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  1. Thanks! It seems that a lot of people like my new sig. :D

  2. Awesome signature Chris! :D

  3. Everyone wants to have their way with Bianca. :D

  4. Someone made that for a Woot shirt. Maybe a month ago...not too sure. I was thinking about buying one.

  5. Holy shit, you got that sig from Woot.

  6. Love your sig and avatar.

  7. Then go get some Burger King. :P


    Those pricks tried ambushing me, so I shot their asses.

  9. Well I'm glad you like my sig. Thanks. :P

  10. Not much, just chillin'.

  11. Well I was in classes and at work all day. So I didn't really get to enjoy my Birthday.

    So have you been skateboarding lately?

  12. Thanks buddy...although, I can't really call it a "happy" birthday.

  13. Well I'm glad you like the artwork, PB is amazing at that stuff. Nice to hear that another members likes my sig, thanks for the compliment. Good luck with making the new sig.

  14. Thanks for the comment on the sig. :D

    Glad you like it.

  15. Jumps up in the air clicking heels together.


    *Goes back to playing GTAIV*

  16. :o

    That's like a sin.

  17. LOL, yeah. When I get my hands on GTAIV I'm gonna most likely rarely be on here...probably for a month or so.

  18. I ended the forum game a while ago. I was planning on restarting it with a brand new forum, but I've been extremely busy. Thanks for joining though. :D

  19. Hey, nice sig. It's plain, yet vibrant.

  20. I'm doing good, how about you?

  21. I hope you have one hell of a birthday.

  22. You kept swearing at me and calling me names because I banned you. You kept talking shit about my forum. I don't care about how bad your grammar is.

  23. Yeah, from the forums because you were taking stuff from it with out giving any credit. I totally forget what it was now, so I don't see that it matters any more. I blocked your MSN because you kept sending me retarded IMs.

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