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  1. Compared the two 40/60 gig spare BD drives with the new one, a lot has changed under the hood, so the 80gig PS3 drive will have to come from eBay for a parts unit. Keep tuned for more on this endeavor ... it'll be a bit of time before I have the parts needed for repair, but the unit is up and working after COMPLETE disassembly and cleaning, proving you can go about what I did with some confidence in it working upon reassembly
  2. Sounds like some fireworks going off here in Minnesota, since it's 12 30 now here, where does the time go...??!! I've been watching cable TV indoors and trying to stay warm in 10 degree BELOW ZERO weather in the Midwest, USA, it was predicted 16 below in some areas, ...and colder. Talk about winter of our discontent. Hoping as Rockstar suggest, big things in store for GTA in 2014, even though there's going to be a few more of these before another GTA successor, perhaps we'll get excited about more RDR news, and AGENT news in the new year?!?!??
  3. Let us know what you get further, you could always test functionality, I bought my own copy of GTA4 for PC, but still haven't got around to making sure it works, I used my sister's husbands' copy to initially install the game to various HDDs, then there's the copy issue that Rockstar mitigates through a system of retracting existing installs and allowing you to migrate to another system (HDD storage of needed data and run the game off of that system instead. This system doesn't exclude other users, ie the used market for key example.
  4. Some might say that, but the real use of the word relates to YEARS and DECADES in actual settings for the game
  5. For Xbox I bought some super cars, but that's about it, I did want to try the Titan out, and it rarely appears at the military base, but since that session I've been offline, who knows what I might face in doing that, but I didn't feel the need for any 'overkill'. In starting GTAO for PSN, it's been pretty uneventful on the PS3 side, so far.... I know you can BUY credit card in-game money with ACTUAL money, and I'm thinking of doing that if things take too long going legit....but I wonder, would someone just buy the biggest SHARK card with as much money as they have to throw into gaming online?!? It's possible perhaps, unless Rockstar put some limits on it
  6. You don't need him as a choice in the optional setup, but I meant how he comes into play in that regard, don't take things so literally, it's not actually meant to read in the manner you suggest. A better choice of words is always available, but don't always pop into my head at the time. The options for doing key missions is a new construct for GTA, with "Five", I think the idea might have evolved from Lost and the Damned DL expansion actually, where your Lost gangs were various NPCs and could be lost in use. If you go back further, the gang recruit NPC system of the original San Andreas is the origin I believe we see now in "5"
  7. PS3 is free PSN still, as I noted playing GTA 5 online, I had put it off but had delved into my RDR GoTY edition, and I play legit. PS4 I can't comment on, but I wouldn't get paying for PSN and offering the premium service as they have prior. I also noted the Game Save option for PS Vita, PSP, PS2, PS on the PS3, I find this odd to some degree as there's supposed limits for backward compatibility, but long been a rumor that firmware support might be added as they found a way to do it, there's the PSN downloads of full games, but I admit I haven't done much of that to know what works and what doesn't. I do plan to try my PS2 games out once I complete the latest PS3 project. Right now I'm using USB via PC to add that needed PS3 OS firmware update/upgrade for the latest PS3 I've been talking about, it actually refused to boot, I used it's original drive, but it was formatted on my 40GB working system, and just as a test, but swapped back over. Previous experience, it's prompted me to format at the boot up of the system, this time it's searching for firmware before it can do anything, can't even use networking directly, far as I can tell... a direct cable might work, but doesn't seem likely. Anyway, sure that's gone a little off-topic, but I hope informative if you're interested in the hardware directly. I like testing these theories that are out there, if it can be done on the cheap!
  8. Cheats in general fall under an all encompassing umbrella one can argue, I feel some of what I've seen listed as cheats is fun and harmless, however, the money being artificially well over most usable limits, and offered without any solicitation in MP sessions, that's the most grevious one so far, the other would be unable to kill certain members, not only in GTA but also RDR MP. If you get killed and can't kill the other player in defence, just the same, there's something wrong. Cheats that have people leveled well beyond the normal level, though I'm sure it's very hard to tell how many hours are legitimatelly played by all involved
  9. Hey guys, was out post holiday shopping, happened on a $30 PS3 80Gig that couldn't read discs, which when GTA V came out, I had just transplanted a 40GB model with a new BD Bluray media drive, and yeah, it's STILL working perfect!! It made the $30 dollar one a no brainer for me to tackle the same thing twice, I'll keep you apprised how that pans out. While dismantling however, this one was CAKED in dust, it took a good day to clean it completely, by hand, no compressed air! just water, paper towels and Q tip like swabs from Radio Shack. It required EVERY part be cleaned front and back, and may I say, what I learned is you guys better take heed of your own hardware situation. Warranty be damned, it won't save your unit from breaking down when it's clogged top to bottom with dust, so make sure it stays as clean as possible, if you have a warranty and don't like using screw drivers yourself, get someone to have a go at it, if required. I would NEVER keep one running as dirty as this one was, even if performance hasn't changed, it won't die from lack of cooling and air circulation. I didn't put new thermal paste on, but I rubbed the contact surfaces with fresh, clean PT to make sure they seat fresh. The Xbox mention comes about via the pawn shop just up the street that sold me my latest, they offered me still more for repair, but given the 360's poor track record and issues with assembly, jury's still out on me actually offering to take them off their hands, but I wonder what you guys would do...pass or go?? It's tempting if they're an awesome deal, and there's parts that I could use, the main issue is the media drive yet again, highly mechanical of course, as such, more likely to fail over time. I shot a good number of videos of the Playstation dismantle stages, I'll link some of those once they're posted. Hopefully it gives some idea about the component issues related to the 80Gig model PS3 that's represented by the SKU CECHK01 that I have in this case, I'm using the metallic shield off that model's drive as reference for a replacement, the previous ones don't have internal enclosures, for example, black plastic PSU unit for these versus a silver, more exposed, and prone to high heat one for earlier 40 and 60GB originals.
  10. I bought ANOTHER PLAYSTATION 3 for repairs! I just finished cleaning and rebuilding it

  11. The guy who hosts Rebel radio supposedly is semi-famous for what he does, but I have trouble just understanding him! haha
  12. BlackListedB


    I'd like NOT to believe you didn't understand a word I said, you should know what a lobby is, you should know what losing a connection to MP means, or entails. While I was online, probably in the XBL version GTA 5, I overheard a 15 year old, or younger gamer on a headset telling another who said he was 8 that that was 'cool'. I'm 47, I don't believe it's right OR cool for people under the age of an R rated movie to be exposed to interactive games that strive to classify themselves as such, which Rockstar pointedly have done in explicit content time in and time out, I'm not here to judge your competency but I believe MATURE means something and should be respected as the control that keeps content away from people who are frankly too young to be confronted with it. There's a moral compass involved on the gamer end that's not in the content of the fictional story and character, if there were no worry or concern in that regard, you'd have violent and unethical content raising or teaching the youth around the World, parents are not up to the task when we see them failing time and time again in their requirements as parents. That rant said, I'm talking about whatever problems arise using the Multiplayer features of GTA because as mentioned, this is Rockstar's FIRST time full out online server design, and as we've seen, it's also HIGHLY flawed. It's a somewhat massive task to make an online game that branches from such a large scope single player experience, but as we've seen, the users of it are highly impatient. That shows another facet of the lack of maturity of which I speak
  13. As long as you stay away from spam, you're OK
  14. I have the freely found Acer Extensa 5420, AMD dual core model like your specs, though at the 5620 model, the Extensa series switches to an Intel based chipset, everything on it is the same however, it can use an MXM II graphics card on each version. I also bought an HP 8510P laptop as well, there are plenty around built for business use, it offers a better resolution, MXM 2 built in and HDMI output, but it has a slow SD card reader compared to the multi card version used on Acer models, likely due to a faster bus, also the Acer models using discrete graphics should look just as good, but mine is integrated to the chipset, though still ATI based on their ownership coming from AMD. Though your computer maker is no longer in business, you do appear to support MXM possibly, and dual core at least on the low end. The HD2xxx ATIs are from the year 2007, just so you know, they've already been supplanted with a good number of full model range cards from both nVidia and ATI. ATI is supporting both of the new gaming consoles, so consider nVidia for all future PC cards, currently they might tend to offer better PC gaming, and in the same situation, a PC betters any tablet or laptop in existence. The laptop you have might be a higher version of the stock HP Compaq 8510P based on it's HD2600 ATI graphics with only 256MB dedicated RAM, but the theory holds a better GFX card could mate to it, BIOS is a major issue though. I'd say look for an upgrade from what you have, and MXM is still a good bet if you go to III or higher, since they're larger and handle more voltage demands, not to mention the heat that GPUs give off! MXM2 tops out with a 9600 as I posted some time ago, or 8600GT. I wound up buying one that doesn't work. There's an eBay seller offering repairs on MXM cards for only about $50, so it's worth consideration if you want to send them your card! I'm mulling it over actually given my contact with them and they said if they can't fix it, you're only out shipping, IIRC, they won't charge but they do recycle them for parts I believe. They list repeatedly on eBay but I believe they ARE in the UK. I think it's reasonable price listed as an auction starting bid, but they will repair them for what they're asking, so just look for those auctions under card repair and ask the person via eBay about your situation so they know what issues you have
  15. I'm on my way back from Xmas with my parents, like a lot of people, I missed the snow completely due to the holiday timing, Rockstar may have to consider how this effects a large swath of fans precluded from the fun. We all downloaded the gifts, as I see it. I started up PS3 for the first time with online, and I ran into a myriad of signing on to a session that didn't end abruptly, or people who wouldn't commit to the jobs where the more people who would take part would add to the fun you get out of it. Sad thing that effects both versions of GTA V. PSN has better cars floating around, but seemingly far less aircraft, compare it to XBL and there's airplanes and helis at every typical landing pad! STRANGE. The money issue was largely absent from the sessions I spent on PSN, but there were also far fewer players, this is something that typically effects PSN though, I hope it changes still
  16. BlackListedB


    I got on PSN tonight, later toward and after midnight Central Standard Time, that's when I was able to keep the signal going, however, there was an initial warning about Rockstar's Cloud Servers, then more then one TIMED OUT errors which cut off online availability and you're sent back to single player, so you're left manually selecting online from there again. It's even more maddening time spent waiting to play the game! Another aspect I find maddening is if I'm willing to wait for a more complete MP lobby for jobs requiring more then one or two players, why can't others commit?? I went with someone else's selection, waiting less then a minute for more people then just us, and he left, I had to do the job alone, but I too get tired of waiting, but I give it a proper chance, and do the same within RDR MP.
  17. I posted a YouTube segment on the money making problem at GTAC then our site went offline again, typical host payment issue yet again, not a surprise THIS time since it was again the end of the month and it had to be billing due. The video was two months old now, it showed what I consider a legitimate way to use procedures within the game to generate cash, you repeat and rinse in the endeavor but it would be time consuming and is based on vehicle sales within the game, which is allowed, what needs to be dealt with however, is the billions of dollars just issued to everyone in a session, at random, offered as bounties and such. If you're reading the comments on Newswire, you can see the cheaters and hackers are what everyone is currently fuming about, and with valid reason. I find it odd no one has joined in the discussion over here, are you content with what's happening in GTAOnline?!?! I can't believe that.
  18. Snow, Bring back SNOW for Los Santos, at least!?!?

  19. BlackListedB


    You shouldn't post a personal message as a thread, for one, use a title generally related to any PS3 owners, and more to the point, I was with my family over the Xmas holiday, so I'm among those complaining about no snow in Los Santos, because I also missed out, I have to create my PSN character and start the tutorials for GTAOnline with PS3, since as I confessed earlier, I was paying for Xbox Live and using that for the online and playing GTA 5 on PS3 offline, so far, anyway
  20. Accepted a cash bribe lately, and what is up with the lack of watercraft??

  21. Never heard of it. If you were to be hoping about Rockstar Games, remember that they don't license any actual vehicles for the game, but that there are obvious comparisons, hybrids combining various elements, but the Emperor and other Cadillac models are nearly complete replicas, the 67 Eldo and the Fleetwood seen in GTA V
  22. BTW, again our newly restored GTAChronicles site has gone offline, but at present I'm celebrating Christmas with family and friends, and I'm sure Trip Mills is as well, so we can't get back online straight away, I posted the same issue thread over there, but I'd like to field input from everyone, I've discussed this online with fellow gamers, but it's still an important event within GTAOnline, and how they might tackle legit money making schemes, based upon how the game is designed, or a true cheat where there's more harm then good as a result
  23. Rockstar Newswire update shows the Xmas gifts they're giving this year, but no word back on all the problems people are having with GTAOnline in particular and even some issues present in GTA offline. I haven't seen much of the current ones noted...but I have lost connection a few times, and been given large sums of cash multiple times, this in about two sessions perhaps, lastly, on XBox Live http://www.rockstargames.com/newswire/article/52011/grand-theft-auto-online-holiday-gifts.html/#comments What do you guys make of the current state of GTAOnline, and has it been rough going more so on PSN then XBL or vice versa?? MERRY CHRISTMAS BTW!!!!!
  24. Check your spelling... next time. You got a lot of errors in that, but most confusing is what ERA has to do with GTA V ??.... It's a modern era setting. There are hopes of a 70s setting for some Rockstar franchise, and might be circa 1979 if Agent ever comes to fruition. Regardless, there's plenty of memorable moments in GTA game play, as you noted, but a cougar is not likely to appear at the top of Mount Chiliad, only as you climb it at lower altitudes.
  25. While it's interesting to hear gamers chat in online about the cheats and other user activity, I don't think being frank about how to subvert the game is something TGTAP or other major fan sites will condone, it goes against fair gaming as intended by Rockstar, that means THEY would generally disapprove of all these cheating methods. Kapesh?
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