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  1. BTW, quite big news regarding B Ops on PS3 - rumour is that Activision are considering SHUTTING DOWN the PS3 servers because of the massive amount of complaints about the game being faulty online. It's a last resort and I doubt they'll get nowhere near implementing it, but it's another poke in the eye for PS3 owners from the 360 humping Activision. A trailer for the first piece of DLC was released 2 days ago - http://www.computerandvideogames.com/video.php?id=4272
  2. Kind of embarrassing, but I work at my mums school as an exams assistant. You get paid about £8.65 an hour to walk around the room and make sure no-one is cheating. You have to announce when there's 10 minutes left, tell everyone when the exam's over, clear up after, hand out and collect exam papers, and answer any requests made by a student, and other duties. It can get very boring when you keep looking at the clock, so I'm eagerly awaiting my Inception package ordered from the US, at least I can hold that spinning top in my pocket. Probably not a good idea to spin it on a table during an exam. As for my age, I'm 22 in March. Getting a full time job in this climate is tricky to say the least. Basically all the jobs are going to overseas people, or they choose not to hire and use what they've got to save cash. You can expect to work about 12 hours a week if you're lucky. Most days you're not due in because the exams are small, eg only 1 person. Also, payment takes a while to receive when you're new at a school. I started in December, should receive the first few payments in late Feb/early March. If you've been at a school for ages, you'll get the cash whenever it's usually given, much much sooner. As for other applications, I applied at loads of photography shops, received no responses. Even when I went for a job at a supermarket, you had to complete a multiple question thing before you get interviewed, so I answered honestly and failed the test.
  3. What is it with the looooongcat shit? I suppose it's just another stupid online thing I don't get, like MEMEs.
  4. The Bossman

    GTA 5 Wishlist

    I enjoyed most of that post but these two really struck out for me. Your idea on siding with gangs sound really neat, and a lot more in-depth than just the "going along with the storyline" which all games did until recently. At the same time though, I kind of enjoy having to go along with the storyline. More character customization has always been a want of mine since SA came out. In GTA 3, Claude looked badass so it didn't matter much but when we started being able to change the clothes of our character I was always disappointed because our options were so lame and lacking. GTA2 had the gang aspect ages ago, and updating it for GTAV would be a pretty good idea. We know that Rockstar want to give us a lot of freedom in these games, so with different gangs and having to choose what one to side with, each leading to different endings, surely it's a good thing to consider? I thought they would have kept the feature for GTA3, was a bit annoyed they scrapped it. In GTAIV, the customisation was basically zero. You could mix and match outfits that were ill fitting and looked stupid the whole time, which is hardly customisation, it's bad co-ordination. SA had an amazing amount of things to wear, and again, like the gang system, scrapped it for a tiny amount of clothes for the next full-fat GTA game. If certain features have to be removed for new ones, then get rid of the pointless side missions for police cars, ambulances etc. I think everyone got fed up of them by the time GTA SA rolled around, let alone the portable games.
  5. The Bossman

    GTA 5 Wishlist

    The gang aspect, working for different types of gang and taking missions from multiple gangs, would be pretty good. In a way, think of Fallout New Vegas. Choosing to side with a faction and alienate all the others. Carry as many weapons as you want. Custom radio soundtracks. Customise cars and guns, so spoilers, nitro, and red dot sights and silencers etc. Also, an extra first person view for aiming the weapons down the sights or through a red dot. Buy cars online from an internet store or laptop and they are delivered to your garage. More cars unlocked the further in the game you are. Buy even more clothes from shops, as well as accessories for your character eg tattoos, haircuts etc. Bring back the jetpack and make it even more powerful, so you can get from one side of the map to the other in minutes.
  6. From Primary through Secondary, College and Uni, I never did get amazing grades, but my grades were good enough to get me a degree from Thames Valley in Photography. Right now I'm in a temp job on just under £9 an hour, which is very decent pay. Let me start further back near the beginning though. I guess in primary school, I made quite a few friends, still in contact with a lot of them. My grades were actually pretty good, and I used to excel at English and spelling, as well as mental arithmatic. Think I always used to finish 1st in those occasional small tests you do at primary. Entering secondary, about 15 of my friends from primary came to the same school I went to, although it was an all boys school and therefore haven't had much interaction with females so far, not even in terms of communication. Oh how things have changed - I'm the only male in a group of about 15 people right now in my job lol. Anyway. My grades were good for the first few years, things dropped away a little in year 9 and 10, but when I got to choose my subjects, my grades shot up again, and I realised I began to excel in the art subjects, which included photography. I became close friends with my teacher there in the last few years at secondary school, who moved to Holland back in 2007. He really helped me a lot, and made me believe that I could do very well in the art media industry. Once I moved to Uni on my photography degree, almost everything changed. I knew absolutely no-one there and became a bit of a loner for the first year. The grades were very good for my subject, got a B in most of the coursework and did very well. Particularly enjoyed the darkroom work, which I find incredibly easy to do and almost always end up with perfect developed photos. I got to know the people a lot more in year 2, and began going out with them sociably. The grades lowered a little because there were even more assignments and written work to be done, explaining your processes, which was tricky and resulted in a lot of late nights. I got through though after retaking a few of the assignments, and entered year 3. It was the most important year because usually you have to do a thesis containing at least 15000 or 20000 words, but thankfully I only had to do about 8000, for some reason. The grades were disappointing at the end, but I worked bloody hard and am pleased I did it. Highlights in the last year were the degree show held in London, with our work exhibited. I sold one of my works for £40, which was pretty cool. The other highlight being the graduation, which was a very long but fun day. My feelings ranged from pure sickness whilst in my dads constantly stop-start-stop-start car, making me want to throw up because of all the fking red lights and traffic, to terror while waiting in the wings to collect my degree, to pure joy merely minutes after. The after party was great, and got the job I'm in now about 2 weeks after graduating, with the interview a week after graduating.
  7. Several of those I mentioned were pure guesses by PSM3, not me lol. My absolute top favourites I want are Duke Nukem Forever, Batman AA, Agent, LA Noire and maybe Crysis 2. Looks all graphics and presentation over gameplay to me.
  8. I <3 PLAY magazine. They quoted me in issue 200. :)

  9. Mainly the games I got at Xmas, so AC Brotherhood, GT5, GOW Collection, R&C ACIT, as well as the usual COD4, MW2, BO, FIFA etc.
  10. I was flicking through an old PSM3 magazine yesterday, which I still haven't read, and the amount of games they mentioned for 2011 was frightening. I'm just gonna list everything they mentioned and then choose the ones I'm personally interested in - someone might wanna do the same thing for 360, PC etc too: Test Drive Unlimited 2 LittleBigPlanet 2 Mass Effect 2 Dead Space 2 Portal 2 Bulletstorm Deux Ex: Human Revolution SOCOM 4 Killzone 3 Dragon Age 2 Final Fantasy XIV Motorstorm Apocalypse LA Noire Ico/Shadow of The Colossus HD Brink Bodycount Crysis 2 Twisted Metal Duke Nukem Forever Max Payne 3 Marvel Vs Capcom 3 Mortal Kombat Sorcery DIRT 3 Operation Flashpoint: Red River True Crime: Hong Kong Infamous 2 Ratchet And Clank All 4 One Batman: Arkham City Hitman 5? Mass Effect 3 Resistance 3 Metal Gear Solid Rising Final Fantasy Versus XIII Aliens: Colonial Marines Assassins Creed 3? Beyond Good And Evil 2? Devil May Cry Far Cry 3? Need For Speed: Shift 2 Bayonetta 2 The Last Guardian Agent GTAV? Metal Gear Solid 5? Half Life Episode 3 Tomb Raider? Red Dead Redemption 2? *Breathes in* It's a big list isn't it. I'm interested in all these but I doubt I'll get even half of them judging on reviews and critical reception - Test Drive Unlimited 2, Bulletstorm, Deux Ex: Human Revolution, Motorstorm Apocalypse, LA Noire, Brink, Bodycount, Crysis 2, Duke Nukem Forever, Infamous 2, Batman: Arkham City, Operation Flashpoint: Red River, Agent, Metal Gear Solid Rising, FIFA 12,and maybe a few other games I forgot to mention.
  11. GTA4? lol. No, my favourite is GTA Vice City, because I spent an awful lot of time on it when it came out, and VCPR is probably the best radio station in a GTA game so far. SA is great, but I can't really enjoy it because it deserves to run on better hardware than a PS2. My eyes are too well adjusting to crisp HD these days to bother going back to PS2 for too long.
  12. Recently, I've been listening to the soundtrack for Inception, by Hans Zimmer, yet again. A typical amazing score by him, with some memorable tracks. I've listened to it all the way through about 5 times now, with individual tracks being played 20 times or more. I figured it's probably better to talk about non film music here though, so in that respect I've mainly been listening to solos (guitars), PanterA and death metal for the last couple of weeks. A few examples: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7_n3662vgJw And other links below: - EPIC - good bass - one of the best solos everAnd now Death Metal below, totally unintelligible lyrics but I just like the instrumentals, can't find any though: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X_4aqb4pZow
  13. It's not all battering old women in the face, GTA Vice City had the best soundtrack of any game ever, showing that Rockstar know exactly the type of music that invokes feelings in people. They manage to portray the chosen decade for their games incredibly well. San Andreas had the whole 90's gang theme going on, Vice City had the 80's, GTA3 had the noughties, and so did GTA4, but to a much better effect than GTA3. The humour is always awesome too, in every GTA game. Even the first 2 had hilarious radio station adverts, which have carried on to this day, as well as the chat radio sations with Lazlow.
  14. I was impressed with Fallout New Vegas, FIFA 11, Red Dead Redemption, and Gran Turismo 5 this year. Other games like Heavy Rain were impressive, but not what I'm interested in. New Vegas is much better than Fallout 3 because this time you can work out where you're going, instead of getting lost in countless metro tunnels and disorientated by the massive amount of rubble blocking roads. FIFA is always on a curve of continual improvement every year, best features this year were the custom music and career mode. Red Dead was an impressive wild west game with no loading times in the open world apart from missions, and portrayed the period really really well. As for GT5, it splits opinion, and I only got it on Xmas day, but so far I can't really fault the game. It's addictive in that you're rising through the XP ranks, buying cars, tuning them up and entering lots of competitions and usually winning most of them.
  15. For the PS3 owners of this game, has the recent patch fixed anything or is it still the same old issues with lag, hit detection etc? I haven't gone on the game in a while, and I won't until the game is properly fixed. A shame because I really like the game, but it's ruined by all these flaws. Also, thoughts on the incoming DLC for 360? They say it's exclusive but we all know it's a timed exclusive. It has 4 new maps and a zombie map, for the same DLC price as before - 1200 MS points. http://www.play.tm/news/32650/first-call-of-duty-black-ops-dlc-announced/
  16. This site needs new topics first of all, not enough new posts because the topics aren't there to post it. Even if there're as archaic as 'favourite games character' or 'favourite tv show' etc, at least everyone can have an opinion on that. Merging with GTA Wiki should be obvious to do to increase interest, surely, and maybe some competitions now and again would work well, but then again most people will just register for the competition and then never post again. I also voted for 'used to feel like part of the community' because this place is so empty now.
  17. It's probably the best Xmas haul I've had in a long time. Got a new digital camera which can film in HD, but I saw that a 2 min clip I filmed is over 200MB in size... a pair of Turtle Beaches for PS3 - PX21, 2 BluRays - An Idiot Abroad and Top Gear Apocalypse, 4 games, GOW Collection, AC Brotherhood, GT5 and R&C A Crack In Time. Always have a soft spot for R&C games. 3 game books - MGS1, 2 and AC Brotherhood. A game guide for Fallout NV, and just some cash and vouchers from friends and family, including, weirdly, 2 leisure vouchers worth £10 each, for use at a spa or similar place. Gee, um, thanks Auntie. The reports about the gaming headphones being quite poor are wrong so far, don't hear any hissing at all, and set them up reasonably easily. Build quality is good too, so these people must be morons.
  18. RESURRECTION Merry Xmas everyone! Enjoy yourselves and hope you get what you wanted.
  19. All this talk of high end PCs makes me want to brag again. I'm getting B Ops for £25, IN YOUR FACE!

    1. Damjan


      I'm getting it for free.IN YOUR FACE!

    2. Damjan


      Nice deal though, i hate that BO will need a better PC, mine covers the minimum specs only :(

  20. I wonder if I'm the only one here who managed to pre-order COD Black Ops for £25 on PS3.. The offer is no longer valid as well, thankfully my preorder remains the same.

    1. The Bossman

      The Bossman

      I have the print out of my preorder from Woolworths, I just used 2 codes to get £20 off and free delivery.

  21. I did it yesterday after a lot of faffing around. Had to unplug it and plug it in in my room, HDMI cable in the TV, and ethernet cable through the back of the player. When I went online it detected a new update and I simply downloaded it, fairly easy but annoying.
  22. OK, so I need help updating my Blu-Ray disc player. Generally most films work fine with it, but when I tried to play one of the Toy Story Blu-Rays recently, it wouldn’t load which baffled me. Every other Blu-Ray works fine on it and it’s not the discs either because they’re fine on my PS3, no marks or scratches or anything on them. What’s the best way to update a Blu-Ray player then, if you haven’t done it before? I heard connecting it to your PC via USB could easily work, but haven’t tried that yet. I did try using a memory stick in the USB to try and update, but it never downloaded or opened the update, although it did detect it. If you do connect it via USB, will it show up as an external device on your PC, making it relatively easy to cut and paste the update data on there, or will it be complicated? Any general advice for updating it is definitely what I need.
  23. Alas my poor shitty computer can't possibly handle running the game, it struggles with N64 games so...
  24. http://www.computerandvideogames.com/article.php?id=271158 http://sonicresearch.org/sonicfanremix/ A group of people have re-made Sonic 2 in pristine HD, and they have a demo of the game available via the 2nd link. It looks amazing in the video, can't believe only 2 people did the coding for the game (or so I was told). It's better than Sonic 4 basically, and I enjoy Sonic 4 a lot.
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