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  1. Going back to GTAO ASAP, but getting ready for XMAS this week, going back up North

  2. Been watching my newly setup cable subscription, I get the Velocity channel among many others, they have a show about restoring lost classics, doing so with about $12,000 for resto work, and purchases up to $10,000 USD. What's most interesting is the time they're able to 'flip' a restoration (3 weeks in one show example!), along with some costs being less then 10K for parts and labor in the restore, to me that seems like mission impossible, it would be in the Midwest, USA
  3. Claude's a stooge, just doesn't do much other then cow tow, play both sides against the middle, he lacked personalities because Rockstar were just getting the chemistry right with how to involve the user's character amidst NPC, and the AI that's always been improving, but for the fast following Vice City on GTA III's success, they spent a lot more time making the key protagonist part of the story, and backstory
  4. Vice City, whether Stories or not is STILL a 1980s setting. Regardless, realities with GTA and the USA or Mexico are really not intentional at all, the closest similarity exists with Red Dead Redemption still
  5. I found one of my old magazines Electronic Gaming from 1983, in fact, scanned on the site referenced below. One of the fun things are the old ads, and not only that multiplatform rag I picked up lots of Apple computing mags I still own today, some 30 years later!! This online site pays the same reverent homage, and you owe it to yourself to take a look and explore the history that you most likely missed. I've been a gamer since those late 70s and early 80s, to this day! Some think I'm creepy and strange because of this, but I challenge them to show their history of gaming that's anywhere as exhaustive covering 20 to 30 years of electronic gaming. It's key to see how electronic technology plays it's part evolving the very concept year after year http://www.vintagecomputing.com
  6. People I don't know hit me up on Social Club or via messaging in XBL, I'm going to try my hand at GTAO via my PS3 in short order though, since I have to test-try a few things, like the suggestion that I have to pay to use the Online feature, as MS requires for Xbox360. Someone later said paying for online and more is part of the PSN service changes for PS4, and not PS3. I'm left wondering about any changes yet to come from Sony, and I'm worried they could backtrack progress (adopting MS' policies, though we know already what backlash occurred when they made stiff user demands.)
  7. I still wonder why you vets don't give me a run for my money. I divide my time between here and GTAChronicles, but regardless... Only time I found it hard to keep up with the highly populated GTAForums, and guess what??!! I don't even patronize that site any longer, but I kept up an even more active stance back then, it's no wonder I drove them nuts. HA! Anyway, this evening found the latest Retro Gaming UK mag, features a short making of for GTA3 with two former DMA staff involved in it's fruition.
  8. Offline over a week on my end, the Russian spambots are STILL here, dammit!!

  9. I have been declining job offers on the phone, most you can also initiate yourself stepping into highlights on the map while not in a vehicle, however, I avoid these because of the waiting required in lobbies, there's also voting on continuing after the fact, this voting process can fall apart easily based on people not taking part and opting out, and you're left waiting longer, but this is always a negative part and parcel aspect of bad sportsmanship from the participants, not the actual system of multiplayer lobby design options. We should field response on the forums about how you guys deal with the problematic nature that seems inescapable, we all know there's mature and not so mature gamers on both consoles. Not just GTA for instance. My favorite way to level up and make cash, weapon ammo as well are the added gang locales around the freeroam map, you can engage a red-circle area, and clean up! It's easy and no one else is required to do so
  10. Probably would get kicked off GTAO to do these updates, but I've been offline now more then a day because I could only hardwire connect to one device, and that be THIS ONE! hahaha Anywho, updates to GTA 5 as I noted before, give the game a fresh coat of paint at it's best, I was at the pawnshop last night Pawn America locale, and they had copies of GTA 5 for both consoles at a used price of $25 USD! That's half of what most of us paid! ALREADY, I wondered about this factoid once we were hearing the major sales records broken upon it's release, now everyone can afford a copy if they have that pawn shop access to software and hardware like I do, however, I couldn't wait to get both my copies!
  11. I'm watching Behind the Music and thinking Alice Cooper, or Lemmy of Motorhead, say, in some reference to Love Fist.
  12. I made $3000 earlier today, I mean yesterday in the PM actually, surviving ANOTHER bounty, but it was only $1000 or at most $3000 placed on my head that time. Oh, and for some reason I just came up with the plan to sell any cool rides at the shop we normally trick them out at! The LS Customs. For one car I got a cool $9000 or $8000 cash alone, though that's the exception, it helped push my own cash total to $150,000 game dollars, I made roughly $50,000 in a week, but I dedicated hours of game play too! haha
  13. Forgot to post respects for a lost giant in cinematic history, most known for his lead in David Lean's master classic Lawrence of Arabia, Peter O' Toole passed away this week, and he had been hospitalized for some months it was reported, but died peaceably. It's still yet another change in our modern world, when we lose our great contributers to the arts that we grew up being entertained by. Hopefully we can touch on some of what he did that we'll always remember here in this thread.
  14. Have you been conpensated for any stretch of Good Behaviour or Surviving a Bounty? Let's hear of your easiest pay day in GTAOnline here!
  15. I haven't gone to PSN yet due to my paid for Gold on XBL and working on building my pile of cash and car upgrades, buy a home, etc. When I get into GTAOnline with Playstation, it'll be right from the inception! Should have quite a bit of experience though, under my belt
  16. Agreed, DMs happen no matter if they're orchestrated or not. I was double teamed by some guys seemingly after my bounty, they just kept at it, that's the problem, I was at the mercy of a bad chosen location to get even with two guys and their custom vehicle so I had to bug out of the session. I mean, two versus one already presents unfair advantage! haha Somewhat OT, I was at Target stores shopping for food, but browsing electronics as usual, they've marked off some newer $60 USD titles down to $50, ten bucks off. However, they've marked GTA V down even further, I think it's $40 USD IIRC, however, the game obviously has additions planned. Other titles remain somewhat static from their companies, a few offer DLC, but by and large, not typical of console titles.
  17. I'd say, we know it's not a PC version, but could be digital purchase download for consoles. My question would be what mission, and how much of the game worked? I got stuck at the very first trying to figure out how to switch characters during the N. Yankdon bank job, where Michael's taken hostage and you switch to Trevor, later on switching to the dog in the Franklin mission set also presents confusion because it's not needed for the most part, it's optional
  18. What kinds of 'over the air' headset conversations have you heard that enlightened your awareness of the game? Or basically, how has the online experience with the live 'chit chat' been as an experience playing the game? I heard as mentioned, most recently, a user offering to show glitches he said he saw another player using, but figured out on his own. Other players were discussing money exchanges among several people, and I have to say, some of these kids sound pretty young to be playing the game, something that disturbs me a little. There has been confusion about how to exchange money, but I saw this as well, listed somewhere. People are sending invites to their online house purchases, this seems odd that everyone might be invited....since it appears that way when you see/hear the messaging. I listened to conversations regarding player action that just seemed confused with what they were seeing, this seems odd if you know how players usually act in the game, the mechanics of it as well. You'd have to be pretty 'green' to not get how players react while they play the online segments. Anyway, hope this doesn't seem like an odd thread idea, but while we're doing online, a lot of people keep their headsets handy and the conversations run the gamut! haha
  19. I've engaged the various GTA gangs several times, to get better ideas at how to have fun with all out mayhem. Still can't get opposing gangs to confront one another unless some chase you in cars, they only go so far, but you can respawn with 'red dots' still on your map, and police in the area WILL engage NPCs if they're attacking you, so this can provide some fun scenarios you have to instigate
  20. That's not considered helpful, heck, it isn't. I have now, PC versions of both GTA IV and Episodes, but it didn't take me long to get a used copy of Episodes for Xbox360 and for me, that's what I run with. For your Episodes on PC, if you're using XP, I would assume your PC might not be best suited for it's high demands, but not impossible
  21. I used the "RED" Dinghy the other day to take my Trevor character to the under water treasure location off the West coast, documented in an article of hidden GTA V finds I reported on a while ago. I did get to the locale, but previously explored it with another character, the article mentions switching characters when you find it initially, and are able to share the bounty that way, all I found was a submerged weapon. Anyway, two things I found, you can increase your player's breath using the scuba gear, you can ALSO stay submerged in the wetsuit supposedly just 'sitting' there under the water, I found this as I was nodding off at the time, and my character had been swimming at length. I never surfaced though, pretty strange, I thought. You can easily change direction, unwillingly in most cases, just by changing your view underwater using the right analog. I find this a problem actually, since you need to have a bigger view as you navigate, but changing direction isn't conducive in this regard, it slows down getting to the location you have intended.
  22. I think I know the referenced mission however, that weren't no Yoga! haha
  23. Still seems people are getting kicked from sessions in droves, happened the other night, or evening, a whole host of online peeps all left within seconds, I can't see this as actually user planned mass exodus. Also, will anyone here be trying their hand with the creative beta additions? I had hoped to as well, being a Forum leader, I feel I should get used to as many GTA attributes as possible, but there are many, and more then I would normally be doing, I wonder, how do you guys approach it? Like Tennis online with other players? I believe you CAN do that like single player, but even though I had no driving ambition to play poker when RDR came out, I enjoyed it a lot, so there is that Never Can Tell factor you just don't know before hand. Deathmatches and Last Team Standing all feel they haven't changed much, other players can still dominate those sessions. The problem with GTAO right now is major cash for some players, sharing it with others, which I actually think is a nice idea, but there's a boat load of disparity among users now. The playing field is ANYTHING but level. This can be a detriment I'd say, but controlling session criteria would help, ultimately I like just gambling with whomever's in a session, though you can easily swap from one to the next. It'd be interesting who's races constructed by the kit in GTAO become endorsed by Rockstar and promoted on their site
  24. He's your God? Actually, this really starts as Rockstar taking their own conventions and inventions from one game to another. There's not too much of it in GTA V at least in terms of Online which I've been doing lately. The thing I got upset over when I died there is going into PASSIVE mode, this happens if you press Y when it's prompted (XBox) I believe, it comes up when I didn't even notice the prompt so I had to disengage Passive mode after someone killed me, since it rendered me defenseless if someone attacked
  25. No more Russian Spambots? My own work got curtailed in a good way when our GTAChronicles forum section went down, I can't add new stuff every day there, and like GTAP, things are still going slow with topics and replies, but either way, no one on EARTH other then other Spambots WANT spam! hahaha Poor food gets a bad rap
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