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  1. Lol in the first mission of TLAD I drove with my gang to the place, dropped my bike, finished the mission objective and then when it was time to ride back and I tried getting my bike it said it was trashed even though it was just on the floor. This made me fail for some reason. Glad those mid-mission check points are there.
  2. Yeah dude compared to other DLC which is usually only new maps or new weapons and stuff. In this R* offers a whole new story mode, new features, new weapons, new multiplayer modes, new vehicles it's a pretty reasonable deal. I found the story pretty short but I liked the missions (it was a lot of action and could've had more story) but I usually finish games fast. So even though I was pacing my self a bit I finished it in 3 days but I'm still playing it again to mess around, do side missions, gang wars, races and playing online. Although I would've loved to have more missions I'm still happy with the product and yeah as someone metioned R* said they were testing the episodes out and seeing how many people on XBL would actually download it, (I'm pretty sure it was a success) so maybe they'll put more content in the next episode.
  3. Woah from what I saw the game looks really nice, smooth and fast. I wanna see more gameplay videos but the trailer was nice.
  4. Yeah I remember I used to have that for my Sega and it was like the only videogame my dad ever played haha. So had good times with that one.
  5. Well it's a tough decision between rem and Spaz's haha But I have to go with Spaz just cause the message is clear and quite true indeed. Also noticed a lot of people used that same Combine pic but they all look sweet. Edit: BTW Llama your's is second best IMO, I like the colour scheme you chose for it it differs from the other entries.
  6. I saw this topic before I went to play the last few missions so I watched all the credits. They were some pretty unique credits showing some of the most memorable and favourite missions from the original game and TLAD, very nice touch, hope they do it again in the second Episode.
  7. Yeah I rode into the mission marker for the last mission by accident haha so I didn't have a thought of saving. The last mission was really cool but yeah the burning of the clubhouse and the gang basically breaking up is pretty shitty to go along with a shitty house. The game was great though, probably play through it again when I get bored, in the meantime I'll do the extra jobs, gang wars, races, etc.
  8. Haha that was an awesome part of the movie. Clint Eastwood scared the shit out of them during that scene.
  9. Played the FEAR 2 demo, seemed pretty spooky. Might rent that game or possibly buy, don't worry I'll keep my toilet beside me.
  10. Forgot to meantion it reminds me of the Halo live action videos but this one is FAR superior. Like Half-Life better than Halo anyway so it makes sense. But these kind of things are awesome, can't wait for Part 2.
  11. Lame, video has been removed because of copyright reasons, etc. But yeah I saw it in the beginning of the game, it was a nice start for the episode.
  12. Found this video on Steam and it linked me to YouTube. Very nice fan-made video, if you love the Half-Life series you'll love this. Anyways, tell me what you think. EDIT: Watch original in HD on the site.
  13. Seems like a good idea. And what are the upgraded features of DSi? I'll probably read up now but I heard it won't have the old Gameboy games slot but a camera or something? Edit: Oh and going to read up the article right now.
  14. Yeah I played Half Life when I was pretty young too so it was kinda scary. I also remember playing Doom 3 and that scared the shit out of me sometimes but eventually I got used to it.
  15. Still got that game, play it every once in a while. But right now I'm playing TLAD, lots of fun.
  16. Yeah great movie I saw it a couple weeks ago. Clint Eastwood still kicking ass.
  17. LOL nice Spaz! If I had a clue of how to use PS I'd enter or if I had rem's amazing paint skills BTW can non-participants vote for the winner?
  18. - How many times have you had the RRoD? 1 - How long do you play on your Xbox 360? About an hour and half per day. - How long do you wait for to get your 360 back? 3 weeks or so. - What do you have as a back up for bordem? weed - Does the RRoD make you wanna buy a PS3 or a Wii? Nope, everyone gets it but so far it has only happened once so I'm not pissed off - What games do you usually play on your 360? Gears 2, GTA IV, Orange Box, etc. - What do you do to cool down your 360? Turn it off? Never really need to cool it down. - Is your Xbox 360 placed Vertically or Horizontally? Horizontally - What is the longest period you have had your 360 without RRoD? 3 weeks. Yeah it sucks for you guys that have had RROD like 5 times, I'd be pretty pissed. Edit: BTW shouldn't this be in the gaming section?
  19. Played a few more missions when I got back from school. The new weapons are great, bike handling is much better, story seems interesting (seeing Niko in the very beginning was awesome) and all the bonus features they implemented are sweet. I'm trying to pace myself with the game so I have only done 7 missions right now and will do a few tomorrow as well and maybe mess around and do some side missions or whatever.
  20. Lol me and rem were staying up and waiting for it to be released. It was delayed by like 45 mins and it was funny because rem just went off and then it was up. I played the first mission today, cause I got school but I'll be playing when I get back so I'll see you guys on there.
  21. Artur

    Flight Simulator

    I haven't actually played it but I wouldn't mind it being released as a free download or for a cheap price on XBL or PSN. Maybe released as a retail game with a airplane joystick controller?
  22. Dude you gotta relax, just because someone didn't answer your post doesn't mean you have to get bitchy. Also don't post twice in a row. And to answer your question since it's being released at midnight over here (PST) it'll probably be released at 1am over there.
  23. Oh wow didn't even notice Niko in the screenie, probably should've read the first post better. An hour and a bit left until it comes out, I'll probably download it play a few missions and then go to sleep because it comes out at midnight over here.
  24. Nice find, we'll most likely have to do this mission closer to the end of TLAD, seems like fun.
  25. Well since it was confirmed TLAD is going to be 994mb and popping the numbers from your connection into my computer calculator it says it'll take about 18 mins for you. But usually it takes longer for me and my download speed is 4.5 MB/s
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