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  1. Anyone who voted for Pepsi is sick as in desperate need of psychiatric treatment. Oh, yes! I voted for Coke.
  2. My own vomit. I had far too much to eat for dinner, and I am dry-reaching. Urgh.
  3. Chris. He's a witty, and intellegent bloke who I'd expect to be great in the bed.... errm, I mean... umm.. /earthbound runs! EDIT: Typo's
  4. Toung Wow. Is this getting sexual, or what?
  5. Avatar: 5/5 Signature: 4/5 Personality: I don't know you, but I'm loving the avatar, mate. Good show.
  6. I voted Grand Theft Auto 3. It has an environment that the others cannot beat.
  7. Portland. Du'h. There is no other island in the game with such an awesome 'dank' and dark vibe. It rocks.
  8. In regards to radio, Lazlow wins. Hands down. No questions asked. In regards to actual Story-line characters, I'd have to say Donald Love. Wierd bloke, that one.
  9. This emoticon resembles a gangster, does it not? On topic: Good show, lads. /erf claps
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