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  1. This video was roaming around in a work email recently. I was just flabbergasted. Couldn't believe it.
  2. Thanks for the notification PM Raybob. I voted GTA3 for the reason stated above.
  3. It's your call, but I've already voted San Andreas, so meh.
  4. AK-47, Sniper Rifle and Grenades. What turf do the Diablos control?
  5. That's exactly what I would have said, though if GTA3 were on the board, it would have grabbed my vote.
  6. Hah, indeed. Thanks mate. It's all from Aqua Teen Hunger Force the series. YouTube it. ;)

  7. Boyz In Da Hood (or whatever it was called) How many different fighting styles can you learn?
  8. It's a birthday for a special bloke we all know and love. That's right, it's Mikes birthday. Happy 17th mate.
  9. Several new clips, a few new bits of information, as well as a “snippet” of one of the new cut-scenes of Rockstar's The Lost and Damned can be found in the latest episode of GameTrailers TV. Some of the information and clips found in the video hold some great new insight to how the game will feel and how it may intersect with the previous story. Click here to watch the GameTrailers TV episode A few points that you may find interesting: · The game will start right away, thus you won't have to endure a long and slow introduction. You'll be thrown right into the action. · Handling of bikes has been improved to make riding easier - this is justified because Johnny is a more experienced rider, therefore he should find it harder to crash. · The manly sport of arm-wrestling has made it's way into the 'mini-game' category. · Familiar characters from the previous story will make appearances · There are new vehicle additions · A couple of new weapons will be made available; a new shotgun and a new grenade launcher were mentioned. · There are many more points of interest, however you'll have more fun watching the video. Check it out.
  10. I'm not sure myself, but if you post in the modding forum you may find some help. I've requested a Super Moderator to move this topic to the correct section, but in the future, make sure you post in the correct forum. GTA:SA Modding Forum.
  11. I've been around. Started at GTAForums in November of 2001, so I would have been about 15. I was at GTABoards for some time as well, then I became inactive for a couple of years, and now I'm here. So I've been pretty active in the GTA Forum scene for about 8 years. I put a maybe though as the GTA series has become less interesting to me since the release of GTA4. I guess time will tell.
  12. I voted Chevy as it's the Holden equivalent in Australia. You can't beat a 5.7lt CVR8 Monaro. Very nice car.
  13. Three. How many accessible casinos are there in Las Venturas?
  14. Yakuza Stinger, Sentinel and Esperanto/Idaho (I can never remember which one, eek). Which gang drives a Rumpo?
  15. Country: Australia Territory/State: Tasmania / South Australia City: Hobart / Adelaide (spend a fair bit of time in both locations)
  16. Kenji Kasen. Which emergency vehicle is deployed when you receive six wanted stars?
  17. Loves Disappearance. (that was a hard one ) Who is the leader of the Triad gang? (could be a trick question??)
  18. Thanks mate. Created it in a moment of boredom. Yay ATHF! :)

  19. Some of those Japanese game shows are just... strange. Got a giggle out of it though.
  20. K-Time Fruit Bars. Fuck they're awesome. I take a pack of 6 to work and they're gone by Tuesday arvo.
  21. I'm with Ric on this one. How did you get free from that? Meh, that's beside the point really, this topic is about GTAIV, thus I should be in the General GTAIV Discussion forum. Reported.
  22. Looks like you've got some serious 'Grudge' action going on there. Haha.
  23. I've got a bit of a different favourite at the moment: Ian Carey - Red Light A bit of clubbers paradise!
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