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    If my mate had one of them or something, I would put super glue on it just for a little fun. Now i hope someone i knows gets one.
  2. Dmac

    Swine Flu?

    I'm not worried about it. Only 1 case has been found here anyway.
  3. Age doesnt effect love, As long as you are both sure you love each other.
  4. Normally skinnies, any shirt, my bright blue hoody or jacket with cool patterns.
  5. I assume making a fake box would just require Photoshop and some skills with Photoshop! I made some for GTA4 a while back!
  6. Pretty weird poll. Actually, Very weird.
  7. Sure it's okay to ask, But it's not like it matters. They enjoy gaming like us, Except they're female. Not big deal really.
  8. A good way to learn is to use a WYSIWYG editor such as Frontpage. Some may disagree, But it helps. Also WYSIWYG pretty much means you see what you're doing, So you're not just looking at code.
  9. Anyone in Melbourne at all that can meet i would be for up for it.
  10. As you guys have fun in the snow were in heat! Got to 46C here in Melbourne. Bushfires every where the sky is just grey. More on topic though ive never seen snow wouldent mind seeing some but it doesnt happen here.
  11. Haha going for Dirty. Sounds aussie, And completly bogan.
  12. Well, Hot babe thread was the cause of me loosing my genitaila due to frequent masturbation. But yeah, Still Hot babe thread.
  13. Haha lol'd a few times at some of rems posts.
  14. Melbourne, Australia. Second largest city in Australia (Not sure if its by size or population) to Sydney.
  15. It's been Christmas a while here now! It's 3:17pm!
  16. Nothing on me now. Normally carry my phone (Nokia 6288), few bucks, keys sometimes some choof.
  17. My real one. EDIT: I diden't open Steam because Chris has his open! I actually took these pictures a few hours before posting here for another forum with the same sort of topic.
  18. Dmac

    I guessed it! Just added the /v4/ after i read about v4 coming soon!

  19. Dmac

    I discovered v4 XD /v4/ xD Looks good ;o

  20. Haha! I'm good thanks mate! How about you?

  21. Hey sexy. Lets make sweet love on my Oven.

  22. LOL xD Nice sig man.

  23. Looks like you're heading down the right path to loosing your Virginity.
  24. Small bump. Searched my Suburb or ''Town'' and got quite a laugh out of it. LINKAGE. My favourite parts.
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