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  1. Sounds Good I will defo register onto this
  2. Well actually it might happen because Niko is able to phone the police but what do we know he will ask them? So maybe this would happen. Lets just wait and See
  3. Im going to stand outside my local Game shop hours before it opens to make sure i get it even though I got it preordered. Plus I dont think ppl queue outside shops in my town anyways. but im still gonna get there hours before store opening.
  4. Ye and I got a feeling its gonna be more longer than any other trailer for GTA IV, imagine it could be like 5 mins long
  5. You can if you pay like $20 via paypal to them and you will get reviewd within 5 working days lol
  6. The first trailer that was on the 29th March 07 was at 11PM because I remember I could get on untill like 11:30 that night
  7. Final trailer,"Everyone's a rat" released at 10pm tonight Yes, it's really, nearly out - and Rockstar is fanfaring the final weeks before GTA IV's debut with the launch of the final trailer, which will be hitting electronic wires tonight. Source: CVG
  8. Most probs it will be either 5PM, 6PM or at 11PM on GMT time.
  9. I vote for the Xbox 360 because you will get DLC and 2 Alternative Missions or whatever I read, and as with the PS3 it will have DLC but not Alternative Missions. And PC I can't see it happening. But don't turn this into a war.
  10. Damn your very secretive lol
  11. GameStop said its mobile text-to-win contest for Grand Theft Auto IV is already under way and will run through April 15. Players have to answer a question about "where Niko Bellic hid his lock box." One can also enter online. Four chosen national winners selected at random will get a trip to New York City and some other goodies including cash. These winners will also be given a key, to be used at a GameStop national launch event on April 28. One lucky winner's key could potentially open a real lock box containing unmarked envelopes with cash in them. National winners holding these keys will be up against regional winners with their own keys. Entry Form can be found here. Source: Me
  12. This is a huge milestone Plus just to let everyone know if you want to get on Big-Boards.com. Check this out
  13. But mods can't be used for games using the XBOX 360 and the PS3, can it ?
  14. Ye, I contacted Game the UK game retailer and Game Station and they said they have no information yet about a mid night launch but hopefully they will do
  15. He asked what time will the 4th GTA IV trailer will be on GMT time, and to be honest Rockstar haven't announced a time for it so, its anyones guess
  16. good thinking Gerard and ye giving away the copy of game is point less but it sounds like a good competion.
  17. Ye I read that in a 360 mag called 'XBOX360 World' I will scan some tommorow if they are not the same has the first poster
  18. who the hell wants to use cheats!! Cheats are stupid and they ruin the game expierience. So if you don't want to ruin your new expierience on april 29th don't use any cheats
  19. The map is legit because I read the cover of PSM3 and XBOX360 World this morning in the shops that says about the new map is revealed, but I didn't buy it but on friday I will Payday so if you want I can scan the images for ya. Plus heres some from *Link Removed*
  20. The first indication of GTA IV's presales performance was revealed today when Take Two Interactive confirmed that the special edition of the game has almost sold out in New Zealand. While the tiny island nation of just over four million inhabitants doesn't put much of a mark on worldwide sales figures, the excitement which must be brewing among Kiwis is probably something echoed all around the world. If you really are interested in getting your hands on the more expensive version of the game, it's probably advisable to pre order it as soon as possible. Those lockboxes are being snapped up so fast! Source: GTA Gaming
  21. I didn't know you could do that to a 360, plus I quite like the controls for racing games and action with any games on the 360 its comfortable to handle but on the PS3 its too fidley to handle.
  22. RocksStar New York City? Just a guess. Ye RSNYC is obvious and I didn't even question it I saw it and said to my self 'Rockstar New York City' without thinking. So ye its 'Rockstar New York City' And ye they are cool screens. 1 month and 4 days left
  23. Well driving in games im used to drive on the right side of the road and I do it without thinkin but in real life Im used to drive on the left, but late at night I do drive my car around and go on the right on purpose lol, but it doesn't bother me
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