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  1. English isn't your first language is it? If you're asking whether that website is working or not, It's not. Obviously. Also, I don't believe it has any partnership to this website. So hmm.
  2. As for me, 1974 Ford XB Falcon Coupe. No contest.
  3. Happy Birthday big fella! I hope you got loads of shit.
  4. I'd imagine there would be exceptions. We have proposed some potential changes to occur when the forum is upgraded. I believe changes will be made to the Elite member section. We'll see though.
  5. Earthbound


    Oh, hmm. Well.. Click me.
  6. Earthbound


    You still haven't explained anything... What replaces the PCJ600..... or whatever?
  7. The ability to pop tyres wasn't even developed into GTA3... that shoots a hole in your theory.
  8. Shh, Ice. Top job Mr Philips!
  9. Ahoy Wheelman! Congrats on the record, sorry about the scars and HAPPY FREAKIN' BIRTHDAY! And here's your present, a screenshot of your awesome post count. Woot n shiz.
  10. Huh, wut? I'm with Chris. You're bedroom is fucking tricked out. I had a black and white TV in my bedroom when I was 12, and I was lucky to get that lol.
  11. The Truth's Combi Van? In which mission do you You and Cesar steal an Elegy and a Sultan?
  12. Wow, Trivia is dying? Oh no! Well, I don't know the answer to the question above, but I figure if a few more days go by this topic will be on the SECOND PAGE! ..and we can't have that. So here goes... Who is the voice actor for Tommy Vercetti?
  13. Haha, too true. They do run out in front of you quite occasionally. I drove over two of the patients while doing the missions for Gycu, but it was at a low enough speed that it didn't kill them. Phew!
  14. Lol, well I have bad news for you then. I've conformed! In a brief moment of inspiration, I thought I might attempt to install Windows 95 on it. I'm not sure how well it will run, bit I'm hoping for the best. I had to download a torrent of Win95 that was installable using floppy disks... that was surprisingly easy. @Huck, you know it!
  15. Edit: Oops, missed raybob's post, But oh well, this may still be interesting to some. Well, I thought maybe this was for computers you use from day to day, but if we're posting our oldest, I think I might win! IBM ThinkPad 755C Windows 3.11 for Workgroups 75 MHz DX4 Processor 7000KB RAM 2x PCMCIA slots 340MB HDD She's a pretty slick little machine!
  16. You beauty! Air hockey! Gotta love that! Looks eventful.
  17. I'm with you on that one. Very sexy car indeed. I don't know where all of our vehicle modelers have gone though...
  18. GTA Series Fan has a good list there, I think he just about hit it on the head for me, but with one addition I need to make. The mighty Dukes of course. Nothing is more awesome to swing around a corner and watch all of the smoke pour out of the rear guards. Love it.
  19. Talk about going into detail... at least you know what you want I suppose. Keep up the good work Tox.
  20. "Dethklok - Murmaid-er" is my new favourite. Changes every day though.
  21. TM's old PC would definitely be the worst one thus far. Mine's fairly average HP D510SFF Intel P4 2.4GHz 1GB of DDR Ram 120GB HDD NVidia GeForce 6200 (256MB V.RAM) (supporting dual screens) Dual old Compaq 7020 LCD Monitors And not to mention, AWESOME PINK SPEAKERS! Pic below (...and yes, I know my carpet is old and outdated. Meh.)
  22. Looking very suave there DL. @YJ, Black hair FTW. @Nikoismyboyfriend, you're the oldest looking 15 year old I've ever seen.
  23. Haha, I sure hope you were speaking hypothetically. I played a game called 'Blood' when I was about 10. A few pixelated zombies coming at you will certainly scare you at age 10.. At least it did to me anyway.
  24. UO is right. Hand brake is your mightiest tool. It will help you in almost all situations. Using the handbrake rather than the ordinary brake will stop you from rolling quite frequently. Especially when driving heavy vehicles.
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