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  1. That used to happen to me all the time, but only the roads textures not loading up fast enough. But the wall problem you got I'm not too sure about, the best thing to do, is back up your save game and do a fresh install of Vice City. Good luck.
  2. The box art looks so sweet and amazing. Even tho I'll be downloading it via XBL I will still buy the disk versions just to had it to my GTA collection .
  3. Na its not just a port, its a revamp I read somewhere its going to be a open sandbox environment like LCS and VCS was. So fingers crossed it will. With new soundtracks and apparently its got voice actors on it aswell so not exactly like the DS version.
  4. Just to let you know Chris that thay have just announced that the European version is being released on October 23rd. Source: http://www.facebook.com/rockstargames
  5. I've just completed The Lost and Damned and its amazing. Definately worth the 1600 MS Points. And Im not going to spoil it but the ending is very good and I would say one of the best.
  6. Chris, Iv'e gotta tell you that the download size for the 'TLaD' is not 994 MB its actually 1.78GB, because Im currently downloading it from the marketplace now. Plus if it hasn't arrived on MP with you yet, go to Xbox.com then the marketplace and download from there its the easiest and fastest way to get it first.
  7. Very nice design Chris, looking forward to the new enhancements coming in the next few months.
  8. Hidden at the end of a press release for Microsoft's impressive holiday line-up is word that there'll be news on the GTA IV DLC this autumn. That's 'news' and not a release date. Whether that means we can expect a release around then or later in the year (dare we mention '09?) we still don't know. Microsoft says: "In autumn there will be news from Liberty City; the first episodes of GTA IV will be available for download exclusively on Xbox Live, underlining Xbox 360's leadership role in the field of digital entertainment." Make of that what you will. Source: CVG
  9. My current balance is $927,366, so I can't access it But I am trying my best to get more money Offtopic: One thing I hate about the Social Club is that when I try to get into the 100% Club, it says my current progress is 0% when actually its way over 80%
  10. Sorry I didn't relise how old it was lol, if you want chris you can delete it and delete my double post i did by accident
  11. Not sure what to make of this. Bullshit radar says "proof of nothing" because there's no reason for tech support to be looped in on a game in development. That said, two guys worked up an extremely patient, social engineering prank that had 2K Games support believing, or at least suspicious of the possibility of a hacked Grand Theft Auto IV demo on pirate sites. And in the back-and-forth, it turned up this reply from tech support: "The PC version of GTA IV has not even been announced for release and is still in development so is not about to be released on a website." The entire conversation is very long and almost takes on the scope of a 419 baiter thread. But they do provide screenshots (granted, those can be faked too.) Basically, these two guys concoct a detailed tech support problem with a free demo of Grand Theft Auto IV, and see if Take 2 will bite. Of course, they do, but only to a point. After getting that little nugget above which they're convinced was copypasted from some higher-up's response to befuddled tech support they get another tech who is less fun and a little more circumspect about their claims. While the last message does say, "We are unsure when the PC version of the game will be released," that does not mean, "We are sure it will be coming out, just not when." I am likewise unsure of when I'll win the Publisher's Clearing House Sweepstakes. ComputerandVideoGames.net reported rumors back in April that a PC GTA IV was due out in October, citing European retailers. That didn't bring a denial from Rockstar UK, just "no comment." So unless and until Rockstar wants to lay the rumor smash, this remains rumor only. I wouldn't get my hopes up, but you never know. How We Pranked Rockstar [blog, thanks reader Matt] Source: Kotaku PS: Sorry for double posting
  12. Most people in the game call it the statue of liberty, there is no mistake really. And since the game is set in Liberty City some people would call it the statue of liberty because it looks over liberty lol
  13. Welcome to the forums Little Jacob, you ask if this is rare. Well in fact this car isn't rare I steal this vehicle all the time, but I have noticed some of them are more tuned than the other sentinels. So this could mean that theres 2 make of cars in the game the normal sentinel and the sentinel STD. But if other people have their opinions then lets hear it incase im wrong lol
  14. In his often heated communiqués to the press, ardent anti-game activist John B. "Jack" Thompson often uses fiery religious rhetoric to portray the perceived righteousness of his cause. Today, however, the Miami area attorney is likely looking for some divine intervention on his own behalf, after a Florida judge recommended he be permanently banned from practicing law in the state. In a 169-page ruling issued today, Judge Dava Tunis said she felt that the Florida Bar's recommendation that Thompson be forbidden to practice law in the state for 10 years was too lenient. Citing a 1996 precedent, she said that first, any "judgment must be fair to society, both in terms of protecting the public from unethical conduct and at the same time not denying the public the services of a qualified lawyer as a result of undue harshness in imposing penalty. Second, the judgment must be... sufficient to punish a breach of ethics and at the same time encourage reformation and rehabilitation. Third, the judgment must be severe enough to deter others who might be prone or tempted to become involved in like violations." Citing these three guidelines, Tunis recommended a penalty of "permanent disbarment" for Thompson "with no leave to reapply for admission." She also ordered him to pay the court $43,675 in "disciplinary costs," including $23,538 to pay for transcripts used to outline 27 violations of five Florida bar rules. "Respondent [Thompson] was found guilty of three violations of rule 4-8.4© for engaging in conduct involving dishonesty, fraud, deceit, or misrepresentation," said Judge Tunis in her ruling. "Respondent was also found guilty of making false statements (two violations of 4-3.3(a)(1) and two violations of 4-8.2(a)). Further, he has repeatedly indicated, verbally and in writing, that his conduct is justified to promote and champion his personally engendered moral values and causes." "The Bar has clearly shown the Respondent's continuing pattern of misconduct as alleged in the Bar's complaint," Tunis continued. "He has indicated his intent to continue to engage in the misconduct and his conduct before this Court during the almost 18 months of litigation, has clearly corroborated that as fact." As evidence, she pointed to two orders by the Supreme Court of Florida earlier this year which "abused the legal system by submitting numerous, frivolous and inappropriate filings." In a statement sent out to the press today, Thompson repeated his assertions that Tunis has no jurisdiction because her loyalty oath is, according to him, forged. Last month, he repeated his accusation before abruptly walking out of a hearing in Tunis' court. Source: GameSpot
  15. The best way to evade the cops is to go on a boat and just speed around all the islands.
  16. If you take pics with your camera phone, you can't view any images you have taken but you can use the photos taken to see people criminal record using the police computer. By selecting Search by photo
  17. Playboy X give it to you
  18. Xbox Live bigwig Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb has said more than 2 million Achievements were unlocked for Grand Theft Auto IV in just 24 hours, totalling over a whopping 15 million Gamerpoints. Hryb shared the figures in his latest podcast on his blog where, unsurprisingly, the Xbox Live Activity chart for the week showed GTA IV as the most played game by those signed into the online service. We're promised many more exciting Xbox 360 GTA IV facts and figures by Hryb in the future. Later today, or early tomorrow, we should see the UK All Formats Top 40 published, featuring presumably record-breaking sales for the Rockstar game. It will also show us which of the two versions proved most popular. Source: Eurogamer
  19. We thought he was a little bit quiet during the GTA IV launch days. We thought he was dead! But it turns out that he has been too busy playing Grand Theft Auto IV. Now that I'm thinking about it, I think I did see him online playing Cops N' Crooks. He was the crook. I kidd, but it is funny though: Source Rockstar Watch
  20. I had trouble with this for awhile, but all I did was drive the truck by the old hospital, and get out safley to another car, and drive of without the cops seeing you and it worked.
  21. ye, im way passed that. Im nearly on the 3rd island! all u gotta do it pull over all the vans with the TV then just take it to the lockup.
  22. I just got in the securicar (gruppe 6) and I was speeding non stop crashed into a tree, flew out the windscreen and into another car through the windscreen then through the back window to land on a fence dead.
  23. No one? So, how Chris played it? Illegally?! Gimme a break. Chris has played it courtesy of Rockstar, but he doesn't own it. But im talking about people who have downloaded it ilegally.
  24. This is available from Tuesday 29th April, not 1st May. http://www.game.co.uk/PS3/Hardware/Hardwar...-Theft-Auto-IV/
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