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  1. No one in the world has GTA IV, people who have GTA IV is people who has downloaded it ilegally like 'paks' has. So I do think we should not help people who has it before the 29th because we will be helping people who have got it ilegally, which I don't think Rockstar will like.
  2. I would but they live up in Scotland. But I know for a fact theres a chance you can get it a day early, because Chris on here as told me months ago, that Play.com sends orders and gets stuff like a day before the actual release, so it couyld be monday, plus they work in Tescos and he said that they have tons of copies, which I don't believe because every store is supposed to have limited stock levels for GTA IV
  3. I was told yesterday by the manager in GAME that there is gonna be limited copies for normal sale, maybe around 5 per store, and they are not allowed to refer or save any copy for anyone except for those who has preordered. But if you do want to try in a store, you will have to be down there before the store opens, or else you will most likely not get a copy for a month.
  4. Ye, but apparently achievements don't go active untill the 29th so people who have played early, don't get any points added to their gamercard, which means on the 29th and they are half way through they would have to start again because no points were added . And they learnt that from Halo 3. I read it on 360 forum http://forums.xbox.com/19199445/ShowPost.aspx
  5. Ye you are too late I just looked at the popular stores online every single one is out of stock. but there is still some available from HMV, but its the special edition.
  6. I want this now, but I gotta wait till Monday Night
  7. A mate has just told me, that his mate ordered GTA IV, Special Edition from HMV and he recieved it today. And my mate is expected to have his soon, maybe tommorow. But can this true?
  8. If Microsoft has one thing going for them that no fanboy rant can question, it's Xbox LIVE. As long as Nintendo has friend codes and Sony has, uhhh, we'll get back to that, Microsoft stands tall on their untarnished pedestal. Well...untarnished if you ignore the month+ of outages around Christmas 2007. The fact of the matter is, Xbox LIVE has failed the consumer public before. And it could fail us again. Jump ahead to next week, we have GTA IV—a game that's so big that—we'll let Microsoft's General Manager of LIVE Services Operations, Derek Ingalls explain that metric: "...we are preparing for a spike that could be much larger than what we saw with the launches of Halo 3 and Activision's "Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare." So how is Microsoft prepping Xbox LIVE for the not so metaphorical mass rioting that is GTA IV multiplayer? "Last holiday we weren't properly prepared," Ingalls admits. "So we are going the extra mile with Grand Theft Auto IV..." Yeah, that was total marketing speak. But it got your ears perked, didn't it? "The biggest step we've taken is to add in more server hardware, which will expand the service's capacity," Ingalls explains to us through email. (PR had explained earlier that he was "obviously very busy" this week.) "We have actually doubled our capacity for concurrent users over the last 2 months." The backbone of Xbox LIVE is an interesting point in itself. It's not one big pile of computers, but two big piles of computers. The LIVE-exclusive servers are in Seattle, while LIVE piggybacks off other Microsoft servers in Quincy, Washington. Ingalls jokes that security includes "tubes you must step into with bio-metric devices such that you must lay your hand on a reader for fingerprint identification before it will allow you out of the ejection tube." And, of course, no shorts are allowed. (We're guessing it's the copious amounts of programmer leg hair, but consider that point unconfirmed.) However, the server upgrades at Microsoft's datacenters are just part of their preparation. They have extra staff working longer hours this week. And those updates you've been receiving on LIVE? "... are part of an ongoing effort to get ahead on capacity issues," Ingalls explained. "We learned a lot from last holiday and have a comprehensive plan we are executing upon throughout the year to prevent any recurrence of issues like we experienced. That said, we would be remiss to not expect and respect that the "Grand Theft Auto IV" release is anticipated to impact usage in a positive way." Yeah, those updates are totally about Grand Theft Auto IV—this week at least. Because a free copy of Undertow won't quell a few million teenagers looking to break some faces, steal some shit and drive around with their music really, really loud. As for what Sony is doing to prepare—their fate lies in the hands of Rockstar (who rumor has it is actually using Gamespy's servers). Because they don't offer a backend to host games like Xbox LIVE, they avoid the headache for a trade-off of a little risk, and almost no say in fixing potential problems that may arise. Even Ingalls, knowing everything they've done to prepare, is a bit nervous. "We know the launch of GTA IV will be a wildly successful day for Rockstar, for LIVE, and for our customers... and hopefully, just another day for operations." Source: Kotagu
  9. Ye Game has the Game cases on display and they ahve silver outline and feels brail. And it was awsome and felt good to hold the 360 version in my hand, even tho the game case was empty, because it was on display. And I feel very excited.
  10. What you have to hack your 360 to play copied games? I never knew that.
  11. He could always phone up Microsoft to say that his xbox has got the 3 red lights, then they will send a courier round and pickup and deliver the 360 for free, but they do have it for awhile. Thats what they did with my mate, but they did give him a brand new 360 because it was dead.
  12. Ye, Game here in Carmarthen have them in stock and I heard them say that only 1 person preordered in my local store, and I preordered from there But I did see GTA IV stuff in there.
  13. No the US and Europe are getting the unedited version, so that means nothing has been cut. But with Australia and New Zealand, you will be getting the edited version, which means something from your version has been cut.
  14. Gosh u must be real gutted, u should have preordered in store like I did thats why I don't do it online. Aw well. If you come down in the morning then you will be able to get GTA IV since they will have some limited stock in.
  15. I would have gone out to Camarthen to get it - I thought, "nah Camarthen wont do it" lol! I pre ordered with GAME online, instead of in-store argghhhh!!! u must be gutted.
  16. maybe with new tchnolagy these days, maybe they will be able to trace these people in the gang iCON that started all of this.
  17. A peek at Gamercard aggregator MyGamerCard.com reveals a long list of Xbox 360 users already racking up achievements on Grand Theft Auto IV since an illegal torrent of the game was leaked yesterday and early copies started showing up in people's homes. Neither Rockstar nor Microsoft itself have yet responded to Kotaku's requests for comment. Neither has Sony commented on any action it might take regarding video of the game being played on its network — video that GameTrailers, for its part, has since pulled — so it's unclear yet how any of them plan to address the software pirates. Xbox Live's Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb, did say, however, that he was unable to comment yet due to the "need to look into this further," so we can assume that Microsoft, at least, is investigating. Source kataku
  18. Intertoys doesn't exsist I did the smart thing of looking on Google Maps for the location and it doesn't exsist so this is a fake.
  19. I will see tommorow at my local Game store to see if it has. But I bet this is fake because Take 2 won't be able to do this. Plus they would have said on their website
  20. So your saying if you pre - orderd it you get it the day before it comes out? No. What im saying is this. If you have already preordered the game from Game, they are opening the store for one hour on Midnight Tuesday 29th 2008 at 12AM. And people who haven't preordered they will have to wait untill the shop opens in your area. Plus the one hour opening is from Game only. GameStation and HMV are not doing it for some reason.
  21. I already new it was happening, I think thats kinda gone old because, anyways for the UK it was confirmed ages ago
  22. I am, plus I think this could actually have gone into my topic: http://www.thegtaplace.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=17183 But the only thing is that Game is only open for people you have preorderd it, people who haven't they have to wait for the normal opening time.
  23. Or a lawyer like Ken Rosenburg, a rep. for a gang.
  24. ye I said this ages ago, and came to the conclusion it was a other person most likely a ped. Defo not Roman http://www.thegtaplace.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=16819
  25. I have just called 'Game' and they said thay are opening their store in Carmarthen at Midnight (Tuesday 12AM) for 1 hour (and aswell for most 'Game' stores) for people who have preordered I will update this once I have contacted Gamestation and HMV.
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