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  1. Did you get ur VC working.if not? see my reply to your topic it might work.


  2. yo!

    Arent you on MSN or something.


    Add me then!

  3. Hey!

    Sorry!Dont check my Comments more often :P

  4. Why back in March 2008.

    CET ke AIEE nai dena hai kya? :P

  5. Yo~ Buddy.

    Whats your MSN?

  6. Yo~

    Were you trying to send me a pic?

  7. Hola.

    How were exams..?

    You use Yahoo?MSN??

  8. You havent given any ID..?

  9. :x You added it now~~

  10. Nah.Not Punjabi. :)

  11. Hey~

    Am probably coming there on 3rd...

    Will see if i have free time..

  12. Dont have Yahoo right now... :(

  13. Do ya use Gtalk...?

  14. Abe harami...

    me offline huu to meko kaise pata chalega ki aab aana hai...pehle se bolna chahiye na..

    JEW ka kya..?chahiye..pura album..? [:o]

  15. Abe maar gaya kya..?

    laga li Siggy...ab kush naa.. :D

  16. Wht abt that card... :X

    Ab kya...? Bday aa gai.. :((

  17. Coz the girl in it is more AWESOME :P

  18. Arent you in LCF? ^_^

    Hehe..Hello btw.. :P