Mac just frustrates me. Productivity is literally about just 10% as what I'd have on my own PC. Frankly, even my friend didn't know how to actually use it and admitted that it frustrates him quite often. It's his Mac and he's far from a MS fanboy. His PC, something from 2001, was just totally fucked up. His dad is an Apple fanboy and gave him his Mac. He might be an exception though.. he isn't really good with computers at all. For a short time, I was actually considering to buy my mum a Macbook (as she's a total hazard on any computer.. I expected OSX to be a safe environment, and an easy one for my mum). After my own OSX experience, I quickly sent that plan to the garbage can. I just simply can't imagine being able to work with it. On the bright side though, I just installed Safari 4.0.2 and I'm pleasantly surprised. I'd even say that I quite like it (while I found some other version I had installed once (no idea which one) to be horrible). PS: I was using that Mac for some project I had to give in the next day.
  16. I just had to comment on this... You state that one doesn't have to act 'smart' about PC's to you, yet you make some extremely weird statements... Hating Intel because they are SLOWER?! They were like 5 years ago (I think..), but really, these days they're kicking AMD's ass. And surely, if you'd want to OC, an Intel CPU is the thing to get. Though yes, those Phenom II CPU"s OC great too, but let's not forget the Phenom tragedy. Total let down (i7 didn't make me cum though, to be honest.) Hating Windows Vista? Have you even used it, or are you just following the masses of 14 year olds on the Internet that in their turn copied the opinion of someone else, because migrating to Vista at launch was a pain in the ass for some? SP1 and everything is fine. It's fast, stable and much more user friendly then XP if you ask me. What bothers me more than your initial statement, is actually the line succeeding it: ""to the point [that MS have to develop a new OS]." Great statement... What did you expect? That would implement that any OS that has it's successor within, let's say, five years, sucks. Makes me think Apple sucks donkey balls and the Ubuntu dev team is just fapping away. Face it, you can't live on forever on XP. You should have upgraded a long time ago, and soon the time will come that we'll have to upgrade again. It's been about 2,5 years now, I don't think we'd even be able to count the amount of releases of Ubuntu on our hands, and when Win 7 comes, Apple will have already released two OS's during the time between Vista and 7. Point being, I hate negative bias toward Vista. Try it, it's nice.
  17. Isn't Auto Pilot of the 747 about the same as about all the other Boeing? Can't remember it being any different at any rate. Perhaps you're talking about using deeper features of AP though.. I've never learnt what the hell to do with AP's landing approach feature.
  18. No. I'm not into tennis, even though I go to matches now and then. I just want to slam a ball over a court (or table) for a 5 minutes and then I'm done (I'm talking about in games), so yeah..no Virtua Tennis for me.
  19. Pandora

    Worst PC

    Well, whatever, what's your specs anyway? AMD Phenom X4 II 940 3.0 GHZ overclocked to 3.6GHZ Nvidia GTX 295 6 gbs of geil black dragon gaming ram 800mhz, 1022 is less stable. 2x sata 250gb HDD's can't remember what board ive got, the box is in the shop , its one sposerd by the republic of gamers and it an ASUS. I'm a fanboy yesh, AMD, Nvidia and Asus and Geil, sorry but they are the best makes. I understand the NVidia and Asus part, but AMD... wake-up, they still can't rival Yorkfields.. Still, I respect AMD fans for actually still sticking to AMD, even at their bad times. Their budget status does bring them down though.. but what else to do when you can't win the performance crown. Not a fan of GEiL, but they're pretty good. Personally I'd go for Corsair (Dominator, which I've got now) or OCZ (love them, somehow.) Oh, and by the way.. why are you posting that in a Worst PC thread? lolwut? They're fucking genius dude! OC as hell, those fuckers, they do.
  20. Yes. You could possibly try iAtkos. I believe it's in the gray-zone. Not exactly sure if it's illegal. I think it's legal if you'd purchase a license to OSX, to use the iAtkos image. I've used it and really, really hated it. And that's not because this was a hacked version, I hate OSX on a Mac too, while I was actually having high expectations. I expected the user-friendliness of an iPod Touch, but got something that was just annoying the shit out of me for hours. Doing any serious work on a Mac has been a burden to me. In fact, even leisure on a Mac sucks for me. It limits me in a trillion ways, doesn't allow me to even use more then 80 percent of the screen and it's a pain in the ass to get things as surround speakers to even work with it. I used Tiger though, but unless they suddenly had started from scratch and dumped their old system without upping the version number, I expect to be just more of the same... But please do try iAtkos once. Just so you'll realize how overrated OSX is (and how underrated Windows is).
  21. Isn't a pre-order usually something like 5 to 10 USD/EUR more? Thought it was, might be wrong.
  22. "<!--[if lte IE 6]> <div id="ie6notice"><strong>NOTICE:</strong> Internet Explorer 6 was released in August 2001 and is now severely out of date, insecure, and doesn't work properly with modern websites. Please upgrade to a better browser.<br /> <div id="otherbrowsers"><img src="/images/icons/ie6-firefox.png" alt="" border="0" /> <a href="http://www.getfirefox.com">Firefox</a> <img src="/images/icons/ie6-opera.png" alt="" border="0" /> <a href="http://www.opera.com">Opera</a> <img src="/images/icons/ie6-safari.png" alt="" border="0" /> <a href="http://www.apple.com/safari/">Safari</a> <img src="/images/icons/ie6-chrome.png" alt="" border="0" /> <a href="http://www.google.com/chrome">Chrome</a></div> Need to stick with Internet Explorer? <img src="/images/icons/ie6-ie8.png" alt="" border="0" /> <a href="http://www.microsoft.com/windows/internet-explorer/">upgrade to the latest version</a> </div> <![endif]-->" Copy paste from Chris. I'm sure it will come in handy at some point.
  23. PARADOX! Read on. It's just those that drink, but don't actually like drinking and merely do it for the image.
  24. I fucking love this one. And following the trend
  25. Even though I'd agree, I couldn't help but laugh at Husky's last post. The smiley just.. I dunno.. makes me giggle I guess.
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