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  1. *BUMP* The UK retailer Shopto has confirmed that a PS3 GTA IV Bundle will be released in Europe on April 29. Originally there was some confusion as to which retailer had the distribution rights on the bundle, but the COO of Shopto.com told GamesIndustry.biz : The bundle, which ever retailer gets it, will go sale the same day as the release of GTA IV. Just 12 more days people, prepare yourselves. Source: FileFront
  2. Ye those ive seen all before because most of them are magazine scans.
  3. Mine is GTA Yard How gotta change that, but will do when I get more Gamper Points on plus I have Gold!
  4. Hey Thomas great shop: I would like the following if its not too much trouble. Sig. Any size would do mate, aslong its got 'Rockstar Games Today' on it, thats all I want. Avatar. 100X100 with something of 'Rockstar Games Today' on it if thats possible. Banners. 994 x 125 a banner with text saying 'Rockstar Games Today' you choose which position (aslong it looks good) and 2,3 or 4 game characters from the best games from Rockstar Games. If its a bit too much just tell me Cheers Mate
  5. Why can't you just go to your local retailer it will be easier
  6. www.Game.co.uk www.HMV.com www.gamestation.co.uk They will dispatch it a day or 2 before release to make sure you get it on the day. And they will take the money from your bank on the 29th April 2008. Those are the biggest UK retailers for ya.
  7. Yer its the barrel of a gun, and the pic f the above image is from a earlier build of IV and not the finished version so ye, its a small bug.
  8. Ye if you think about it its only the an extra that comes with the console nothing special about it!
  9. Not to be outdone, Sony has seemingly responded with an answer to Microsoft's GTA IV Xbox 360 Elite bundle with a sweet looking deal of their own. Engadget has posted a picture of what appears to be a Sony PlayStation 3 / GTA IV bundle. The bundle was posted on the site Swedish retailer Webhallen. The bundle includes a 40GB PlayStation and the game. According the site, it's unclear if this model includes DualShock 3 controllers or not. Also, their is no mention of this being available in the United States, but one can only speculate... Source: G4
  10. Nice screens ive downloaded them already incase thye get removed by Rockstar
  11. I've been playing SA on my XBOX 360, Rainbow Six Vegas 2.
  12. It could be the older version of Tommy Vercetti, but Tommy Vercetti was in his 30s in Vice City, but he can't go to look that old from VC to IV, unless it could be his father!
  13. Keeping in line with previous 3D GTA games, Grand Theft Auto IV will have prostitutes. This is pretty much a given to most GTA fans, but now we have some details of the scenes thanks to the BBFC. According to Digital Spy, there were more details of the game on the BBFC website, but now have been removed. Source: RockstarWatch
  14. Ye they have been seen millions of times plus if you notice the time stamp on that article it says 2007
  15. Because someone found found it on their servers and R* told everysite to remove that specific content because of that video
  16. Its fake because no disk will just be white with the 360 logo and the IV logo on it
  17. When I first load GTA IV after the first and last loading screen I will just drive around Liberty City and walk around like a decent ped, but if I want action, I will start the missions. Because when I get a new GTA Game I never plunge in to the missions I just drive around for awhile, and test out the controls to get used to it.
  18. Any gamers left panicking after reading that the Grand Theft Auto IV videogame has been refused a UK rating by the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) can rest easy. Register Hardware can confirm that a misinterpretation of classification documents falsely sparked the rumours - the game has actually been awarded an 18 certificate. GTA IV goes on sale to UK adults from 29 April, and has only just been given the classification. A BBFC spokeswoman told us that, in addition to any classification, the body creates an extended classification document detailing why a title received its age band. This document's usually made available 10 days before any title goes on sale. However, because the BBFC was not informed of GTA IV’s scheduled release date, the document was published prior to this. It’s still unclear how the document’s contents were misinterpreted to the extent that rumours surfaced of a UK ban for GTA IV. The document’s no longer available, but will be released again on 19 April – 10 days before GTA IV makes it into gamers’ sweaty hands. Register Hardware can also reveal that the BBFC was worried about some of the videogame’s contents, after finding that it gives a recipe for making an unknown drug. However, the body checked all the ingredients thoroughly and found that they couldn’t be combined to make a real drug, so they let it slide. Had the game been refused a classification, it would have opened old wounds for fans of the Manhunt series. Manhunt 2 almost didn’t make it onto UK shelves because the BBFC thought the game’s content was too violent. The body’s decision has since been overturned and, although a release date still hasn’t been given, the game has been awarded an 18 certificate. Source: RegHardware
  19. You might not know this but the percentage of Gameplay that was in GTA IV Trailer 'Everyones a Rat' is actually 70% Source: N4G
  20. Ye sorry Spaz The Great I knew it was fake anyways, but I keep forgetting its April Fools Day because im not childish to do anything with April Fools
  21. Ye when I posted this topic this morning it didn't have that April Fools on it. Looks like since then it has been updated.
  22. As long has I put the source at the end of my posts, people appriciate it. Plus this could actually be a April Fools Joke
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