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  1. Let's get your feedback on this classic cinema versus book stance, what is your opinion on The Shining film classic from the late Stanley Kubrick versus famed veteran Stephen King who penned such masterful, inspiring novels? My take is there's no one who can substitute King's writings, but he took a turn directing and starring in film and it came out less serious then perhaps imagined from other directors, but he also points out he doesn't like having a completely dark story, or characters that perhaps are too one-dimensional He also has said about his take on story telling that he likes to have normal, average people put in extra-ordinary situations, so not just horror for the sake of shock, etc. Not just a horror novelist either, but obviously leaning in that direction heavily. One of the all time best is director Rob 'Meathead' from All In the Family and Rockumentary pioneer Marty DiBergi Reiner.... Carl Reiner's son by the way.... 80s film "Stand By Me" In fact, Stephen King's love of classic rock music has infused his stories and his own movie. Getting AC/DC's own classic "Who Made Who" to come into existence. http://geektyrant.com/news/2013/9/20/stephen-king-explains-why-he-still-hates-stanley-kubricks-the-shining
  2. Is the next rampaging mass murder yet another act of someone ostracised by suiciety (a play on words a friend's band coined) This latest California shooting points to a young man who took to venting publically but not nearly well enough to be legally stopped. Let's here some thoughts and opinions on this latest case of violence in the Real World? http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/santa-barbara-killer-parents-raced-stop-receiving-emails-article-1.1805455 It relates to how in some long standing respects, GTA and gamers in general are thought to be desensitized and don't understand how to conduct themselves properly in the Real World. I'm afraid there's some truth even in what we don't wish to hear or acknowledge. My stance is to be a voice for what is right among the gaming community, rather then let the naysayers win in saying one form of entertainment or social distraction should be the scapegoat of blame. Hopefully you'll take that stand with me! Though no blame on this particular case points to video game addiction, it's always something one might think about in passing due to the blighted past of such things. Social outbursts of directing anger in the completely wrong way. Dealing with troubled individuals will continue to plague society so just putting people in jail or ignoring them won't solve the hard issues
  3. Ok guys, rumors swirl about GTA V for both new consoles and PC, and perhaps still using Euphoria and the RAGE engine though messaged a bit since it's inception with GTA IV. We need to discuss an update on how well your gaming PC is standing the test of time, what cards have you purchased that you're still using, what are or have you looked at for upgrades, and does GTA IV's PC versions define what you're looking for in benchmarked performance, settings, etc. Let's get some current discussion going on what's out there that you find does the job of handling previously known ailments and sketchy performance of GTA for PC work on your platform. The discussion should certainly not be limited to PC or desktop, but laptops as well. I'm setting up an Asus Republic of Gamer using Nehalem Core i7 and DDR3 RAM, and it's soon to be supplanted with new technology in the next year or two. As such, we need to focus on what the new products will also offer in gains one can really sink their gaming teeth into. So, give us some feedback and background as to what you're using and happy with, have you tried both AMD ATI and nVidia, or are you a fan of one versus the other? One of the things I read that likely was not brought up is that new machines are reported to support 32GB of system Ram, and the review stated that that's just too much RAM to effectively use at this stage in the game, is it too forward thinking? Is 3GB of video Ram too much overhead? Is 2Gbytes? What do you think of Crossfire and SLI gains over single cards? Dual versus 4 core and HyperTheading or multi threading games performance? Another thing that's true about technology is that even with more threads and cores to use, if the software application makes better use of just one or two, a simpler and less expensive CPU will outperform the more feature laden processor!
  4. What I've gone over both here and on the similar TWD thread at GTAForums is my idea behind this, that seems to concur with my hypothesis. That by referring to Zombies, or say, minions of Dracula ('blood sucking freaks' type creatures perhaps based on the legend of Countess Bathory or Vlad the Impaler), werewolves, other then more direct circumstances like Frankenstein and Dracula where a type of monster or demonic entity comes from book reference, but Kirkman's show stems from his own comics, inspired as you say, from others previously. The idea more or less fits in with creating a unique and fresh take on something that's already been explored in past horror vehicles. By making no direct connections or comparisons or allowing such things to happen in the course of the new stories. Still as I suggest in humor, the show which airs on Sundance channel; The Writer's Room, they all referred to Zombies in the classic sense that everyone accepts it seems. In terms of definition of what they represent.
  5. Here's a relatively new article about the new consoles and Rockstar's forthcoming commitment to them and announcements hinted at for a new IP or successor set to release in early 2015 http://www.ibtimes.co.uk/rockstars-game-plan-gta-5-xbox-one-ps4-red-dead-redemption-2-next-gen-consoles-1444920 Comments?? Please offer your take on what you'd like Rockstar focusing on, since in actuality, I'm bored with the GTAO focus that forsakes gaming offline, Single Player offerings for the future. Also, I missed the previous mention of RDR being worked on, I'm REALLY happy if this is true!!
  6. Can't do further editing now? I found this link in my searching for the latest news, it's obviously still dated, but whoa, I think it presents a VERY interesting idea I don't see brought up on GTA forums, and as an aside, the GTAChronicles suspension is again due to billing and timing flaws, the payment should go through but they don't bill enough in advance, the hosting site I refer to, so expect GTAC to come back after a few days, though we still find it hard to get new and old members talking, my dedication is 100% to both these forums as it stands. http://www.joystiq.com/2008/05/08/rumor-realtime-worlds-hopes-apb-becomes-gta-online/ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rockstar_North Revisit the GTA lineage above ^ Also I should reiterate that David Jones expressed hope for a marriage of GTA's basic early premise and Crackdown mated together as a way to move GTA forward, or his ideal game in that style. What we've seen is APB mired in years of difficulty due to it's failure to find an MMO audience. We see Rockstar already concentrating heavily into GTAOnline, but still facing as much trouble maintaining a dream ideal for the mechanics of GTAO working as envisioned without a hitch.
  7. On cable here in America at least, a new short series called The Writer's Room talks with TV show creators and writers about their shows, a whole episode concentrating on The Walking Dead and it's soon to commence spin off series, and I'd like to share that with fans here, the news from that recent show the past week is that the comic series WILL continue and the spin off will supposedly cover a different group of survivors of the current 'zombie' plague in another part of the American 'world' in which the Walking Dead takes place, it's odd in a way that it will play the concept so close to the original show, as I envision it at least, another group of survivors in a different USA geographical region in which we will follow how they cope in episodic fashion, may seem even too similar to some, but I have a high regard for Robert Kirkman's success and ideas thus far, and I think a lot of people do too. The season finale had major ratings success. Casting may be a critical factor, but I think any change in geography in the same setting circumstance can add interest from the downtime between current episodes. Hopefully not too much of a good thing though! Weigh in on the comics and the series here, if you've been captivated by Zombie Fever Just to touch on another interesting aspect, the word Zombie is never referenced during the actual show, I believe not based on what I missed, but rather the concept of the show, in that using Zombie terminology in the show would be somehow defeating in the premise in that it's already established as a fictional historic 'horror or monster' mystique for the modern culture, or as long as it's been in the public parlance of our time! hahaha By that I mean if you brought up 'Zombie' to someone, they'd know what you mean, there's already ideas about what a zombie is, since the success of George Romero's vision of the modern living dead brought back to life, needing flesh to consume for whatever motivates their instinct, killed with a wound to the brain, or head. This is also done on the show by discovery over the course of dealing with threats from the Walking Dead 'biters' etc. Anyway, getting somewhat sidetracked, I want to be clear on what I mean with that, I was told in earlier discussions about this subject that Robert Kirkman or others related to the show brought it up, but most recently with The Writer's Room, everyone used the term, whether discussion was of the original and continuing comics or the show itself. Kirkman's original concept was to solely have a successful comic book in which he could continue without normal constraints, and having the success spill over from the live action show, video game, etc, he is set to continue the comics. He also says this keeps plot plans kept private from the actors and even writers on the TV series, this is most interesting to learn from the show, but his motive is to plot things out as things go, nothing planned too far down the line, while the idea of wrapping up a series or story line was also brought up, the comics are likely to continue even if the original or spin off shows wrap up, but I suspect that's a long way off!
  8. Just thinking on All Points Bulletin again, and the supposed failure of Crackdown to have a continued life beyond the first game, like Dead Rising as well, the game was a major success in it's day, and few people would fault the original, however, the sequels haven't had anywhere near the success of GTA which by it's own design is a simple concept of a game, as we've seen it evolve from simple technological roots to something pushing the tech boundaries. All the games that are successful can really branch off in similar ways, I always felt with PS2's GTA success, a story design spin off would have worked perhaps better then the Stories series designed 'down' for portable platforms. I felt like making something 'simpler' was going to be a let-down, but the portability factor required it and nearly made up for the fact, Chinatown Wars failing on some level is because it does much the same, and it appeals to younger GTA players as a result, I still think the PS Vita can make up ground here in this specific regard. Although these ideas are dated, for me bringing them up now, they're still relevant because as games become more technically challenging and involved, and bigger in scale for the hardware to software matching ratio, the time for development will naturally slow down, hence why I think we see Rockstar spending more public time with DLC supporting what they already released. I'd like to get your opinions on how the Industry has approached GTA's success, as well as other studios' AAA title successes. Is it wise to concentrate on a sequel that might fail, or try and branch off as TV does with spin off shows in the known past (as far as Entertainment comparison goes) A game as involving and on the same scale as San Andreas could have had success on Playstation 2 as well as the original Xbox and any compatible Renderware platform, but the concentrated effort fell on the new engine game development
  9. http://www.vicecitymultiplayer.com/?a=download I haven't dabbled in that aspect of earlier GTAs for PC, like San An MP, but I do hear people say it can be pretty 'dead', or had been. The problem with the ever onward procession of products from whomever. Whether it's Windows XP, your laptop, PC, Windows XP, or a game, after a time, the support dwindles. In some cases only diehard fans remain Anyway, IIRC, the initial Network gear came for Sony PS2 and PSN was initially born from that, and the idea for an MP GTA even spread to original creator David Jones' All Points Bulletin, however, that failed to grab people's attention like Real Time Worlds CrackDown, I feel like the successor to that massively appreciated title just lost the footing based on going off in some deviated direction that failed to spark people's interest as the developer intended. It's in my mind, just taking a great idea and moving it in the wrong direction and then we're left in a bit of a limbo situation... Follow the sad tale of RealTime Worlds here. David Jones is the originator of GTA, and his ideas to take GTA in a future direction outside of Rockstar's, it should have worked nearly as well. I even hope that they can regain some of that fame, since no one is in real competition with Grand Theft Auto and Rockstar Games http://kotaku.com/tag/realtime-worlds
  10. Yeah, not WON, but OWN. Watch your typing, but why may we ask? See it helps to know your need and intent. If it's for illegal practice, we don't condone such discussions, so you know here, in advance. Servers and clients are all that Networked computers are in the broad sense. You can buy custom hardware but like setting up a hardware firewall, you can use an out modded computer terminal as well, to do the deed.
  11. Use Pokki add in Start Up menu for Windows 8, not official but works rather well

  12. Caught in a sudden downpour, luckily a tree nearby!!

  13. Give this some thought, if you can even think back to the 60s or 70s, you weren't there anywayz! hahaha But if you think you have the one song that best sums up or represents each 10 year span, present that here. 60s- 70s- 80s- 90s- 2000- 2010- Can you even do the last two?? Have a go
  14. We have one in Minnesota, but this thread title is more about Cass County the album Don Henley was supposed to release last year, about this time. Seems it's hard to locate, if it did release. but in my search, I uncovered this piece about estranged Eagles band mate Don Felder who has put out new solo material and is touring North America this summer, I'm hoping, God willing to see that appearance in my Home State. He has rarely traveled outside California the past 30 odd years! He speaks with humility I feel, about his treatment by Don Henley and Glenn Frey who have controlled the Eagles output for the better part of 30 plus years, beginning with tensions building mid-1970s. As I see it, like Kiss, the band I grew up fond of, the band cannot exist or have a legacy without all contributions by former members http://blogs.houstonpress.com/rocks/2014/05/ex-eagle_don_felder_surprised.php
  15. Here's a slightly recent article from respected IGN about the update/s http://www.ign.com/wikis/gta-5/High_Life_Update Spark some more discussion, let's hear back from YOU guys (and gals) about it....??
  16. Are you new to GTA gaming? Most people have found a way to get around set up guidelines and objectives within the open game World of GTA, in the case of that mission, I found beating the clock the most challenging so following tips from other players, they found clearing the workers who are threats before you start the countdown time, you have a lot more time to concentrate on the bomb dropping, but when you drop them, don't hover too high above the pedestals, also go up the staircases straight up if the stairwell allows, this cuts down time even if you have to guesstimate your available space. Save N' Play is something that I believe Demarest came up with, he was a major GTAForums player until things went bad on a personal level, I remember him well though, another shout-out to him, we were on good terms. Why we were both banned has to do with embroilment we got into with war of words postings with other members, they eventually answered with their ban hammers.
  17. According to, presumably Strauss Zelnick and specifically Take2 mentioned, EP Daily show that just ended it's broadcast today announced that Rockstar Games is bringing about a Next Gen title that may or may not get announced at E3, but should be available by this time NEXT YEAR, April 2015!! More news as we find out, I'll let you guys know what I find at GTAChronicles and this site. This is great news, but up for discussion, is there a new IP we don't have a good idea about, taking more advantage of what Next Gen means and offers? http://metro.co.uk/2014/05/14/next-gen-rockstar-game-due-before-april-2015-4727161/ As An Aside, Microsoft being reported as dropping KINECT from Xbox One in order to close in on target PS4 Playstation 4 from the news seems to be dealing a winning blow with sales that has Microsoft thinking a new SKU is required.
  18. Rockin out, Mom got a new laptop computer

  19. I was checking out a Rockstar Contest winner's YouTube vBlog and surprisingly was carried on someone else's channel! They were opening a 'care package' sent to them with assorted goodies, one of which I'd already seen issued long ago with GTA San An, the black and white bandana, must be overstock they have to unload. He seemed overtly excited to get a stuffed Chop dog too!! hahaha And those 'R' stickers, tons of them, he nearly had a heart attack over that! hahaha
  20. Probably more so in the past, However, YouTube's pretty safe and more and more people are supplying lyrics there, the traditional Go To would be sheet music, even for popular artists, and you have guitar magazines doing that these days, with a few select songs every month
  21. Appending new update.... Complete albums are a complete gas on YouTube, Hope you check more out!!
  22. Read a number of comments coming in some 11 hours after fans had been experiencing all it's glory aka Headaches and complaints a plenty. A few adamant that this is the worst DLC to date from Rockstar, that the game is bogged down with freezing and possible anti-griefing measures for more fair online playing is seemingly backfiring. The rooftop mission and perhaps another being a major letdown. I don't know of it first hand since I'm offline with my consoles still, but it seems the majority of feedback is mighty upset over this latest 'improvement' The only thing they seem to like is having more property, and in the same, more cars I suspect, though I didn't read a lot of comments thanking Rockstar. We'll see how they react if there's yet again a major backlash against GTAO as usual. It's such a massive task to make GTAO the main game, at the moment, Rockstar just seem to have bit off more then they can chew. Rockstar will say more tomorrow about the upcoming Weekend Event planned to exploit the new DLC, however, while I was there commenting and reading Newswire, the tone was rather ugly, and most vocal about reversing some of these changes, if not re-working them to better advantage
  23. I came upon Elmore Leonard in the mid 1980s when Glitz and 52 Pickup the MOVIE came out, based on his 1974 novel originally. Hard to believe it was so old based on the video and technology age that proceeded to follow the early 70s, (from 75 onward was the real explosion of computers and video) and the blackmail involved video evidence. It was breaking new ground in that regard, perhaps, as well. Elmore died summer 2013, but I'd just gotten through my own marathon of FX' TVs JUSTIFIED based on Elmore's Fire in The Hole as well as his own involvement in the series, up to his death http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/elmore-leonard-raylan-givens-3-book-collection-elmore-leonard/1108616326?ean=9780062207708 A chance for you to rediscover what makes his writings so ripe for adaptation, use a new fangled eReader, or pick up an original novel he penned. You'll likely see why even Stephen King showed his admiration, among others. He truly knows how to keep you turning pages! http://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/glitz/ TV movie adaptation with Markie Post of Night Court fame and Jimmy Smits of LA Law fame, at the time. http://www.hachette.com.au/books/9780753819708/
  24. Where do you stand on AMD versus Intel, and further query, what is your opinion on the state of GPU cards, ATI or nVidia? Let's do this poll every six months to a year and gauge user reaction from hardware offerings and purchases... And since I can't find an apropos link at the moment, anyone want to translate this YT video tackling the subject?? haha https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5e3rgkMXd34
  25. Oh so lonesome, I could die -Elvis

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