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  1. Don't create multiple topics when you can create one with both questions inside it. Answer: Put it in the following directory C:\Documents and Settings\[your user]\My Documents\GTA3 User Files
  2. I guess I'll answer that one. Catalina. Time for an easy one I guess: Who is the first member of the Leone Mafia you meet?
  3. Hehe, I don't blame you. It took some time, but I've done that for you. I didn't use cheats as you requested. You now have health, adrenaline (at your safe-houses) and infinite run. GTA3sf2.b - 197.1 Kb
  4. Thanks mate. I'm loving your new one too.. Nice and simple, with a bit of grunge and also a lot of awesome all crammed into 350×140 pixels. ;-)

  5. I'm happy to do it, but it will be in a few hours as I'm currently at work. Something I'd like to point out though, trainers are cheating. When you use a trainer, it generally sends the cheat code to the game via a 'sendkeys' command of sorts.
  6. Incase the emoticon at the end of my post wasn't a clear enough indication for you, I was joking. Bear is my friend and we had this little joke going since the 2007 awards, BEFORE you even showed up. I don't know what the hell your probem with me is but get over it. You whine that all I do is post pictures. I never did anything to you so grow up. If there is a picture thread, people can feel free to post as many as they want. If you don't like it, don't click on the thread. I hardly know you and don't really care that you exist. You've proven that you're an immature little girl who attacks people out of nowhere, while kissing the ass of the male members. Sorry but I don't play that game. I like to be friends with everyone and I don't care if someone posts 1 picture or 400 pictures. What, are you going to bitch at every single female in a forum who posts more pictures than you do just because they'll be stealing your male attention away from you? Way to be mature. I'm a married 25 year old woman who could care less about a bunch of teenagers thinking if I am hot or not. I don't need to win an online award to tell me I look good when I have a husband who does that every single day. Awards online are for fun. It's people like you who ruin it by taking it seriously. I'm sure you'll be walking around with that nose in the air, thinking you're the hottest thing on the planet just because you won an online award. Myself and a certain few others here can certainly picture that. Grow up or shut up. I don't have time to continue fighting with some teenage girl over the internet because she doesn't like when I post a picture. Well, that was a bit awesome. I knew that you'd respond YJ, but I didn't expect you to go to that extent. *awaits GBA's response* ....I wonder if you scared her away.
  7. I'm all for this Chris. The number of topics that need to be moved in the GTA forum section really shows that it's time for a revamp. I'll give my suggestions via PM.
  8. I like the styles and the effects you have used, but the colours clash on a big level. Other than that, it's awesome mate.
  9. Keep her off of here then UO. You might lose her to one of the many youngsters that roam about this place.
  10. Lol. Very lol. I think I just tipped the scale. I'm amazed I voted for the chick with a dick - I thought I'd be the only one lmao.
  11. Hmm. I had a pretty genuine alert using AVG. I'll speak to Chris about it anyway.
  12. Actually. I had downloaded that trainer recently and my AVG warned me about it as I opened it. I decided to give it a miss. I'll speak with Chris (admin) about removing that particular mod. Thanks for the heads up mate. I thought it was just me.
  13. Lmao, umm? If you're going to rip lyrics off, why not pick a song everyone DOESN'T know. Or one that doesn't mention the artists in it? Oh, and here's my attempt. Yo yo, wiggedy wack, etc. I WIN!
  14. Simple answer: You can't. ...and welcome.
  15. Fort Staunton and Cedar Grove. Which antagonist kills Asuka Kasen?
  16. Lol, that's SO two years ago Huck! It was cool mate. The Niko look-a-like was incredibly similar. Well synced too.
  17. Lol. Poor azn... but hey, I registered in 2004 and I won Best New Member. Anything's possible!
  18. Now WHAT IS UP with airline food?!? Lol. Good call. @Steam. Wut? @This topic. There is a "Gender" search option people! Click.
  19. I didn't. I guess one of the other mods did.... and it would have been because of lack of content within the post.
  20. Huck Avi: 4 Sig: 9 Person: 8 (He's alright.. though his Eloiuse thing loses him points)
  21. Congrats to all the winners! Cheers to all of those who voted for Erf.
  22. Oh my god. Just... oh my god. Seriously. Oh my god.
  23. As totalaccessGTA stated, TLAD will only be available to XBOX 360 owners. I bit of a kick in the pants really. I'm a PS3 owner also. Awesome clip!
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