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  1. im gonna try and create one to see how good i am
  2. very good work, I would download it if I had vista but I shuld be upgrading to Vista by the end of march
  3. I don't think there was any rumour, because we have known for months that helicopters will be flyable, but no planes.
  4. thats the point of GTA. GTA 3 was hard because it was the first GTA to go 3D, so they wanted to make missions harder, and plus GTA 3 was awsome, but I never actually died or got busted. So it was awsome for me But people hav their own opinions
  5. Ye thos aren't all of them, and if u read in the first post, it hasn't really been comfirmed it is by R*, but DB Techno seem to think it is!
  6. what about CSI? and by CSI I actually mean all of em like Vegas, NY, and Miami
  7. New York (dbTechno) - Details have popped up in the form of songs to be featured on the soundtrack for the upcoming GTA IV on the PS3 and Xbox 360, set to release within the next few months. It must be noted that these songs have yet to be confirmed by Rockstar to be featured in the game, but a few sources have stated that the list looks pretty accurate and contains some very modern songs. The soundtrack to the GTA series has always been a focal point for many gamers, as the series has featured some great music spanning from many different music genres and generations of music fans. The list of songs which has been revealed to be included in Grand Theft Auto IV include… Ne-Yo - Because of You Fat Joe - Shit is Real MOP - How About Some Hardcore MOP - Downtown Swinger Queen - One Vision VHS or Beta - Burn It All Down Humble Pie - Cocaine Res - They Say Vision Raheem Devaughn - You Junior Kickstart - The Go! Team UNKLE - Restless Gwen Stefani - Hollaback Girl Angel y Khris - Ven Bailalo R Kelly - Bump N’ Grind Seryoga - KingRing The Boggs - Arm in Arm Source: DB Techno
  8. The 16 teenagers who killed them selves in Bridgend Wales, I didn't know them at all but coz there from Wales.
  9. I would say VC is my fav because of the revenge storylines, 2nd VCS, 2nd LCS, 3rd and, SA 4th
  10. actually its a 21 minute intro because ive seen it like 100 times on google videos
  11. Well @ the moment im the only one getting info on the forums, but I get them nice and quick to reach TGTAP members.
  12. Don't know yet, but I will try and find out ASAP, but I know for a fact it ain't Niko
  13. Sorry it's pretty small, but I'll try to get my hands on a bigger version soon. ] Source[/b]: Gamespy
  14. This game was good except for the emire missions, but at the end I decided to takeover 1 by 1 and kill all the gangs before carrying on with anything else! But im gonna start playing VCS again and LCS
  15. You obviously need it for the PSP, but the thing u can do, is change the settings to use directional arrows instead of the analouge. Hope this helps, anyways I would upload a savegame, but that would meen start playing from the start again since it only toke 2 days to complete it for me!
  16. Ok cool, I wish I could recieve some hidden packages, but kost probs my site ain't been around for long
  17. Ye it was on a another page aswell but based on a different news, but I will link it here aswell:
  18. ye chris lets see all of your GTA collection, and how do u know your gonna get 2 hidden packes next weekend?
  19. Source: XBOX Family But is this for regular versions or for special edition or even both?
  20. I pre-ordered today, they didnt ask for money just my Game card, and i got the pre-ordered slip but the thing is when i got home i realised that they ordered the regular edition, and the special edition 1 is only available to pre-order online!
  21. I was gonna order the swingers t-shirt of GTA IV from rockstar warehouse but it cost more to ship than the product so i changed my mind, but how long did it take you to recieve the posters through the mail? And where did you get the stickers and the Home of the vulture sticker?
  22. There its in the box that says other formats:
  23. ye sure but its a small box but i'll still get it up now once i do i will post it!
  24. You'll probably notice the biggest changes in the feel of GTA IV is when you get in a vehicle. It's much more realistic, making the faster cars and bikes more difficult to control and the difference between models more noticeable. It still felt fun but don't rely on that handbrake when cornering. Quote from Games Master
  25. Nope i spelled that wrong ive been typing for ages lol and its been fixed and its a direct quote from the magazine
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