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  1. OMFG can't believe they pulled the screens
  2. It could well do because the PSP had it aswell, plus if you have a 360 and it doesn't have it the thing you could do then is use the Music Player while in game from the XBOX 360 Guide Menu.
  3. That Video Was Awsome. That is the best video for San Andreas I've seen, plus I liked the touch of the music from 'The Who' (Baba O'Riley) Nice Work
  4. Im glad Disco music station is there! I wonder if there will be modern stuff on there like Special D or Cascada
  5. They've already rated in australia its MA15+ that was said months ago if I remember right. Plus hopefully BBFC gives it a rating soon
  6. no they won't keep up with you, but will it be so relistic that you won't be able to hear the police radio scanners? I think No. But the chases will be real, it could even be more better than the ones in NFS.
  7. Ye, I noticed it aswell, but the wanted level is kinda small for the game they could have made it more seeable.
  8. How can I say this nicely..............this is AWSOME. Im glad you put Jason Statham in it
  9. If you want to send me $5 I'll send you one. I don't have paypal or I would do it that way. Damn, plus your from the US, so it would be too much money tospend to send it over. But if best buy had it, it should be on Rockstar Warehouse, but they charge over $50 to send here
  10. OMFG I want the Niko Poster, if I find 1 on ebay I will buy/bid for it.
  11. Well I suppose it adds to the realism & reports have said that peds will be chased by police, it may also add a little tension to persuits. But I love the feeling when you just about manage to get a battered, bullet riddled & smoking car into the garage bay seconds before it was going to blow. Actually peds in SA were chased by cops, in every town. So they most probs added it to GTA IV.
  12. Ye mentioned before, people jumping to conclusions, but its a small person
  13. I just voted and the game is going to be awsome!
  14. ye the middle finger scene I noticed straight away when the Vlad video came out
  15. Good eye, the one with the VC pics I would have never seen those if it wasn't for you lol
  16. You are all happy now that the Music section on the GTA IV website is now open! http://www.rockstargames.com/IV/#?page=music And You can listen to 2 full radio stations
  17. WTF I can't even get on GTA IV site, and other people can Edit: I can see now lol Packie LCPD Plus these are on my youtube channel
  18. good find dude but can't get onto GTA IV site
  19. I have just gone on the GameStation website and found on the frontpage was this: 500 Gamer Pints for the 360. So now we know that Game and Game Station is doing this. Game ¦ Game Station
  20. Ye most probs they tested the older version of the game, not the one that was 100%
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