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  1. Is off to work in abit and Katrina is ready to go to the football to watch the mighty Swans. While Natasha Marie is going to spend the day with her nanna.

  2. Cant believe Natasha woke up screaming and wouldnt go back to sleep for about an hour. Poor girl, think she had a nightmare. Mammy and Daddy love you

  3. X Factor is deffo a fix.

  4. Rockstar Games have already comfirmed that the map of GTA V will be the biggest map ever made for an open world game, so expect it to be just abit bigger than Red Dead Redemption. The map will be different from San Andreas, like GTA IV was compared to GTA III. Source: CVG
  5. Tasha is one happy girly today, better than the last few days, because she's been a right grizzle guts lol. Aswell happy 1 yr and 9 months to my gorgeous fiance :) been a good time so far and hopefully for many more ♥ Loves you lots babygirl ♥ xx

  6. If you believe that it is only Rockstar and those behind Grand Theft Auto 5 that are in the know, you couldn’t be more misinformed, which has been revealed directly on Twitter after one magazine editor pointed out he’s on lockdown when it comes to revealing news about the upcoming game and its release date, or in fact any GTA V details. Nearly two days ago we posted some details about an executive editor at a popular gaming magazine tweeting hints towards an upcoming cover, which would obviously feature GTA V and more news about the game. This is something most gamers are desperate for and also Rockstar promised further news within a few weeks of the recent screenshots, so this cover could be part of that GTA V reveal. Within the last 24 hours the editor in question, Andrew Reiner, returned to Twitter after being privileged with information from the GTA V demo and of course exclusive details we’d all love to know. Eager gamers grilled him for details and any news relating to the next Grand Theft Auto game, but he stayed quiet thanks to an obvious NDA. Reiner broke silence to point out some fake claims online in regard to the GTA V release date being revealed in the December magazine, which appeared in the official newswire comments as seen in the image below. It is worth pointing out that it seems that Reiner wasn’t even at the GTA V demo, as when one Twitter user said “you wasn’t even there“, he replied “correct” and continued by explaining he had been in Minnesota at the time, but is obviously privileged to the information from work colleagues. Other users asked if he can reveal any news about GTA V or will it all be held back until the magazine cover, which Reiner replied “I’m on lockdown“. He also noted that he hopes to say something in the near future, but this seems to be out of his hands currently. You can see that tweet below. Will you purchase Game Informer for the GTA V news exclusive? The good news is that we’re sure to get some solid details soon, although we can’t help but be a little jealous that others know so much more than we do about the game, although it will be well worth waiting for when GTA V finally sees a release date early next year. How excited are you right now?
  7. Would like to know wether ive got a bug or food poisoning. Felt okay before going to work and now im feeling shit. Hopefully thatl be the last time i need to run to the bathroom....yet i said that 50 mins ago

  8. my baby girl no well screaming and being sick all day been in bed since 5 wish there was something i could do to make her feel better daddy loves you natasha marie :)

  9. Would like to wish my beautiful daughter a happy 7 months :) mammy and daddy are so proud of you Natasha Marie

    1. BlackListedB


      Future female gamer champion?

    2. MarkD1990


      I hope so :P altho her mam hopes she'll be a footy fan haha. Follow in daddies footsteps and be a gamer :P

  10. Almost 10 years ago, Rockstar Games released a brand new game to the GTA series, Vice City. It was released for the Playstation 2 and Original Xbox on October 29th. And with it almost being 10 years already will we being a release of Vice City for the iOS and Android devices? Maybe. We haven’t heard anything from Rockstar Games about this, but we think it will be a good idea, especially if they’ve released GTA III for the iOS and Android platform. Do you think we’ll see a release for the two platforms? Source: Rockstar Source
  11. Yeh alot of people have either gone to Uni or left and doing full time jobs, which will obviously take up most of their time. I've been part of this forum since 2006 and also with GTAF, but I have to say, I prefer TGTAP. Even tho no one can really talk about GTA much at the moment due to lack of news, but there are different sections to this forum, such as the General Discussions section, but I don't think alot of people can be bothered at this minute. Myself, I find it hard juggling work and being more social on the net, because I know my presence here has dropped quite abit due to work and being a new dad I've started my own forums on my Rockstar Games site, which I'm hoping it will get more people in soon. (Don't worry Chris, I'm not advertising my site ). I will be making more time to be more social on these forums soon enough, especially when I got some spare time, like this very moment It will pick up again, soon enough, especially with more news from Rockstar concerning GTA V. Mark
  12. Anyone want to buy a pram from us? Natasha has grown out of it and its taking up room in the house. Pics in my for sale album. Inbox for details. Its a BebeCar make and its originally worth £600. But we will sell for alot less.

  13. Is in Carmarthen for the weekend and so far its been good and relaxing. Later we will be going to Wilkinson to see the old team :-) its been too long. And then off to Wetherspoons for Sunday lunch :-)

  14. Happy 49th birthday mam love you lots

  15. Has just had a lush Spaghetti Bolognese :) mmm but I am now stuffed. Thank you Katrina

  16. Your welcome amazingdude.
  17. I know but people still need to be aware, even if the sites have been around for months. And it's always good to still warm people, because some people out there don't even consider the risks.
  18. Hi everyone, haven't posted anything on here for a good while lol. Now back to what I'm trying to say. This has most properbly been posted before, but just trying to keep people aware out there. It came to my attention while browsing some Facebook pages, I came across 2 links to websites that are apparently offering, Grand Theft Auto V beta keys. Sites like this should be avoided and reported to the publisher of the said video game, in this case, it’s Rockstar Games. I have reported the sites to Rockstar so it’s only a matter of time before these sites will be taken down. You should always be aware that no publlisher would offer beta keys to the public to test, some do I know, but only via their own official website, Social Networks or through Xbox Live and the Playstation Network. Here are some guidelines you should follow, so you can keep browsing the web safely: Do not enter your email address otherwise you may encounter alot of spam coming your way Do not ‘Like’ them via Facebook otherwise this may cause some privacy concerns for you Do not download anything from the sites, unless you want your computer to be invested with viruses and malicious software. Any legitimate Rockstar or GTA fansites will NEVER link to such things, unless it was released by Rockstar. (Which will never happen). Therefore keep away from any such sites and report them. Also on another topic, there is a Facebook page for 'GTA V' but they are trying to pretend to be Rockstar Games themselves and have been linking to the sites mentioned above. But people need to be on alert of such things, especially in this day of age. So keep surfing safe, and if it sounds too good to be true, it properbly is.
  19. is chilling for abit, done first lot of washing and now on the second. Natasha has fallen asleep....bless her :) I love my little family

  20. Cant believe our little girl is 6 months old today. Time has flown by so fast. Mammy and Daddy love you very much

  21. is at home eating a 14" meaty pizza and nothing on TV, mmmm maybe a dvd to watch now

  22. Mmmm I'm ment to be making Katrina a christmas list, but dunno what I want for christmas. Any ideas, to get the list started?

  23. Mmm Thai Green curry tonight made by the lovely Katrina :-D I loves my little family, Katrina and Natasha Marie I love you both very much

  24. Cant believe me and Katrina forgot our 1 yr 8 month anniversary yesterday. So here it is tonight. Happy Anniversary Katrina love you sooo much xx

  25. It's such a beautiful day today, but shame I'll be missing a bit of it while I go to sleep, but hopefully i'll wake up later with Katrina and Natasha and go into the garden for awhile :) x

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